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Jan 9, 2014

My Favorite Shoes ....(Today)!

My shoes from hotter.com!!  They are comfortable and stylish ....a trendy, fun style. My high school students even like them!

But, I also saw these Bruno Magli's at my neighborhood resale shop, GARMENT EXCHANGE!  What do you think?  Should I go back?  I can remember when Bruno Magli was "the" shoe to own back in the 80s!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!  Hopefully many of you will be warmer this weekend!


  1. yes, get the B. Magli's - classics!

  2. Nice shoes do make you feel better.
    I think the Magli's are real nice.
    Have a good weekend. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Of course. They are timeless. Blessings Paula

  4. The loafers are just stunning:). I used to by Bruno Magli shoes when I was younger and single;). They were beautiful shoes. These are lovely but I'm not sure. It's easy to be tempted by a good label. They are a neutral, so they will probably work well but do they fit your style?

  5. You can't beat a good loafer...and those are super cute!

  6. super cute loafer
    Hope you are having a great weekend

  7. Love loafers! I'm in the market for some brown flats .. maybe loafers should be the way to go.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  8. Ooh, go get those Bruno Maglis! I just thrifted a pair a month ago, and they are amazingly comfy!


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