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Jan 4, 2014

Owned by a 90 Year Old!

 I know many of us will be contemplating new goals for our diet and exercise programs, so maybe, you will be as inspired by Olga as I was last Sunday... in this THIS PARADE MAGAZINE ARTICLE!

Author Bruce Grierson is set to release a book on January 14 titled, What Makes Olga Run?: The Mystery of the 90-Something Track Star and What She can Teach Us About Living Longer, Happier Lives.  She is one of the so-called super seniors catching the attention of researchers as they defy aging and remain sharp and healthy deep into old age, according to Grierson.

Well, the Parade article alone resonated with me.  While I do not desire to preform competitive long-jumping like Olga, I do hope to continue my weight training for a long, long time.  I encourage you to read the entire article, but one section which caught my attention was the importance Olga places on cultivating a sense of progress.

Grierson writes, “We all need the feeling that in some small ways we’re improving – or at least not backsliding – whether at the gym, at our jobs, or in our relationships.  Without periodic doses of what psychologist Teresa Amabile, Ph.D. calls, “small wins,” our morale craters.  Trouble is, chalking up wins is more difficult from midlife on, when it’s easy to feel like you’re getting slower and weaker by the day.”

I do not think I would still be working out if it were not for the small wins…feeling stronger, a garment fitting better, a difficult exercise conquered…makes such a difference.  Christa Bortingnon, 74, considers Olga a mentor.  She has set seven world records this past year en route to the 2013m World Female Masters Athlete Award.
Please take time to read about Olga, HERE, and this may be a book we can share with others for encouragement!

This is also part of a Midlife Boulevard blog hop

Happy Saturday everyone…hope you are warm and safe!


  1. What an incredible attitude Olga has! Thank you so much for sharing, Pam. After watching the video I think it is very hard to come up with a good excuse not to exercise ;-)

    Annette | Lady of Style
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  2. So inspiring! I have to move my butt today, I feel like a big baby : >

  3. All the most inspirational people in my life are 20+years older than I am. Rock on, elders!

  4. Here from the MB hop and I join you in saluting Olga and your view on personal progress. Though it may seem ironic to be taking "baby steps" at our age, that's exactly what we should do and be proud of ourselves for each one! Gracias for this inspirational story. BB2U

  5. My grandmother lived to be 98 and hardly ever exercised. What she did do, though, was live life with the most loving and positive attitude. Who knows what the real secret to longevity is???

  6. Go Olga! What an inspirational woman she is. I hope to be living 'la dolce vita' well into my 80's and 90's. I just need to get to the gym more often!

  7. Pretty amazing! My goal is as it has been the last few years - be healthy and smart in my eating, still enjoy, not beat myself up over an indulgence, be as fit as I can be given a few 'inconveniences,' and moderation...

  8. What a wonderful woman, reminds me of my grandmother who was active up until she became bedridden at the age of 97, she passed at the age of 98 in 2009. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Olga is living proof that exercise can keep us feeling and looking younger. She is remarkable, hats off to you Olga keep it up.

  10. This type of article is the same reason I read "Advanced Style" blog everyday. It inspires me to be beautiful (and fit) everyday. If she can do it, I can!


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