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Mar 26, 2014

How Do You Like Your Eggs?... and the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Heather.  She is a stylish, dynamic, extremely active woman.  Heather believes all women should carry their own I MATTER sign…because, “if we don’t care about ourselves first, who is going to?”  Heather exudes confidence.  It is reflected in her smile, her fashion, and her posture.  Confidence is attractive...plain and simple.  Tomorrow I will introduce you to what Heather does to help women feel their confident, stylish best.

But, for now, may I ask you…what is confidence to you?  Is it a deep feeling of self-acceptance or do you connote it with a cocky, self-absorbed individual?  Is it a goal you strive for…or something you cringe over and desire to avoid?
I hope most of you have seen the 1999 release, Runaway Bride, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.  Maggie Carpenter (Roberts character) is investigated by reporter Ike Graham (Gere) for the number of times she leaves fianc├ęs at the altar.  He finally concludes Maggie avoids commitment because of her insecurities…her lack of confidence in who Maggie is.  There is a great segment where she is deciding what eggs she likes to eat (without the influence of a man) and what activities she really likes.  Her new confidence results in a business she develops through designing artistic lamps.  Once she knows and accepts Maggie, she can finally love someone else.

My closet represented the insecurities in my life.  All I had to do was walk in, and I could see hangers of garments which did not seem to connect to the same woman.  I allowed others to tell me what I should and should not wear.  I spent too much time comparing myself to other women and feeling immobile because I focused on my body negatives!

Once I began to rethink Pam and accept her and begin to understand who she is at this stage of life, things changed.  I saw that I could dress an overweight body to look slimmer and great. I could look youthful and feel younger in my clothes.  I stopped looking for negatives and began to enjoy who I was right then at that moment.  I established my own messages which I desired to communicate with my wardrobe and stuck to them…no matter how other women I admired dressed.  Some women look fabulous in long prairie skirts…I don’t…and I should not wear them to please others.  I got excited about life, but soberly accepted, life is short…so I needed to grab my confidence and live each day with exuberance. Now, ten years after the wake-up call, I walk into my closet and see me…a focused wardrobe with my signature. 

Practice confidence!  Select clothing you feel awesome in...then walk out of the house, head held high, smile on face and look everyone you meet in the eye.  Enter every room that way...eventually, it will become a part of you.  

Confidence means I know who I am…and I accept her and understand her…and enter a room with her.  Once I tossed the insecurities…or plates of eggs as Roberts’ character did…I could usher in joy, fun, and reinvention at age 50.

So, let me ask you…how do you like your eggs?  Do you know?  Do your insecurities govern what wardrobe selections you make? How is your level of confidence?   Let’s discuss.

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Then enjoy the Thursday Blog Hop (and come back tomorrow to see what Heather is up to!)


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  1. I can't remember where, but recently saw a quote about how attractive confidence is I really loved it and now cannot recall where it is. I agree with dressing for confidence. If you look good, you feel good and vice versa

  2. Hello Pamela! Thank you for hosting this Blog Hop! Have a great Thursday!

  3. Great message, Pam. Confidence is beautiful, at every age. xox.

  4. Heather is beautiful! I can't wait to read more about her. Thanks for all you do Pam.

  5. I always enjoy reading what you write but the I Matter series is one of my favorites.

  6. Thank you for hosting. I love this...Yes I matter :)

  7. This is a heavy topic. As I read through this, I started thinking about confidence, which I rarely give a thought to. What you write here is very important to read through and absorb. I'm thinking now about what you said about how your let others decide what you wore (years ago now), and how you walk in your closet now and know that it is who you are. This is a goal I am currently striving for. Since reading your blog, I have walked out of dressing rooms empty-handed instead of loaded down with errors (thanks to only buying what makes me feel absolutely "this is IT!!!" wonderful!) I have purged all the mistakes from my closet and focus on adding a little fun to my very classic style. I'm now okay with nodding to some trends, rather than bowing to them out of pressure to be 'current.' I've learned (thanks in large part to you) that it is okay to be who I am (classic) and still have some fun with my wardrobe. I mix things up and feel I'm learning who I really am. I honestly did not know, like you said you didn't, pre-makeover. I am so anxious to hear more about Heather. I have never been a confident person naturally, and tend to act different 'parts' to suit circumstances I find myself in (business meetings, dinners, etc.) What a relief it would be to just finally get to that place where I know who I am and accept me for me. I'm really okay, I just need to believe that. Thanks for this thought-provoking post Pam. Sorry to have run on here! Karen

  8. Pam - I'm all over this and you're right! I've been in a wardrobe transition over the past ten years. First with the menopause weight gain that turned out to be more connected to gluten sensitivities and a careless diet that my body just wasn't tolerating anymore. When I made those lifestyle changes, my slim figure returned, but I wasn't that cute 20 or 30-something anymore. I was a 50 something who preferred Victorian frills to Old Navy contemporary. I had amassed a performance wardrobe as a professional Storyteller Enrichment Artist - my Miss Kathy persona - but feared wearing my scarves and vintage frills at any other time. In the past three years - I'm over it. I dress MY style and it's making a "Cameo Impression" - the name of the art business I started making vintage style floral frills to embellish casual looks. My blogging journey these past three years have been a huge part of helping me release the gifts within me to a broader audience - and helping me be more comfortable in my own skin both on and off the stage. Taking joy meeting kindreds like you - sharing and growing together to touch the lives of others for All Good Things And Beauty - my new link-up I launched this week, featured here. Following you on FB - Taking joy!
    Kathy at The Writer's Reverie

  9. I hope you realize the good you are doing. You are amazing! Thank you for being you and for sharing your insights and wisdom!
    P.S. I like me, too! :)

  10. I like my eggs hard-boiled with the same sauce that's on the Kentucky Hot Brown spooned over the top! So YUMMMM! A little bacon sprinkled on top makes it even better! Even my boys love it!

    I understand about the closet! I dress to please me - and my closet and I are BFFs now!

  11. Confidence is freedom from fear... fear of what other people think, fear that I don't measure up, fear that I don't look good enough, fear that I'll make a fool of myself; all those nasty fears that cripple and rob life of joy! It's so true that we can dress in ways that either build up or break down our confidence. I've also found that confidence builds on itself and if you fake it long enough, it begins to become real. Thanks for everything you do to help build women's confidence, Pam! It's a gift!

  12. It's funny I'm not sure I know how I like my eggs. I just always prepare them how my kids or husband wants them. I think that is how I have lived my life. My closet is full of my kids team shirts, although I love to wear their team colors and shirts with pride.... It's not what I always want to wear. When I do "dress up" I am usually feeling awkward because I rarely ever do it. Thank you for this post, I've been doing so much self evaluation lately this has given me more insight. I'm gonna find out this weekend how I really like my eggs ;)

  13. I LOVE Ms.Heather's concept "I matter"♪ Oh, I LOVE what ever the way egg cooked p;) We have dish called "Omu-rice", flied rice with vegetables are wrapped with egg. Maybe that's my favorite.

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  14. This sounds very familiar. So me. The best part of aging is accepting the real you and loving that. If we can do so than that is truly wonderful, for so many cannot. I am getting better at it hopefully each year. Loved this post and great message here Pam!! You inspire!
    Clothes were beautiful too! xo

  15. Wholy moly.. 357 entries... that is a lot for a link up. Well done ladies.


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