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Feb 18, 2014

Happy Feet And Legs for Spring!

I am so excited that I can actually bend all the way over and look at my legs; but, not happy about what I saw!  They were so dry after hot showers and winter weather!  However, the wonderful ladies at the SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, IOMA-PARIS, counter had a solution

They recommended IOMA-PARIS specifically for LEGS and FEET to get "spring" ready.  In fact, one called the product a hangover remedy for high heel wearers...not me, but my feet still need special loving!  The gel makes my party with a tingly-healing feeling!

You can order online with these links, if you do not have a Saks nearby.  IOMA-PARIS is exclusive at
Saks...however, I am told is everywhere in France. I love their products!

Start preparing legs and feet now, so when sandal-weather finally comes (and it will come!) we will be ready!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

Samples provided by IOMA-PARIS at Saks Fifth Avenue


  1. Looks like a nice cream. It is very cold and dry out.

  2. I've been sitting by a space heater all winter and my legs are looking like they need some attention. I will take a look at this at the store. Good idea!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. I do use moisturiser on my legs most days during the winter. However they are still not great. I use leg make up in the summer, cooler than tights and covers up a multitude of imperfections.

  4. I'm wondering if they carry this at the Saks outlets, since there is one nearby. I think I'll check it out, thanks for the tip. I am a high heel wearer and my feet always feel like they are taking a beating! Congratulations on your weight loss and dedication to working out Pam! It is sometimes tough to get motivated (personally speaking!!), but when you see results it is SO encouraging! You look great and always so stylish! Karen

  5. I am so in need of something for my skin and my feet ... plus I just like pampering. Thank you for sharing! ~M

  6. It sounds like a nice product! I would love to give it a try! ;)

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  7. With the exception of nail polish, I take care of my legs and feet all year. They seem to need moisturizer even more when the heating systems are on. Three times a week I use the Clarisonic body brush, and I moisturize with Neutrogena Body Oil after showering. My feel like daily application of Vaseline that will keep them nice and soft.

  8. Like Cornelia, I try to pay attention year round... But you've now put me in the mood to soak my tootsies in hit water, slather them with moisturizer, and give myself a pedicure with some cherries in the snow as polish!

    Then I'll need to wear some cute shoes... Even if only in my home office. :)

  9. a hang over cure for your feet and legs...love it
    just got a pedi yesterday, man did I feel bad for the chick giving it to me LOL

  10. Like one of your previous readers, I get pedicures year round and take care of my feet. They have got me a lot of places and walked lots of miles so they deserve it!...:)JP


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