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Feb 2, 2014

Covered Perfectly for All That Must Be Done!

I was in Pottery Barn for three hours on Saturday! Every weekend for the next eight weeks we have either a wedding, or shower, or birthday, or celebration of some kind.  We have not been this busy in a long time!
However, Pauline at Covered Perfectly had me ready for handling all of this in comfort!
Her blouses are the most amazing knits...the minute you feel the blouse out of the bag you will see what I mean...so silky and soft, you do not want to take them off!

I am loving this SIMPLE COMFORT RED ...with February being the "love" month, I should get much wear out of it!!  This is the top seller and it comes in a variety of colors.  And you can save big...maybe get several colors...just use the CODE 5040, for a 20 percent savings at checkout!!

Now, I have a lot of cards to write.  Make sure you check out Covered Perfectly and have a joyous Monday, everyone!!  Today I am linking up with the fabulous MONDAY MINGLE!

Blouse provided by Covered Perfectly


  1. Wonderful top, Pam, and the scarf is a beauty too.

  2. Very pretty! And the blouses are nice, too. :)

  3. love the scarf and bow flats! super cute look!

  4. You look great in red! I do love how comfortable those tops are. Have a great week!

  5. such a great outfit
    you were a brave soul to spend that long in PB on a weekend

  6. Love the red top and the flats. Thanks for sharing

  7. Pam, you look very chic yet comfy! Sounds like the next few weeks will be busy, busy, busy!
    (when will you be in Houston?) pippa

  8. You look very good in the coral and red colours.

  9. NOTHING beats a beautiful printed scarf! Lovely.


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