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Apr 25, 2014

Goodwill: It's Heating Up, Part II

On, Wednesday HERE I showed you how I purchased some two and three piece outfits recently at GOODWILL-SA...broke them up and fashioned some different looks for this summer.  This two piece is another one...I like the jacket for a tribal, casual look.  Not sure, yet what I will do with the skirt..possibly wear it with a safari-type-camp shirt, and a woven belt on the outside and sandals.  Even if I just wear the jacket ...it will a keeper at $4.

One that keeps me cool anyway!!

Today, is our famous BATTLE OF FLOWERS PARADE to celebrate FIESTA.  This is the largest parade in America organized and manned completely by women!!

Our Fiesta attire includes FIESTA MEDALS from around San Antonio...so I just might wear my Goodwill medal to the parade!
Happy Friday!!  Viva Fiesta!


  1. Four dollars?? What a deal!!! The print is so current, just so much you can do with that! I like your idea for the skirt. It looks like a maxi skirt, and would look great with your idea for styling it! I am really inspired by these Goodwill posts. I rarely have looked at two-or three-piece outfits in consignment stores or Goodwill, not sure why, probably because I had no imagination when I saw them and thought I had to wear the pieces together!! You opened my eyes on this one. Heading out to the local consignment store this weekend to see the new inventory. Karen

  2. I love Goodwill & have been a loyal shopper for decades. And I love connecting with other Goodwill fans. Your outfits are delightfully concocted and inspiring. For this one I could see the pieces individually being paired with a white top or bottom - for an almost monochromatic look. Also could see a top - maybe a nice full coverage tank in a pop of peony pink. Happy Fiesta

  3. I'd love to know your annual budget for fashion. Just great!

  4. Ya gotta love Goodwill. I have some serious treasures from the one in my hometown.

  5. Wow! You are so good at putting fashion pieces together. My friend is good at this. She told me that gets more compliments on her thrift store clothing and jewelry than the brand new pieces.

  6. I like the jacket with the plain black. Very chic

  7. LOve your outfit and especially the top, perfect!
    The Arts by Karena

  8. Nice outfit , very interesting animal's print . Greetings.

  9. I would take the skirt up. You can't possibly have been a Mom and not own at least a basic sewing machine - the skirt doesn't look hard to shorten.
    Then maybe pair it with a chunk black sweater/shell.
    In buildings with over-zealous A/C I might wear the skirt with a cream sleeveless top and a black sweater. Your cinnabar necklace is good, but I seem to remember that you have quite a selection of big necklaces, If you wanted to add a color I'd look for something that was a little muddy, like the red of the necklace.

    1. Well, Rose, I certainly hate to disappointment...but I was a mother of three without a basic sewing machine!! My mother tried to teach me when I was younger and I resisted...though I do regret it. To own one as a young mom would have just added to the stress. But, I think all three of my kids did fine without!!

  10. GREAT score on the outfit Pam!! I would hem the skirt abit shorter- like just above the knee or just below the knee and where it with knee high brown boots with safari style jacket as you said and maybe some pop or red or turquoise in there... so much you can do with it!! happy weekend

  11. Great score at the Goodwill, Pam! The shirt looks wonderful on you. The skirt would be fun with a chambray/denim shirt tied at the waist and like Jodi said, a pop of color in your jewelry or tank under the chambray. You are looking good!!!!

  12. I love the jacket. I might take a white shell top and put a black shrug on top to go with the skirt. Thanks for sharing.


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