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May 24, 2014

Dealing with Change

As I grow older, I continue to wonder why some changes do not affect me at all and some become a hovering storm which does not move through quickly.   Many of you grieved with me last year as I said goodbye to my dear friend, Gigi, who moved to another city.  Gigi and I had worked together and raised children together for years. 
Little did I know at that time, one year later, I would say goodbye to twenty more of my colleagues (a few not pictured here). These are people who I deeply love and respect.  One in this picture, I have known for 28 years.  One is an administrator who turned our high school around and who taught me so much about education.  One has been teaching all of us how to rejoice through cancer, and tell us each day how blessed he is.  All are amazing teachers, leaders, and people.

 Different ones….
Coached my sons in football
Coached my daughter in basketball
Loved my youngest through academic challenges
Assisted all of my children in attending top colleges
Inspired them
Cried and loved on them
Held them accountable for their actions

Yes, it has been a tough school year ….and, as you might guess, our school is facing some bumps.  I believe this has created such a deep sadness inside of me because I have known these individuals for many years…worked with them…faced trials with them…celebrated victories with them…and raised children together.  We are family.

I will grieve this weekend…and move forward next week.

This weekend...no platitudes.  Don't tell me to look for the rainbow...that change is a good thing...that all good things must come to an end.  I just want to grieve.

 My smiles and my joy will return.  But, I will cherish these loved ones in my heart always and rejoice when I think of the good times.
As you face changes, we must give ourselves permission to grieve…but not allow them to shut us down and stop living.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone.


  1. It is a process..will be thinking of you. Xoxo

  2. Very sad indeed,having to miss so many colleagues/friends.

  3. I have lived a life of change and maintained so many of my dearest friends even through moves thousands of miles away. Yes, life is all about change for many of us. I forget sometimes that there are people who live more stable lives and that change is not frequent or normal. I'm sure it's tough to go through. But you don't have to lose any of those people completely, they can stay in your life, and maybe that will see you through.

  4. So true. It is a process and you have to do whatever works for you.

  5. Change is difficult and we must be kind to ourselves and gentle along the way. Blessings, Catherine

  6. Janelle.. a heartfelt post.. hugs to you.. x j

  7. Pamela, a heartfelt post.. hugs to you x j

  8. Pam, while I do feel the loss. I also hear a story not many I know can share.
    All of the blessings you and, your family have known because of these dear
    colleagues and friends. Those memories will always be a part of all of you.

    I do hope life works out wonderfully for everyone of them and, you too.

  9. So sorry, Pam. Hugs to you.

  10. I say have a good old fashion cry, the 'ugly cry', a big boo hoo. I think it's all part of the grieving process and the healing process on the other side. I am so sorry.
    Hugs to you this weekend.....

  11. I am finally catching up with you and reading this hurts my heart for you. I'm praying for your peace during the chaos and the ability to be strong during your weakest moments. Love you, my sweet friend.


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