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Feb 26, 2014

I Matter, So Bring On the Fun....Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!!

Meet Nancy!  She is a vivacious; over 50; hard working wife, mother, and grandmother who is known for her big, beautiful smile!  She is constantly giving of herself to others, but knows it is important to keep NANCY at the top of the priority list.  When I asked her to tell me her favorite way to treat herself, she said, “OK, something I really enjoy doing is taking off on Saturday morning with NO time limits, no expectations from family members for me to do anything for them, and no real plan of action.  I like to let the day unfold. I usually end up at one or more places like Marshalls, HomeGoods, Pier One, Ross, Stein Mart, World Market or Tuesday Morning.  I walk up and down the aisles just looking.  Maybe something will grab me or maybe not. 

 I enjoy looking, because all of these places change their stock often and have reasonable (even cheap) prices, so if something does grab me, I can buy it without feeling guilty.  I also use these little outings throughout the year to pick up stocking stuffers or fun little surprises for family and friends.  On the way home, I might stop off at Starbuck’s and treat myself to a special coffee, or in the summer, my favorite indulgence is to purchase two large Dr. Pepper Icees at the gas station…one for me and one for my husband who is so willing to support the just-for-me-outings.”

Nancy and I have learned the importance of giving ourselves special treats or perks.  If I take a little something from each paycheck for myself, no matter how small, it just seems to make my work more fun!  My favorite perks have been sale clothing and shoes; fun accessories; good hair products; great makeup; pedicures; and massages.

I asked a few "over 40 ladies" (What is your favorite treat to give yourself?) and they all seem to love mani & pedis; one shouted CHICOS!!!; lunch with a girlfriend; and (by far my favorite answer) GRAETERS BUCKEYE BLITZ ICE CREAM from KENTUCKY loaded with chocolate and nuts (a close second is BEN AND JERRY'S New York Super Fudge Chunk)!

What is important??...Take care of YOU and discover joy in these little, special rewards!  We are so good at doing this for others…we need to be good at doing it for ourselves so that we will not become despondent or bitter when we help those special ones in our lives.

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What is your favorite reward??  

After you tell us...enjoy the Thursday Blog Hop!


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  1. My favorite reward is just a bit of time to myself, to read or wander or shop. I'm in the mood to start thinking about planting for spring, so may sneak off to Home Depot this weekend to check out the garden section.

  2. Hi Pam,
    Thanks so much for cohosting this fabulous party--my favorite! I agree that giving ourselves "treats" is so important! The treat I give myself is a regular yoga practice. It refreshes my body, mind and spirit! Thanks and aloha, Lori

  3. Nancy is lovely, and has the right idea about Saturdays! xox

  4. I'm with Nancy! That free day sounds like heaven!! And truly, when I have a day stretching out ahead of me with no plans, by choice, this is often the way I spend it, only I'll have to add the special coffee! Another thing that I do when I really need to just decompress or when things are weighing heavily on my mind, is I go to the local state park with a book or a magazine, spend some time hiking and just getting into nature, then I grab my book and sit at a picnic table, or my car if it's snowing, and read for a few hours. I have been doing this since I was in my very early 20's, so for a long time now, and I try to stay at the park until I feel peace being restored. But shopping, even window shopping, is really my 'happy place!' I need a day like this soon!

  5. My MIL is brilliant. For my birthday she gave me a gift card to Chico's. I think that answers your question!

    I love this post. We all matter! xoxo

  6. A day alone at Glen Ivy spa. Just me. That way I dont have to worry about making conversation and I can just enjoy my surroundings and my own thoughts.

  7. My favorite reward is reading for pleasure. I so infrequently do it anymore. Manicures are my second favorite. Love Nancy's hair color - she is beautiful!

  8. Nancy, I absolutely love your sweater/blouse combination! Just cute. And such a great color on you.

    When I need a little "Me Time", I usually grab my iPad and head for the bathroom. When my kids were little we established the bathroom as the "No Talking to Mommy Room". This worked until they learned how to write, then they started sliding notes under the door. To this day, everyone still slides notes under the door. It's funny, it's weird but it's my family. And, honestly, it makes me feel good that I don't hear voices. LOL

    I also like to go thrifting...

  9. A luxurious day on the sofa with a book. Ahhhhhhhhh!

  10. There's nothing like a mani-pedi to make me feel refreshed!

  11. Blessings, milady! Checking in from Katherine's Thursday Favorite Things and you have truly hit on a favorite thing of my own here - only I hit the thrift stores and antique shops looking for treasures and stories to tell. Like - the $44 new with tag sweater in just my style I picked up for $4 at Goodwill and the Royal Albert teacup for $3 - score under $10 and joyful in some browsing time aside just me and serene thoughts. I agree - if we do not make the time to fill up with those things that give us joy and gladness of heart, we will be squeezed dry trying to pour the same into the lives of those we love.
    Kathy @ The Writer's Reverie
    Following you on Facebook

  12. Being outside in the sunshine with a delicious glass or red wine ( tempranillo or malbec) and enjoying sitting at the wine bar with hubby and pups :-)

  13. I truly enjoy going to the gym, then I stop in at TJMAXX to look around, but my most favorite is a pedi then a shopping trip with my daughter in RI. She works for White House Black market so I am able to get her discount there and at the Chico's and when their things are on sale, I make out like a bandit!!!...:)JP

  14. I am a huge believer of pampering ourselves! Great post sweetie! ;)

    New Blog Post: [Health Tips] Stay Fit While You Sit

  15. My favorite is sleeping in on Saturday and writing all day in my pjs.

  16. I'm visiting from Thursday's Favorite Things. I'm happy to see you co-hosting. :) Have a great week!


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