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Feb 19, 2014

How to Matter on a Budget...AND the Thursday Blog Hop!!

Meet Christy. She is truly an amazing woman.  I watched her go through a very difficult time of life when she completely put all of her energies into seeing two children through the hardships...and thought nothing of herself. Now, on the other side of it, she has decided to say I MATTER!  In the last two years, Christy has lost 48 pounds through calorie counting and strength training.  When she wears a dress into a room, heads turn!
Working with weights is such an important part of her life, her desk decor includes them! Through her example, more women are beginning exercise programs.  It is pretty crazy what Christy's arms can do!! She feels great, loves life, smiles more and knows how important it is to believe, I MATTER!

There have been comments and emails the last two posts about that
horrible green stuff which seems to control our lives….MONEY!
In fact, a couple of readers said they would love to upgrade their
closets but cannot because of money issues. 

If I had waited to begin my makeover because I was too large or
too poor, I do not know it would have happened at all.  Once you
realize that now is the time to take care of yourself, do not let any 
obstacles stand in your way.  It does not cost a lot to look great!

Here is what I did:
1.        I made a list of some basics needed to have a new wardrobe.  A great fitting skirt, dress, pair of jeans, black suit jacket, and white shirt with a collar.
2.       I searched everywhere for these basics.  From clearance racks, to thrift shops, department store sales with coupons ( I recommend KOHLS, MACYS, and STEIN MART). End of season clearance racks are my favorites…the deals can be amazing.  I learned when new merchandise hit the racks at MARSHALLS, TJ MAXX, and ROSS.  Of the three, Ross is the less expensive.  This was the time I began my love affair with our local GOODWILL stores.  After research, I learned the best locations featuring thrift garments from Chicos, Talbots, Coldwater Creek and other stores with  items which fit my curves.  I own a pair of shoes I purchased three years ago at Goodwill which are gorgeous leather flats.  I get compliments every time I wear them and they were $1.99!
3.       I tried clothes on and had a plan.  I did not leave the dressing room without knowing the garment was a hit and not a miss.  When there is little money, there is no room for mistakes. Some pieces I changed up a bit.  When a jacket is only $2, it might take it to a new level to change the buttons. I found those new buttons on other thrift items…new buttons can be very expensive!  I have also cut off long dresses to make them tunics.  Sometimes it is fun to play designer.  Just be careful and make sure the item is flattering to your body type.
4.       I studied magazines and tore out pages of styles I liked.  Then it became a game for me to see how I could copy the look at the lowest price.  It’s so much fun!
5.       Even if I could only afford one thrift item a week or a month, I still worked toward the new me. If I had sat stagnant or waited for more expensive shopping, I just know, it would not have happened.

I also kept a change jar in my laundry room.  Spare change found
 around the house became shopping money and as affordable as
 some thrift stores are, a change jar works!  It pays to learn what is 
available in your area.  Sometimes Ross is a better deal for a new 
garment, than an expensive thrift item.  There are thrift stores 
which inflate their prices…so be wise and learn to be a savvy 
I hope this helps…start small…but make sure you start....  No
 barriers should exist for a strong woman who says #I MATTER!

Remember all of the I MATTER posts are found under this page,

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  1. Hi Pam,
    This is a wonderful post. I'm dropping over to say hello and thanks for hosting the hop. Have a great evening.

  2. Thank you for hosting!
    I want to second so many things you said, but I will limit myself on two things: I totally agree, you have to take of you today. When you decide there will be a magical moment when you can do it, that moment will never come, you have to decide today. And yes shop at Goodwill, there was a time and a place that I was embarrassed to shop there but I got over it and realized there are some incredible things for such a small amount of money.

  3. Thanks for another inspiriting story. inspiring life.

  4. Great tips, Pam and I agree, it is not about designer clothes. I also cannot afford expensive pieces but I am convinced it is all about the right mix and accessories that make a look stand out. Unfortunately we do not have any similar quality thrift shops here and I have to rely on ebay. Need to sell several pieces (now is a good time) and maybe in return I can find something nice.

    I love your diagonal striped skirt, it is fabulous!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. another fab post by my fab co hostess. xoxo

  6. Congrats to your friend losing all that weight - something I need to do. There's something about going through challenges that really packs on the weight! Nice tips!

  7. Wonderful post, Pam! I think you are spot-on with your ideas for redoing your wardrobe. It is doable on a budget. You and I both know what treasures are found at thrift shops. You just have devote the time to it!

  8. Hi Pam, great tips here! I agree that shopping wisely and with a plan is crucial to looking great on a budget.

  9. That is a great post. I'm following via the Thursday blog hop with Katharine! Nice to meet you. Donna

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog and inviting me over! I have linked up to the Blog Hop. I just know I am going to love your blog and I am looking forward to spending some time reading past posts.

  11. Pam, I love this whole series you are doing! The game plan for shopping on a budget, big or small, is exactly right. Pippa

  12. Hello Pamela! It's great to meet you. I love your blog–love the concept! Thank you for hosting the "Blog Hop" too! I'm following you via Bloglovin'. Have a fantastic day!

    ~ Vashti

  13. What a great story and good tips. It is true that thrifting or sourcing clothing outside of the regular stream of retail can yield some wonderful surprises.

    Your skirt is lovely.


  14. Another post that is a 'print out and keep' for me! Excellent advice and tips - thank you! One of my personal favorites is a consignment store I found that specializes in professional work clothes for women. She only takes current styles and has many higher end labels in stock. Prices are amazing and some items still have tags on. Consignment stores can be a gold mine. Just takes some digging! Thanks again for the inspiration! Karen

  15. Thank you so much for your I MATTER series. I just posted this to my Facebook page to share with my women friends. They need to know this!

  16. These are wonderful tips Pam! Another 'print and save' for me! One of my favorite haunts is a local consignment shop that specializes in clothes for professional women. She accepts only pieces that are in style and in new condition, and her prices are just amazing. Many higher end labels to be found, often items still have tags on. Seems that more consignment shops are cropping up in my area. I find this is a good place to leave impulse purchases that I never will wear, and with the money I make, I can pick up some nice classic pieces. Love your necklace! What a perfect finishing touch! Karen

  17. Your are absolutely right! Great post!

    Fund you through the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 127 by the way.

    Han a lovely weekend! :-)

  18. Thanks for this, Pam. We need to be constantly reminded (or at least I do) not to wait until the stars align to take care of ourselves!

  19. You're so right, Pam! Most people want an ideal set circumstances in place before making a positive change for themselves - when the truth is it's the change that creates better circumstances!
    Congratulations to Christi for all of her hard work! She deserves all the praise in the world for it!


  20. this skirt is so cute on you Pam

  21. A great hop! Following you now on Bloglovin'! Thanks for hosting.

  22. Thanks Pam! We are on the 'same page' with the game plan. I live near a Ross store - Tuesday is Senior discount day - though it is not a huge savings - it is a savings - 10% off. And I am on a 1st name basis with many of the staff so they tell me when purses are being marked down, when to expect new items and have further discounted items such as make-up that came un-packaged with a piece missing that wasn't really essential.

    A single mom - young enough to be my daughter - I work with - wore only two outfits most of the time, used a diaper bag for a purse and really loose sloppy looking clothes. Once we became better acquainted and she complimented me on my wardrobe I told her how I manage it. I took what I would spend on movies and snacks for my adult son & I and shopped for her at Goodwill. It netted several outfits with accessories - and the clothes were styles she liked but more updated and fitted. She was amazed. She no longer uses the diaper bag as a purse and now dresses in a way that shows she cares.


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