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Feb 2, 2014

A Fun New Boutique...Audrey Inspired!

Meet my off-the-charts talented friend Debby!  She has a wonderful blog, INSPIRED DESIGN, and has now opened a new unique online boutique....ASPIRING HEPBURN!

Debby has exquisite tastes, so keep this one on your radar screen.

Hope everyone supporting a team has fun today!  I will see you later!

Happy Sunday, all!!

Here's a beautiful bangle and so affordable!
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  1. Debby is such a doll, I am so proud of her accomplishments!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. All the items are so cute. Bookmarked the site and will definitely be going back. I had to have the journal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I will check out her blog, always up for getting to know a new blogger!

    blue hue wonderland


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