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Mar 12, 2014

Warmer Weather I MATTER Preparations....Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!!

Meet Kerry.  At 60, she has carried the “I MATTER” sign for years in a balanced lifestyle between caring for herself, her family, and her organization work.  Kerry is such an inspiration.  In the past two years, she decided to place her thriving career in fashion retailing on hold in order to be more available for aging parents and to spend time with her college student.  But, she also makes sure she always looks amazing, works out every week, enjoys a dry sauna every week, and eats healthy foods…in fact, she has a mad passion for Thai food and can rock a pair of trendy heels better than most, of any age!!  Kerry is one of the most diligent women I know and understands the value of hard work to achieve success at whatever we pursue.  She also understands how important it is that we be at the top of our priority list…no matter who we are serving.

Since we began “I Matter” just eleven weeks ago, have you taken the time to research the style you desire?  Sometimes frustration will set in early.  It does take time, perseverance, and a positive attitude to see it through.

I have encouraged you to spend time in the dressing room; read style books for assistance; and tear looks from magazines you would like to emulate….or, of course, pin your favorites.  If you are frustrated, and not putting in the work, then please do not give up…put in the effort.  Now we are beginning a new season of warmer weather style…do you have any idea how to look fabulous when the temperature begins to creep upwards?   (I realize many are still cold…but it is good to plan ahead!)

Here are a few suggestions to consider:

1.       Always shop in an actual store more than online…you must try clothes on.  I leave large amounts behind, but make sure I at least give them a look in the mirror. If a retailer has not invested in a good dressing room, then perhaps it is not worth your time to shop there.  The only way you will know if you look good in a skinny pant or pencil skirt is to try them on your body.  Remember …not all sizing is universal and not all cuts and designs are the same.
*Understand your body type.  I have so many people who think I am smaller than I actually am.  That pleases me!!  I have learned (mostly by careful study) how to dress my body type.  Kerry (pictured above) is a petite and has to be very careful with lengths.  She loves this white shirt from J.JILL because the petite hits her in just the right place to flatter her body and not cut it off or make her look larger than she is.   Do not get depressed because of your size…learn how to dress it as it is right now! 
For warmer weather, try casual skirts with flats and a knit top for the days you do not need to look your professional best.  This is more flattering, cool and comfortable than capris pants.  There are also many styles of spring and summer dresses available…easy and stylish.
Summer neutrals are chic and can lead to understated elegance when the heat is on.  White, gray, creams, khaki, navy and even black are beautiful and youthful.  Be careful not to pour on the florals or the polka dots…both prints can be aging.   Accessories are great ways to control color and prints…like Kerry did here with her scarf and shoes!
Begin now to get a little sun on your legs…just 15 minutes of Vitamin D a day is beneficial and will get some color for skirt days.  Also, do not wear sandals without a little color on the toes or properly groomed feet.
Stay true to your Foundational Five…if you have done them…if not read under my PERSONAL STYLE page…where you will find all of the I MATTER posts and what the Foundational Five means.   Warmer weather fashion puts many trends in front of our faces from pastels to sailor styles…be true to YOU…what communicates your messages.  If a horizontal stripe is not flattering or does not communicate your messages, then avoid it…even though you see them everywhere right now.

Don’t get discouraged!  A true makeover takes time…there will be hits and misses…persevere!  The results and the way you will feel in the results are worth the work! 

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  1. I love your blog for it's beautiful positive message!! Your "model" today is inspiring. I've been less than diligent about really taking care of myself for quite awhile, and it's easy to get depressed about things. As I navigate new territory(after losing my mother-in-law this past summer to cancer), helping care for my parents and my father-in-law has taken up much of my time and emotional energy. I appreciate the reminder that I'll feel better if I take that walk, put down the cookies, and find a good masseuse. XXOO

  2. Thnak you for being my sweet bloggy friend and wonderful co hostess ♥

  3. Kerry's skin is lovely. Would love to know what her regimen is.

  4. This is really good advice. I have done the "Foundational Five" and have made my shopping list for spring/summer (if it ever comes). I have been using the Foundational Five theory as I have shopped in recent months and it is really working. So many things went back on the rack that before might have gone home as fashion flubs. I have my personal Foundational Five printed out on a card (made it pretty!) and I have it in a little silk pouch with colors that flatter my skin. It lives in my purse! I really love the idea of casual skirts and knit tops for the warmer weather. Great suggestion! Great post!

  5. Thank you for hosting this as well as the other lovely ladies!!

  6. Great tips. I would add keep your nails and hands looking pampered. Lots and lots of rich moisture and trim nails can go a long way to helping you look your best.

  7. Great tips, especially the one about wearing skirts and flats instead of capris or shorts. I would also add making sure your hands look pampered and well cared for. A lot of us use our hands a lot when we talk and having well groomed nails makes a huge difference. Sue

  8. You look amazing! I feel my fashion sense always falls just a little short no matter what age I am. It's like I am always playing catch up. I think the key must be to in store shop. Online is trick imagery where the model looks great than you try it on and well it's so not the same thing. I am new to the blog hop. Thanks for hosting.

  9. I simply adore these weekly posts - so empowering!

  10. Wonderful post - clicking over to read about the foundational fives. Thanks for educating me.
    Debbie - www.deliciouslyinspired.com

  11. Wonderful post - clicking over to learn about the foundational five.

  12. That makes sense about buying clothes in an actual store rather than online. Thanks for the tips!


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