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Mar 25, 2014

Facing the Truth About My Face!

Why am I suddenly very aware of my facial expressions???  Well, you will have to click HERE and join me on Midlife Boulevard to find out!!

Then, have a wonderful Tuesday!!



  1. Hi Pam I had a feeling that is what it was going to say. You mean you don;t go to Botox parties? haha. Just kidding neither do I. I look through my pics as my husband takes them and boy, I can make some wierd facial expressions. So I will try to keep smiling, and always looked surprised :-)) thanks

  2. Great article, Pam! So proud of you. I make faces when I lift weights too - although I haven't hit the gym lately! I think a big part of it is genetics and since we are all aging everyday, I think I'll keep my straws. Love ya! xo

  3. Pam, Don't change the joy of facial expressions, for a slight chance in reductions of facial lines.
    I can imagine being at the gym enjoying your natural response to those heavy weights. Your
    wonderful personality shining through. Don't change that.

    I am 52. My sister started getting on to me in my early 30's about my facial expressions. Too,
    being too rough when handling my face. Yesterday, I had a Dr. appt. The nurse and, the Dr both
    told me I did NOT look 52. Now, I do sporadically do facial exercises. I use to do them faithfully.
    That I do believe helps one look more youthful. Just like working with weights.

    On my 43rd B-day I bought a facial exerciser from QVC. It is a little gadget that uses rubber bands
    for resistance. You put it inside the edges of the mouth and, push it back and forth. It does wonders
    if you use it faithfully. :)


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