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May 6, 2014

Espadrilles, Totes...and,Maybe, Sneakers?

The great thing about teaching summer school is a more casual wardrobe.  Often, I will spend the day in a style much like I am wearing today.  
My recent purchase of these AEROSOLES ESPADRILLES at MARSHALLS and my new C WONDER TOTE go great with casual warmer weather styles. You may remember that recently I treated myself to a fabulous Calvin Klein handbag from Nordstrom Rack...I loved that bag.  But, much to my chagrin, one of the handles broke.  The Rack was great and returned the purchase. When I saw this C Wonder purse, my thinking was it is great for summer weather and I can wait until fall to find a similar bag to the broken one.  The CK bag was $125, and the CW bag was $78...so for now, I saved a little and got a new bag I really like for summer.

I know these are not sneakers, but I would like to encourage you to check out JILL OF EVERYTHING JUST SO and ADRIENNE OF RICH LIFE ON A BUDGET on Wednesday for how bloggers are wearing their sneakers.

I am still pondering if sneakers are worth purchasing for me...I do not know if I would wear them that much!  How about your guys??  Go visit their blogs and then let me know!

Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. I am definitely into sneakers however I find espadrilles a bit flat for me and they often tend to slip off.

  2. The initials on your bag are out of order. Your last name should be the one in the center, and of bolder font. But your shoes are cute.

    1. I have always heard that is a personal preference and there is no right or wrong. Interesting...

  3. I save my athletic shoes for the gym, so sneakers fill a gap where I want to be able to walk around comfortably with shoes that tie. They usually need an arch support insert. Many of the inexpensive brands aren't very fitted so there's plenty of room for an insert.

  4. I haven't worn sneakers for years, then saw the Superga ones from J. Jill in the mushroom color and jumped on them immediately. They are so stylish (I think) and SO comfortable! I wear them only with jeans and crops like you have on, but I do love them! They don't look like my athletic shoes, which is great because I was avoiding that look, they just look cool and even a little trendy. I usually tuck the laces. I love your shoes, they look like something you could live in! That Calvin Klein bag....oh my! I hope you are able to find a replacement! Karen

  5. Espadrilles not only remind me of the 80ies but also also give me a bit of that boho summer feeling :-) Love these navy-white ones!

    I am not a sneakers person, only wear them for running or in the gym but they are not part of any of my daily looks - no matter how trendy they might be. I like the new slippers though.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  6. I bought some Converse without laces (intentionally styled that way by vendor) at Target and I love the way they look.

  7. Love these canvas shoes, Pam - they hit the perfect note, imo.

  8. I wear neither for all around town stuff. I usually invest in a two good pairs of slip on flats. I have a very high arch so espadrilles are too flat and there isn't enough foot support for me. This year I found two pairs that I Iove - one is a sperry docksider with a real summer feel to it with its beige and white stripes and then a pair of black slip on mephistos with a white heel. These will take me through for quite a while

  9. I really like your espadrilles, now I want a pair! I think you were smart to get those instead of sneakers--why spend money on something you know you won't use? Thank you for linking to our posts. I hope you will join us next month for pastels! All shades welcome! XO, Jill

  10. Love your bags! You know, people in Wisconsin call them tennis shoes, not sneakers. Weird, right?

  11. Very good products, it is inspiration for my shopping.:)

  12. Hi Pam. First off, your smile when I see your pics is contagious. I like your look with the jeans and the cute shoes, the blue stripes. You deserve a treat too with the bag, very pretty!

  13. I adore!!! your new espadrilles. How great for summertime Pam!

    Soiree by Danielle Rollins Giveaway!

  14. Can you tell me where you bought these shoes? I love them and i want a pair.


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