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Jan 7, 2014

The Fuss Over Personal Style

Personal style...some think the phrase is empty hype...I happen to believe understanding what we communicate can eventually build confidence.  Read my thoughts HERE, and join me over at Midlife Boulevard...then let me know what you think!

Have a joyous Tuesday everyone...hope you are warm!!


  1. Wonderful article, so true and well said. Finding one's style is a journey and you describe this beautifully. Both of these outfits are gorgeous!

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Happy New Year, my dear Pam.
    Sorry if it takes me a while to catch up.
    Sending love and sunshine

  3. thanks for sharing. I'm working on my adjectives now...

  4. Allo Pam!

    Pretty well true to my style but i could too work on my adjectives!

    Take care and i will try to stay warm!


  5. Sassy. Unexpected. Playful. Comfortable. Classic.

    Do those seem contradictory? (Aren't we all a set of contradictions?) Personal style comes out in many of us whether we intend it to or not. We create it and we are shaped by it, just as it reflects who we are at a point in time and in many instances, helps us discover who we are.

    (You look fabulous, by the way!)

  6. Well written article, Pam! Very wise to carefully llook at a new piece and make sure it meets the 5 personal adjectives.
    Both outfits are gorgeous and you look very good and confident in them.

    Annette | Lady of Style
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  7. For myself Pam, I never really thoughtuch about my style, unless I was asked. At an early age I just knew what I liked and that look, or style has stayed with me over the years. I dont believe someone can teach you about style. I believe it is innate.


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