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Apr 15, 2014

Too Busy to Care...Really??

Don't we all want to look pretty and bold...at least pretty and healthy? But, so many tell me they don't have time or take time to look their best.  I continue to blog through How Not To Look Old by Charla Krupp. (See the sidebar for how to order this and other books I recommend).

Just go HERE for today's discussion on dealing with wrinkles over on the Midlife Boulevard!  Would love to have you join in the discussion at the 

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Thank you for the book recommendations, a very good idea. I am just starting to wade my way through some.

  2. Barring medical emergencies, I'm never too busy to care about my health and appearance : >

  3. Great post over at the Joy Boutique, Pam! I do need to slow down a bit. I feel like I'm one of two ways--I either take the time to take care of my skin (maybe twice a week) or I'm rushed and can't find 5 minutes. I wish I could be more consistent and do what needs to be done! I think it can be so difficult to find the time but I will try harder this week. Thanks for the inspiration! Also, I may join you and read Charla's book. XO, Jill


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