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Jan 5, 2014

Holiday Sales: Were These the Best?

Yesterday, my stylist showed off these fabulous boots she purchased on Black Friday.  She said, "I watched them and watched them online, and Black Friday did it...low price including free shipping and another thirty percent off!"

She is one of many who told me this year's sales were the best they have seen in a long time.  I have salivated over many personal purchases which were made during that weekend...not by me, others!

How about you?  Do you think the sales were the best?  Did you make a purchase for yourself?

Let us know!  Have a wonderful, warm Sunday and I will see you later today for a confession!!


  1. I didn't shop sales specifically, but was surprised at how much was marked down prior to Christmas. I took advantage of markdowns and was able to pick up a couple of nice basics at % off, which usually doesn't happen.

  2. I bought a wonderful scarf from The Citizen Rosebud's Etsy shop. Only $10 + $7 shipping. It's my new Power Scarf!

  3. I didn't shop at all on Black friday, but it did seem the savings were out there to be had. Cool boots!

  4. Those are some great boots, I'd like them too! I brought a red jacket for $100 off retail on black friday, this was a good deal at $49.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. It's all a ruse. One of the most read articles on the Wall Street Journal site was one that detailed how retailers set up to mark-down for Black Friday and Christmas season sales. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304281004579217863262940166
    It all seems like it's marked down, but in reality they never planned on selling it for much more. The American consumer lives for the discount game. Retailers oblige by playing.

  6. I just posted about the CK coat I just purchased a few days after black friday .. I don't think it was the best sale, but I do like the coat :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com


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