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Feb 13, 2014

Why We Need the 90th Annual Rummage Around Sale!

It is one of those rare years where winter has taken its toll on almost all of us!  Now, I realize some of you are really suffering with power outages and mountains of snow.  But, for us in South Texas, we are just not used to this much cold.  We are wimps!  
Last week I awoke to this on my front porch...I have not seen anything white in our city since 1985! These were strange little ice balls which resembled Dippin' Dots Ice Cream treats.

I do not have that many winter clothes because we just don't wear them this often...so I am beginning to dig way back into the closet due to sweater fatigue!
There I found a Chicos silk jacket I have not worn in a long time.

I layered a long sleeved tee underneath.  Layering is the way to go down here because our days tend to warm significantly!  It is hard for me to believe that Spring Break is a month away! This blue jay in my yard yesterday brings hope of spring to come!

A good way to let Spring Shine through is to do a little shopping at Goodwill.  Next Saturday, February 22 is the 90th Annual Rummage Around Event!

On Saturday, Feb. 22, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., thousands of shoppers at eight different Goodwill stores throughout San Antonio will visit the 90th annual Junior League of San Antonio Rummage Around in a treasure-hunt for new and gently used, high-quality items including clothing, accessories and housewares.
Proceeds from the event fund Junior League and Goodwill programs, and help serve San Antonio families in need. Through this collaboration, Goodwill provides “community cash” for partner non-profits to shop at Rummage Around.
During the event, families will also have access to free and low-cost services, including job search services, health care information, and financial literacy programs. These services will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at four Goodwill locations: 
  1. SW Military Drive at Zarzamora St
  2. Fredericksburg Road at Vance Jackson Road
  3. Hwy. 281 at Bitters Road
  4. Loop 1604 at Bulverde Road
For more information, call (210) 924-8581.



  1. a blue jay is always a very hopeful sign of spring and such an awesome splotch of colour this time of year. Beautiful capture

  2. You look great! I am a Texas girl born and raised and I now live in SC where wintry, icy weather prevails. I've been spending time in my local Goodwill staying warm while shopping for cool deals.

    Enjoy your great big sale in a few weeks..sounds like fun. I'm following along..

  3. Like you, I don't own a lot of winter clothes, Pam. I layer, like you did here - love this look, and what is that white stuff on your porch?? xo

  4. Living in Ohio, I'm up to here with the snow and cold! We've had a brutal winter! I wear layers inside my house to stay warm- pretty sad! Love the idea of the Goodwill event! What a wonderful thing to have those services available to the community! Having been recently inspired to let go of things I don't wear (and many never have) (and once and for all quit with the impulse purchases already!!), I'm going to my Goodwill this weekend with some very nice donations.It makes me happy to think these things will find good homes with women who will appreciate them and who will be able to be stylish for less cash! I love your jacket and long for the day when I can go outside without a coat!! Karen

  5. Hi Pam - Snowstorming in Montreal!
    But nothing will stop me going to the half price sale at Salvation Army at lunch time!

    Have a great weekend


  6. We have enough cold weather to warrant owning cold-weather clothes, but we don't have it consistently - some years they'll never leave the mothball bag. Back in the 90s I owned several pairs of lined wool pants that were just perfect for sub-freezing work wear. I got rid of them a few years back because they were pleated and were not as flattering to my 10 years older figure as they had been originally.

    I've been wishing for them this year. Everything has come out of the storage bags. It makes me realize how the quality of clothing has declined in the past 10-20 years. I've been looking around to replace them and nice wool pants with a lining are not available. When I bought the pants in the 1990s I got them at Lands End or LL Bean, and they were not cheap. Now I don't see them anywhere but places like Nordstrom and they $400+ Either I have no conception of what inflation has been or the relative price of good clothes has gone up.

  7. I agree the chaos of the world weather is playing havoc with out wardrobes. I have hardly worn any of my winter coats this wear just raincoats every day.

  8. The weather has indeed been nuts... I've been hibernating (with tea, ricola, and 2 laptops... crossing my fingers over power and connectivity). I'm ready for Spring!

    (And you look great, as always!)

  9. Although we have a very mild winter with no snow - which is extremely unusual here in the mountains in Germany - I can't wait for spring to arrive. I miss green grass, leaves and flowers.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  10. Love the look. I don't layer but I love the look of the style. I'm always hot so it doesn't work for me, lol. Hot flashes are just no fun.

  11. I'm loving that look & the pop of red in the bracelet is perfect!

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by!! We have about 15 inches of snow on the ground and more coming on Monday!!



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