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May 13, 2014

Azores Inspired Jewelry Online Wednesday!

She gasped and came walking fast towards me on Monday when I wore this necklace to work..."Where is this from?  Tell me quickly!" I was happy to share with her....this is a unique design from a new jewelry designer...in the Azores, and shipping is free!

I introduced you to Emilie Smith on Monday (HERE)...and today is when you can go to her new website LAVA DESIGNS BY EMILIE SMITH and experience Emilie's talent for yourself.  Remember, shipping is free and each necklace arrives with a matching earring!

Her statement jewelry designs make a bold and creative statement...I have had one woman chasing me to prove that! And each piece is different...no two the same!
Beautiful, fun, quality and style makers ....enough said!

Check it out HERE!

Happy Wednesday, all!!

Remember San Antonio, join me Weds evening at 6PM at Chico's in the Village of Stone Oak. I am speaking about developing personal style and dressing younger...there will be door prizes and a view of the latest summer collection!  Please stop by!


  1. I love that necklace! Blessings, Catherine

  2. That is one funky necklace!! I love it, so creative and unique.
    it looks great on you as well :)

  3. What a creative piece! Love the iridescent look!

  4. A true statement necklace.
    Mil besos dear Pam.

  5. Never seen a necklace like this. Gorgeus...
    In so many shops you can find great necklaces but this one is unique.

    have a nice week

  6. Clicking over to the gorgeousity!

  7. very neat Pam. You know how much I love jewerly. I love the colors on you.
    Jess :-)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Went to her site. I will be visiting again. And again . . .

  9. Great statement pieces, Pam...enjoy your week. xx

  10. Beautiful pieces! Can you let her know that her blog is basically un-readable? The black background with light letters just doesn't show up enough....Maybe younger eyes can read it?

  11. Come to our Chico's. I love that store. Also the jewelry is gorgeous! One of my weaknesses is unique jewelry. You wear it well!

  12. Gorgeous and it looks beautiful on you. Thanks for hosting once again this week and hope you enjoy the rest of your week now :)


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