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Apr 2, 2014

My Two Biggest Mistakes...and the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Jan.  She is the ultimate hostess…talented behind a sewing machine and stove, she loves to make her own gifts and serve home baked goodies for office meetings or chats with the girls.  Jan is a full time employee, full time mother to four adult children and their spouses, and grandmother to ten.  As you can imagine, she is constantly on the go.  But, this grandma understands she can do more for others when she takes care of herself.  She tackles weight training twice a week, healthy eating and looking her best each day.  Jan knows it is important to carry her I MATTER sign.

 Last week, I confessed that ten years ago, my closet reflected my insecurities.  In looking back at my fashion choices, I have to admit many lacked direction.   Perhaps friends could look at me and see I was searching for my confidence and my own identity.  But, it just took me awhile to get there.  Along the way, there were two areas where I was really misguided and I think many of us make the same mistakes…

**Accessory Overload!
Glasses, earrings, necklaces, scarves, bracelets, rings, tights, stockings, shoes, purses, hats, gloves, belts…are all classified as accessories and are meant to enhance your styles…not kill them.  They are never to be worn all at the same time….it just took me a while to get that!  In fact, most experts recommend the best scenario is to only wear three to five with one outfit.
It should always be a wakeup call if your friends and co-workers can hear you coming! But when worn with purpose and forethought, accessories can turn an outfit into a show stopper.

**Prints, prints, and more Prints!
Somehow, I believed in order to be fashionable, I had to pile on the prints…head to toe.   Selecting the right prints for your body type and your wardrobe takes time in the dressing room. Some prints can overpower us curvy girls and give the impression we are actually  larger than we are.  They should be only one part of a total look…not head to toe…or it is just too much. Make sure you decide which prints are flattering to you and which ones age you…I really wear very limited floral and polka dots.  I also often introduce prints in a scarf as an accessory (yes, of course, without adding too many other accessories). 
 As I enter my sixties, I have discovered my accessory and print selections are now minimal. My wardrobe is founded on neutrals and saturated colors.  My confidence is up…insecurities down…and I have discovered the power in LESS IS MORE. Fashion is still fun...lots of fun, in fact...but balance is the key! 

This is all part of my journey as I began to place myself on the top of my priority list.  You can read all of the I MATTER posts HERE.

Then go enjoy the talents from Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop…either hop on…or catch up with some great ideas! And have a wonderful Thursday!


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  1. Pam, you've really honed your style beautifully. You always look so pulled together these days!

  2. The best advice I ever received was put on what you think are appropriate accessories...then remove at least one of them. Great blog! Thanks, Sue

  3. Thank you for hosting Pamela! I like your outfit. Have a great Thursday!

  4. Hi, i actually loved the post! It spoke to me..i feel i've lost my sense of direction with fashion. I wear plain clothes all the time now..and reading you mentioning that it was a reflection of where you're at in life really rang a bell.. i have some reflection to do!
    Thanks for sharing the post and the link up.
    I linked too! Marwa @ BlossomFamily.net

  5. I think you are the loveliest for presenting the I Matter series. Your ability to build people up is amazing! I enjoy reading these!

  6. Pam, while I was never one to overdo it on accessories, at times I have gone overboard on prints. Now, as you, have found that saturated colors can make a great fashion statement and are much better than a lot of frou frou!

    2014 Artists Series

  7. I think what you mention here as mistakes are common to many of us. Accessories are fun and eye-catching when we're out shopping, and sometimes a piece just speaks to me, then I get it home and wonder where I will wear it. A couple things that I fell in love with just hang on the wall in my closet and I enjoy looking at them; they make me smile. Sounds crazy! Once in a blue moon, I'll wear them with something really simple and like you said, they make the outfit. However, the older I get I am finding like you are that less is often more. I struggle with prints too. Often what looks fabulous on models looks like a huge fashion mistake on me. I adore florals and stripes, but don't wear them often. I find stripes much easier to wear than florals. Great idea to incorprate the florals in scarves. I have also found a few pairs of shoes lately with floral prints and I am having a great time with those! Karen

  8. That white jacket is a beautiful addition to your outfit. As usual, you look beautiful.

  9. I love your suggestions. You are definitely inspiring me to love fashion again.

  10. Great ideas. I agree 'less is more.'

  11. Blogging sure helps in the confidence and figuring it all out department, too. Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com


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