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Mar 6, 2014

Once Every Week....

I am a teacher and Friday afternoon begins that most wonderful thing known as Spring Break!! As always, it comes at the right time! I am exhausted and a little dry on blog material this evening...so I decided to share a bit about my routine...beauty things I do once every week!
At the end, tell us what you do once every week...and do you have favorite products you use??  Then have a Fabulous Friday!!

Once a week, I get microdermabrasion...well, not at the dermatologist, but in my shower...I love this MICRODERMABRASION AND PEEL SYSTEM and believe it makes a huge difference!
Once a week, I try to soak my cuticles in olive oil and spend some time on my nails.  Of course, if I can work in a manicure...I will make that happen...but I usually spend money on the toes and do the nails myself.
Once a week, I do a heavy conditioner on my hair and this Wella Brillance Treatment is my favorite...I highly recommend.
Wella Brilliance at Ulta
Once a year, I take Spring Break....and it provides a wealth of healthy living!


  1. My boys spring break begins on Friday as well
    We are all going to the Outer Banks for a week to rest and rejuvenate
    I can't wait
    Hope you have a great break

  2. Have a relaxing break and I'm going to try the olive oil on my nails. Sounds like a great tip!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. I see that your side bar is on the side...blogs you follow, your followers etc. looks fine to me.
    Enjoy Spring Break! This used to be my favourite break of the school year too. Now that I am retired I have lost track of the school holidays.

  4. On the version I've received your sidebar material is exactly where it's always been.


  5. I can see your sidebar on my iPad. I Swim every Sunday morning and have access to a steam room and sauna so I put a conditioner on my hair and sit in there for about 15 mins. Afterwards I put on lots of body cream. Works really well and very relaxing.

  6. Sorry no idea on fixing your problem.

    Nothing beats a bit of pampering does it? I intend of a bit of a mini spa day tomorrow all being well.

    X x

  7. I see your side bar items .... in the sidebar. So, it might just be how it's appearing on your screen. Try to reboot ... and see if that will fix it.
    I'm going to try the Olay!

  8. I'm seeing your sidebar in Internet Explorer 11, but in the email I get from you, the print is kinda scrunched together. It's readable but not attractive or easy to read; not sure if that's fixable or not.

    I keep meaning to be more intentional about weekly beauty treatments, hmmmmm....

  9. As a mother of two teenage sons, I too look forward to their spring break. I enjoy not having to think about a school schedule.

    Arent beauty rituals the best. I look forward to mines as well.

  10. No set weekly beauty routines, except bi-weekly pedicures (performed by moi) during warm weather months. I am looking forward to Spring Break as my middle son who goes to school in Texas will visit. So ready to see him again. Enjoy the break, Pam.

  11. Yes! Once a week a conditioner treatment for my hair and a moisturizing facial mask!

    2014 Artists Series

  12. Enjoy your break, Pam! I think many of us are feeling the need for one about now.

  13. How lovely to have the break [Just in Time!]
    EnJoy ! the cheery flowers say it all (=

  14. This was mine and my friends New Years resolution last year, which we failed to achieve. I am certainly going to check out the olay products. Have a restful spring break.
    Ali xx

  15. Cuticle oil - what a find. Great pedicure extender! I read recently that olive oil works just as well - so I'll be re-filling my little bottle with it.

    Have a great break!

  16. Hi Pam... you're a teacher? Me too. What do you teach. I hope you get to do something fun on your break. Mine does not start until April 8th. I've got a ways to go. I love it that you pamper yourself in little ways. I am working on my poor feet. I am the barefoot queen so I am hard on them. I usually slather them in Eucerin and cover up with cotton socks. It keeps them really soft. There's a woman here who does artwork on toenails. I'm dying to get them painted "leopard" Have a fun break@

  17. Enjoy your well deserved break!
    Thanks for the tip on olive oil, will add this one for my dry cuticles!

  18. Enjoy your well deserved spring break!
    Thanks for the tip of olive oil for cuticles, will add that for mine that are so dry.

  19. I will have to try the Olive oil treatment. I am in healthcare so the soap wrecks havoc on my hands and nails. Have a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break

  20. Once a week.....Oh my God I do nothing! Well, I do small things around the week ...I should organise more!

  21. As a retired teacher, I remember how rejuvenating Spring Break could be. Enjoy yours, Pam!

    As far as a weekly beauty routine is concerned, I don't have one. Perhaps that's something I should change!


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