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Feb 12, 2014

On The Road to Frumpy Town....and Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Gloria...she is a vivacious middle aged woman who understands the importance of following her passions in order to say I MATTER.  She loves and teaches pottery...and does this despite working in an office to pay the bills.  One of her creations is hanging on the wall in this picture.  She also looks fabulous each time she leaves the house!

Gloria is the opposite of frumpy...she is stylish and creative for all occasions!

Frumpy…it’s one of those words which is a perfect fit for what it says…. When we feel frumpy, we are usually looking at
Comfort-Driven Clothing…

FRUMPY!  I have been there.  I know how easy it is to slip into this type of dressing.  It perhaps begins for some of you like it did with me…too busy with little ones to care about how I looked.  When you are getting spit up on and there is no time for showers, personal care goes out the window.  Also, critical people in our lives can often shut us down at any age. Many will cease to even bother at that point. I understand. I know what is found along the road to FRUMPY TOWN.

But, sometimes it only takes a little direction and a desire to enjoy life more to turn things around.  Upon realizing I MATTER, I also realized I needed to dress better every time I left the house…and I mean every time!  Decide each morning to look amazing no matter your schedule…even if it is running basic errands, when you look your best, you will leave the house with joy and a smile on your face....a good habit has begun!

This is when the grumpies go out the window and we think…Bring on the Day!  With confidence, we can strike up a conversation with anyone in a line… with any salesperson…with any cash register checker…or with any woman out doing the same thing.

I love your scarf, where did you find it?
That vegetable in your cart looks great, does it taste good?
Your little girl is adorable, how old is she?

 These are all conversation lines we are more likely to have if we feel our best and let joy flow from the inside out!  At this point, errands become fun…we look forward to getting out!

We are all good at becoming martyrs which only takes us deeper and deeper into a pit.  Do you need to pick up a prescription or go to the post office…look your best and begin to discover a difference in life when we hold high the sign and say I MATTER!

If you want to read all of the posts in the I MATTER series, just click on my page PERSONAL STYLE and they are all at the top!

Now tell us your favorite garment to run errands in...and then....

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  1. great post, thank you, so easy to slip and hit frumpy if we are not ever so careful

  2. Appreciate this message ea time I visit - a Great Reminder !
    TY for inspiriting me once again ...

  3. Pam, that's a lovely picture of you! And Gloria looks so vibrant and vivacious.

  4. I am quickly falling back into my comfy frumpy pattern. I am going to give myself a pass for this month (lost my Dad and about to lose my best friend) but I am looking forward to a little vacation in March and getting back in the habit of dressing for me.
    I am enjoying your posts.

  5. Fun party- thanks for hosting! Happy Valentine's Day <3

  6. Oh my goodness, you know I stay at home most days of the week I really only go out on Saturdays and Sundays. I always get dressed to a T when I go out, but when at home yeah it's frumpville. I feel like a million bucks on the weekend, but during the week I just feel bleh. I justify dressing down at home because I am cleaning and working and if I get dressed up or just do my hair and makeup I am wasting time I could use to work. Maybe I would actually get more done if I felt better because I looked better. I have thought about this, but I think sometimes you need someone to tell you. Thank you! :D

  7. You are so inspirational, Pam. I love holding up those "I Matter" signs. Very empowering.

    Since I work from home, I travel all the way to my home office to work. Or sit on the couch. Or....

    You get the idea. Now my husband works from home. Yet I still wear my comfortable stretchies with a sweatshirt. Lovely, huh? It's freezing here in NJ, and I'm always cold. So I am getting very frumpy. Frumpy, frumpy, frumpy.

    I need a new wardrobe, but since money is a bit tight right now, it's out of the question. So I reuse all of the clothing I have. I need to get out of my frumpiness!

    Your post was a good reminder that I need to shake things up.

    Thanks again, Pam.

    1. What I discovered years ago when money was tight - is that a good thrift shop can be my wardrobe's best friend. I developed a good 'eye' for spotting well made garments and quality fabrics quickly as I browse racks so that usually when I reach for the label it is a good one and I get the garment for 1/10th of its original cost. Most often the clothes where I shop - Goodwill - show no signs of wear. Just a suggestion. Accessories too are bargains there.

  8. Thanks for reinforcing the idea that there's no excuse for being frumpy!
    I try to compliment people when I'm out and about, or at least smile at them, because that little bit of effort can really make someone else's day ;-)


  9. I was on the road to Frumpy Town myself at one time! Okay, more than one time. I cringe when I think of how I used to dress for work. One pair of knit pants I used to wear I now use to work out in when it's cold out! It was that bad! You are so right Pam, there is joy and confidence to be had when you dress up even to run errands. I find I am more friendly, more upbeat, more inspired when I have taken time to think about what I'm going to wear and to choose things that make me feel good about myself. There is just nothing quite like that confident feeling when you know you look your best! I no longer shrink back, trying to hide behind my clothes. And yes, complimenting others makes you feel really good too!

  10. Thanks for the pep talk. Every now and then we need to be reminded "we matter."

  11. I had the three children (in fewer than three years) and I can identify with the spit, the laundry and the too tired for whatever. But putting in a little effort in making myself look presentable has always been part of who I am. Nothing great and certainly not on top of the latest fashion trends -- never had time for that. But I remember the days when I did not put any effort in, and catching myself in the mirror. Not a good thing. And for some reason the effort of getting up at some ungodly hour to shower, dress and do my hair and a little make-up before the little darlings got to me have always had a positive effect. I did not always manage to shave both legs the same day though. :))

  12. Pam, Your blog is wonderful; thank you for the hard work you do to encourage us to celebrate the gift of life and to live life fully. Perhaps you would want to mention depression sometime as it is prevalent for women at least at some point in their lives, and is a big reason why we may slide into frumpiness. There are lots of ways to deal with depression, but first it has to be recognized and acknowledged which isn't always easy as it can be insidious and subtle. Here's to living a life of strength, confidence and joy! Becky

  13. Fabulous sweetie, it sounds like a great party! You have a very inspiring blog!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! You will find topics such as NYC Fashion, health, beauty, personal growth and motivation between others! <3

    New Blog Post: 15 Things Every woman Must Have

  14. That's a gorgeous photo of you, Pam!

    I've been following your advice to never leave the house without looking my best lately and what a difference it makes in how I feel! At home, I tend to wear my older, less fashionable items to save wear and tear on the better pieces but I'm planning to cull my closet soon and get rid of the worst and frumpiest so that I'm never tempted to put them on again!

  15. This post was such a pleasant read, I love the message, it is very important and I agree, with confidence and a smile life is pure joy! Thank you for sharing your message, you look fantastic dear Pam :) keep it up! Hugs, Beata xxx

  16. I loved your words of wisdom. We ALL matter! :)

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  17. I remembered to link up! Better late than never. ;)
    That photo of you is amazing...you must use it somewhere as a profile photo. Just lovely.
    And can I just say, I'm starving after looking at all of your link up participants photos above? xo

  18. After dressing up all week, I like being comfortable on the weekends. I know there are some great casual clothes, but I'm still spending more on business attire. Once I'm retired, I hope to reconfigure my clothing collection. It's true that you feel so much better when you know you look great.

  19. Love your blog! I am mid-fifties and feeling mid-30s. Well most days anyway!

  20. To answer the question posed to us: what is your favorite thing to wear when running errands...slim jeans with a bit of spandex and a tee shirt topped with a cute jacket - i.e. Chico's or such. It is comfortable yet looks 'put together.' My next birthday will have me inches away from 70!


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