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Jan 2, 2014

3 Important Questions When You See A Look You Like

We have discussed often the great assistance we can find on fashion blogs for our own wardrobes!  Here are the things I keep in mind when deciding if an inspiration look works for me!

1. Do I have all of the pieces in my current wardrobe?
2. Does it communicate the messages I desire to be communicated with my style?
3. Does it fit into my normal lifestyle? 

Finding inspiration on the blogs is so much fun and really works!  Some of my best outfits came from something I saw on a blog or in a magazine.  But, it must be wearable for me.  I do not like to pull an outfit together just for a picture...I want to go some place and wear it!

The other day, on THAT'S NOT MY AGE I saw the above picture of director, Sue Bourne.  I asked my questions and wore this look:

If you are feeling a little bored with your wardrobe, spend some time today blog surfing...there are  great, easy styles to be found!

Have a Fabulous Friday!!!

Tahari Knit Blouse: Marshalls
Fabulous Crystal Necklace: Allie Coosh


  1. Dear Pam, Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I really like your blog. It is full of the information that women can relate to. I enjoyed looking through and look forward to reading more.
    Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed New Year.

  2. Great glasses Pam!! I really like those on you! I have been in a bit of a funk with my wardrobe. I seem to wear the same old boring things over and over-- not like when I first started blogging. Time to pull out some creativity again and I like your suggestions- it must be easy, affordable and comfortable both for your body type and lifestyle.

    I hope you had a super New Years Eve and Happy New Year to you!! xoxo Jodi

  3. This is such great advice. Sometimes I'll sketch something I see for future reference, too. I love your iteration of the look. Happy New Year!!

  4. Great interpretation of the look, Pam!

  5. Very beautiful, necklace colors are great to accent your hair. I use my own blog posts to curate outfits. If I like it in the pictures the work is done when it's time to dress. I agree, there's so much inspiration out there.

    blue hue wonderland

  6. Lovely, Pam and you made the look your own! I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs and these looks on my "Favourite Blogger Looks" on Pinterest.

    Annette | Lady of Style
    100$ adea Everyday Luxury Giveaway

  7. Wonderful inspired look, Pam, and great questions to ask. I am inspired by bloggers all the time. xo

  8. You wear it well! Your photos always look gorgeous. Rather, YOU look gorgeous!

  9. Oh wow Pam, that's fantastic! So pleased I (Sue Bourne) inspired you. Happy New Year!

  10. This is a great article and I think the new year is going to have a lot of great new styles of clothing for women over their 40's. There are so many different new Women Fashion styles that ladies can create wounderful outfits with. For older women, the calm colors are a great way to stay traditional but still look good.

  11. I have been gathering looks that are appealing from the blogs on Pinterest. I have one board with pics of good looks for women of a certain age (sounds better in French) and one with random looks that I find appealing. It has helped me define what I would say is my style. And it has helped me understand why some of my clothing, while attractive or maybe expensive, has never worked for me. With ongoing weight loss, I am curating a new wardrobe. The blogs and Pinterest are very helpful.

  12. So funny you blogged about this because I was just thinking this morning about putting together and outfit similar to one of my favorite fashion bloggers but with my own spin on it.
    You are looking radiant, by the way. 2014 is treating you well!

  13. Happy New Year Pam! You are glowing. I love these shades of color on you and that necklace is stunning. What a find. Wishing you well in heading back to the 'schedule' next week.
    xx, Heather

  14. Great look on you Pam
    I may have a Pinterest problem as much time as I spend over there looking at outfits LOL

  15. I love your necklace and yes, there are so many blogs and magazines that have so many styles that are inspirational. Thank you for stopping by and Happy New Year!


  16. Goodmorning PAM...marvelous look...the necklace make shining Your Superior Femnine Beauty and Charme and Your smile is gorgeous!


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