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Apr 9, 2014

5 Important Steps for Youthful Skin....Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Kathy….a fabulous over-50 woman who is living life to its fullest.  Kathy obviously takes care of herself…she always looks so pulled together with gorgeous hair and skin.  Yet, on top of taking care of herself, Kathy also loves to help women look and feel their best.  She is the Regional Sales Director for IOMA-Paris Skincare, sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in the United States.  She knows it is so important for all of us, at any age to pick up the I MATTER sign.
A little review, I have already told you that when I went through my makeover at age 50, I started with a completely new hair look and completely threw out my closet and began again.  The next step for me was to deal with skin which looked much older than 50…suffering from a severe lack of attention.  Kathy likes to say that our skin is the cake underneath the icing.  If it is dry and crumbly, there is just nothing which will help the icing look or taste good.
I love to be told I do not look my age, but when I was fifty I looked much older and it had a lot to do with ignoring my skin.  So, I began with these steps:

1.       I visited an esthetician for some serious care which eventually included microdermabrasion and exfoliation.  She also offered an anti-aging facial which, in the beginning, I went for about twice a year.
2.       The esthetician taught me the importance of hydration through drinking more water and moisturizing twice a day properly.  The deep lines around my mouth were very pronounced at that time, but after proper care I was able to tame them! Of course, sun screen and healthy eating are a part of skincare hydration.
3.       I had to discipline my desire to spend all my money on clothes, and understand that budgeting for proper skincare was critical.  I could put great garments on my body, but my face still looked tired and older.
4.       Then I began a search for what worked best for me as far as skincare products.  I had to recognize that I needed a complete regular routine everyday which consisted of good cleansing and the best hydration.  I went through several lines of all prices and mixes.  Then I discovered IOMA-Paris and it has been by far the best.   I use their cleanser, toner, eye cream (amazing), day cream, serum, night cream, and antioxidant mask (also amazing)!  For more information on IOMA-PARIS, check HERE, HERE, and HERE.  The way this company combines technology and well researched ingredients is truly impressive.

5.       Finally, I had to make sure my makeup was not undermining what my skincare was doing.  I recently heard Kathy say that mineral makeup is the most dehydrating you can wear.  So, it does make a difference and is worth researching.  Recently, I have completely switched over to Bobbi Brown.  I used Cover Girl with Olay products until the switch.

Clothes are fun…shoes are fun…purses beyond fun…but great skincare is critical, especially if you are attempting to look and feel your best…no matter your age.  Find a dermatologist, esthetician, or someone like Kathy who represents the top of the line product and get some advice and direction to turn your skin around.  It makes a huge difference.  I am not a Botox-girl…but I believe what I am doing keeps me from even considering it!!

Have a wonderful Thursday, ladies…make sure you hop on or visit the incredible bloggers of Katies’s Favorite Things Blog Hop…

If you would like to following my journey to learning I MATTER, just click HERE for all of the posts!


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  1. I have been learning more and more that it is important to take care of your skin. I have been moisturizing and exfoliating more often.

  2. Wonderful article....and thanks for co-hosting! Many of us ignored our skin and other important things until our nests were empty. Good tips!

  3. Wonderful article....and thanks for co-hosting! Many of us ignored our skin and other important things until our nests were empty. Good tips!

  4. Love that picture and I Matter sign. so positive and great tips :) Thanks for hosting this great hop.

  5. Oh I love these "I Matter" posts! Thank you for being so inspirational and for co hosting this party. Much aloha, Lori

  6. I now make sure I take care of my skin. I visit a dermatologist once a year and she checks my skin on a high tech computer (horrid you see all the wrinkles and sun damage in technicolour) . I don't put my nose out of the door without SPF 50l. Finally this regime is beginning to pay off.

  7. Thank you for the blog party & giving ourselves permission to be our best. As women we are always taking care of others & we forget about ourselves. I am recovering from a broken back & when I am up & about, I am putting a mean clean on my closet - goodbye 'grandma' clothes' !!! I will be 60 this year & it's time for some new things!
    Thanks for all you do!

  8. I'm a little lost lamb when it comes to skin care. Thank goodness there are people like you who share!

  9. Thank you as always for the reminders about skin care...after all what do people notice first, our smiles and faces!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Wow. Wake up call. I needed to hear this. Budgeting for skincare is a concept I never considered. I just bought things when I ran out. This will certainly be something I start doing and will be able to afford better products because of it. Thank you for something I really needed to hear! Karen

  11. hydration, hydration, hydration
    that is the name of the game at our age!!!

  12. I just had a 30 year-old stylist ask me what my skin regime was because she said I had amazing skin. I just shook my head and said, "nothing"! But I know I need to start tending to the creases and wrinkles. I've tried Olay Regenerist and was really underwhelmed. I'm on the hunt so I'll look into IOMA.


  13. Oh Pam … what a fabulous post! I just love reading about your transformative reinvention! I needed the reminder of great skincare … I haven't been as invested in it as I should! But you have reinvigorated my interest! Thank you for such an inspiring post my dear!


  14. wow! I could't believe she's now 50! I admired her so much .. someday If I have reached that age, I would also look so young.. I promise to take good care of my skin.


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