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Apr 29, 2014

Why Do Publications Do This?!

This headline caught my eye when reading Sunday's local newspaper....AGE-PROOF BEAUTY, 8 Secrets to keep you looking and feeling young.

At best, this headline is deceptive...the article had next to NO advice to help us look and feel young.  In fact, all the article did was dispel old rumors...such as, you will not increase your gray hairs by plucking one! (Seriously?)

This type of weak reporting is why BLOGS are the best place to find your style and beauty tips!  Today, join me over on THE MIDLIFE BOULEVARD for five more concrete ways to look younger...no empty headlines with false promises there!

Just click HERE and come over to 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!


  1. I don't even buy magazines anymore because of the missleading headlines.

  2. I couldn't agree more, I save a small fortune now by not buying mags, I get my inspiration from fellow bloggers, real women.

  3. So misleading!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. I agree Pam...the same old nonsense!! Who needs a magazine when we have you ;)
    Great post, as always!
    Have a good week. xx

  5. Isn't it crazy how we all KNOW that these type of headlines are offering impossible ideas--yet it still catches our eyes and many, many women still buy them because they are hoping for that one little secret which will transform them. I like how the by line of the article says, "Eight secrets to keep you looking and feeling young!"

  6. In one magazine, which shall remain nameless, the beauty tips were to host botox parties. Really? How insulting.

  7. We are looking younger all the time. sometimes I think that it's because even though we can't reach the perfection we're shown, we still strive for it. I enjoy fashion magazines, but I agree with you that no one I know looks like the women in them. Virginia- FirstClassWoman

  8. You go, Pam! Keep pressing on! Tomorrow is just the beginning..... Yes. Those magazines really know how to tease us. :)


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