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Mar 18, 2014

Ronen Chen: Beautiful Options

I would like to introduce you to a new retailer I recently met...RONEN CHEN.  They have a beautiful collection of minimal, chic styles for the busy woman.

They sent me this NANCY SATIN TANK and I know I will wear it often...I love the textile and how the material is light and perfect for warmer weather.

If you like soft fabrics and comfortable, stylish wear, you just might want to check them out!

Have a fabulous Wednesday, everyone!!!!


  1. Thats a very pretty top. Its not a company I have ever heard of before but the clothing looks lovely.

    X x

  2. This is a new retailer for me. Learning about new resources is one of the perks of blogging! This unique tank is lovely on you, accessorized by your ever radiant smile.

  3. I love Ronen Chen's clothing!! They were a line we frequently carried in the boutiques I managed. Clean lines, subtle geometric shaping, usually in wonderfully monochromes that fit easily into a women's wardrobe. I'm glad you brought this line to your readers attention, Pam. It's really terrific for traveling also. Enjoy your day! xoJennifer

  4. I really like the top you have on, and the cardigan puts it nicely together. Clean, comfortable: all words I can appreciate! xo jess

  5. Not heard of this line of clothing, but it looks fabulous
    So glad you acquired a piece that you can wear again and again

  6. I love Ronen Chen, too! I have one of his buttery soft, ultra-thin open cardigans. I wear it non-stop. Enjoy!


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