over50feeling40: Valentine's Day...Friday Night...Another Dilemma??
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Feb 11, 2014

Valentine's Day...Friday Night...Another Dilemma??

Valentine's Day on a Friday night almost guarantees a date for some of us!

Go on over to Midlife Boulevard HEREand see why I will not wear the outfit I have on above, or the one I wore on Monday!

When you return back here, make sure you head over to Already Pretty, HERE, and let Sally share some valuable information with you!!  Read mine first and then you will understand why I recommend Sally's post!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!!



  1. I am loving this necklace Pam
    Hope you have a great date night for Valentine's

  2. Loved the article. You look fabulous in that out fit. Please post photos of your Valentine's day outfit.

  3. What a great cardi wrap and the necklace is a beautiful touch!

    blue hue wonderland


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