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Apr 15, 2014

Enjoying the Lights... and Darks... of Spring!

After the time changes each year, I begin to notice different light patterns on the walls...they always inspire and captivate me.

Somehow, looking over these
patterns often give me ideas of how to style looks with neutrals and colors...light and dark.

Today's outfit was a combination of navy and metallic.  Contrasts I really like to see.
These materials are very light.  I picked up the Ralph Lauren cotton jacket in Chicago last summer at Macys.  The light cotton Nine West sleeveless blouse was from Stein Mart.

The necklace is from Lane Bryant and my Rampage silver flats are Ross...two years ago.

Does anyone else ever pay attention to the sunlight patterns on your walls...or your cat??
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. That outfit is gorgeous, you look so elegant. I love the Ralph Lauren jacket. I can see a figure in the necklace now that you mention it, at first I thought it was a shadow. That's Amazing!


  2. Love your blog, Pam! I have just woken up here in Boston to yet another dark morning with a dusting of snow which makes me want to cry! But I will wear heels and lipstick to work - no matter what….never give in!

  3. Inspiration comes from many different places, but I must say I never thought of the light patterns!

  4. You are such an artist, Pam! Love this elegant look, and yes! I see your son. xox

  5. LOVED your pictures today... very artsy, and yes I could see your son. How sweet he would help you. I have to say my favorite is your cat on the stairway. You should enlarge and frame that! Wonderful post.

  6. I love the changing patterns of light as the seasons change. A visible reminder that everything is in transition. How wonderful that you used this as inspiration for your ensemble. Navy is one of my favorite neutrals, and you wear it to perfection. Metallics shine on!

  7. You look great Pam! I love mixing in metallics with navy, charcoal, and black!

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  8. you look lovely. I do pay attention to the rays of sun in our home. I am fortunate to have a beautiful crystals cute sidelight and window in the from door and it casts rainbows across our floor.. The light from the dining room in the morning plays beautifully across our table and across my teacups too. Wonderful post my friend xo

  9. oops crystal cut not crystals cute, giggle

  10. I forgot how much I love blue and black together. I wore a blue/black dress to my son's wedding! It was very formal yet not the standard black! Love the reminder. Especially think the gold accessories look nice.


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