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Dec 31, 2013

New Year's Eve: What Type of Party Will You Have?

It's New Year's Eve...one of the most emotional days of the year!  Please join me over on The Midlife Boulevard, HERE to see the type of party you should avoid at all costs!

I also go through my reflections of the past year and look a little ahead to 2014!

Have a fun, safe evening...hope a few fireworks are included!

Dec 29, 2013

Feeling Power-ful!

As I enter a new year, I am feeling better than I have in a long time!  Results from six months of weight training and cardio are beginning to show!
Now, I do not recommend this and I do not do it often.  But, I bought this jacket at Chico's last year in a smaller size. That was all that was left and I loved the jacket so much, I was determined I would wear it one day.  Today, is that day!
It has everything I love in a jacket...flattering seaming, great fit, neutrals, perfect for any season, looks great with anything from denim to dresses.
And the fact that I can now wear it is so gratifying!

There is a long way to go, but at least progress is being made...and it makes me feel electric and powerful!

Now go enjoy the other electric looks of the bloggers at VISIBLE MONDAY!!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!

Enjoy your last Monday of 2013!

Jacket and Traveler's Black Tank from Chico's
Skirt from Jana Kos
Spanx black tights from Nordstrom
Antonio Melanie Shoes from Dillards

Bling In the New Year!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  This beautiful little bracelet was one of my Christmas presents from my husband!  I love it and it will help me to bling in the new year!  He found it at a little boutique near where he works.  Perfect size for me and will go with anything!
Actually, it goes with the rest of this outfit which I will show you later today for Patti's Visible Monday!

What was your favorite Christmas gift?

See you later...enjoy each moment of this glorious day!

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Dec 28, 2013

The Must Have Ingredient to End Your Year!

Today is a Midlife Boulevard Blog Hop, HERE! While others are writing great words of wisdom about a new year, I am writing about PIE! I figure I have five days to get dessert out of my mind and start fresh.  Actually, on Tuesday at Midlife Boulevard, I will evaluate 2013...lessons learned. Now on to pie...
When it comes to holiday desserts, my family does not mind a change or two, as long as the selections include CHOCOLATE!  We are a chocolate obsessed family...no trying to hide it! So, this year, we enjoyed this delicious pie....
When the recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk, I always go for the real thing...no fat free, or sugar free for the holidays (I know, that might be part of my problem!) I also like the traditional Nestle Cocoa, though there are more expensive and exotic cocoas on the market.  We are a Toll House loving family.
Here is the recipe:
1 2/3 cups water
3 tablespoons cornstarch
5 tablespoons cocoa
1 (14 ounce) can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
3 egg yolks, beaten
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 nine-inch baked pastry shell

Mix together water, cocoa, cornstarch until smooth
Stir in Eagle Brand milk and egg yolks.  Cook until thick in saucepan. Stir in two tablespoons of butter
Add vanilla
Cool slightly and pour into baked pie shell
Top with your favorite whipped topping or meringue!


Happy Saturday everyone!!

Dec 27, 2013

Goodwill State of Mind for Year's End!!

So far, this is my donation pile for Goodwill SA.  We still have five days to make a donation and receive a tax credit for 2013.  Goodwill hands us a receipt upon request!

Some of my favorite wardrobe pieces have come from Goodwill this past year!

My favorite denim shirt came straight from Goodwill...I wear it often!

Favorite jacket and scarf found in 2013!

And, of course, I still love my coats!

Remember, it is not only a great time to donate, it is a great time to shop Goodwill...because so many people are donating.  I had to show you this skirt, a fellow teacher made from ties she bought at GOODWILL.
So, let's clean out those closets everyone!!

Have a fabulous Friday!!

Dec 26, 2013

Reminders of Heritage

Happy day after Christmas, everyone!  I hope those who celebrate had a special one!
Holiday time always reminds me to set aside all family crud and focus on the positives of heritage.  I happen to believe that all families have their dysfunctions...it is human nature.  But, we also have our positives....which are often forgotten.
These ornaments and stockings where made by my husband's grandmother, Nanny.  She obviously handed down a legacy of creativity to our family.

His mother was very musical and a talented pianist.  He plays the guitar and has gifted those talents to our son.  This Christmas they played carols together for the first time.
His mother left our children her Christmas decorations.  In the past, this mountain-man Santa sat on her table.  I have given him a home in the forest on our mantle.

Touches of heritage remind my children who they are and where they came from.  Our house has those touches throughout, and I hope will follow them as they establish their own traditions. My mother left me with holiday recipes...I will share one with you soon....all of the food was delish...if I say so myself!!

What legacies do the holidays remind you of in your own family??

Have a wonderful day...and stay safe if you are braving the after-Christmas crowds!!

My mother was the one who started the Santas- around-the-world collection!

Dec 24, 2013

First Christmas

Christmas 2013 is all about this little guy...our first grandchild!  All my children will be home...that is all I need...packages and rich food are just accessories.

Have a joyous one...may it be a blessed event for those who celebrate the birth of another baby boy!!!
Merry Christmas!

What's In Your Planner?

Happy Christmas Eve!  As I begin to work on my planner for a new year, I actually do not want to part with the old one.

Find out why over at Midlife Boulevard today!  Just click HERE!!

Now, I must go...the planner is packed with activities for Christmas Eve!

Have a Merry One!

Dec 22, 2013

What I Will Wear: Christmas Day!

Those beautiful trees I showed you earlier today, are now naked!  As if on cue, winter blew in on December 21 and a cold front took off the leaves!

I use the phrase "cold front" loosely, because it is not really cold and Christmas day is predicted to be mild.  Since my family will all be at our home, I have decided to go nice casual with a comfortable look like this one.

I still have a little bling...under control and wearable for the day if I like.
However, since a large majority of the day will be spent in the kitchen.  My family will see me the most in my Santa hat and Christmas apron...cooking like a crazy chef!!!
What do you plan to wear for festivities this week?  Will some of you spend the day in holiday jammies??

Lane Bryant Sweater with Bling purchased at the Garment Exchange
Travelers Jacket: Chicos
Black Skinny Denim: Lane Bryant
Bob's Flats: ROSS
Bracelets: Various

Take Time To Really See

Three days remain until Christmas, and like many of you, there is much to be done around my house...menus to finalize, shopping to be done, packages to wrap, cooking...

I just had to show these cute Christmas measuring cups a dear friend gave me this week!

There is so much beauty this time of year...inside and outside. While we rush about, make sure you take moments to just appreciate what is before your eyes.

Look at life from different angles...it just takes a little time to STOP and SMILE.

There is so much beauty in the season.
Don't miss it!

Open the door...look around...relax...everything will get done..and you will have a little peace on top of it!

Have a wonderful Sunday ...I will see you later to discuss what I am wearing Christmas day!

Dec 21, 2013

Minimize Our Stress?? Really?? 5 Ways to Handle What Won’t Go Away!

I have always been a morning person, and mornings during this time of year are my favorites.  I rise while the darkness still rests outside, light candles, turn on Christmas lights, brew aromatic French Roast and listen to the quite.  It is this peace, and the assurance family members are safe in their beds, which fuels me for the day ahead.

Yes, I love this time of year, but it does not shield me or anyone else from trials.  Life does not sit still for the holidays and never will.  When we are told to keep stress at a minimum right how, it is almost humorous. Don’t tell me…tell all of those other people in my life!  As women, we bare the burdens of all around us…family, friends, co-workers, neighbors….and sometimes as the craziness builds like a steam engine on a track…I just want to shout, STOP! That is why the morning is key to my stability.

What do we do if we truly want to enjoy all the tinsel and holiday bliss, but life tries to halt it?  Here are my suggestions:

1.       Find a time of day or a place where you discover quiet and peace.  Make this a priority.
2.       Force yourself to go out and enjoy all of the hustle and bustle.  I can find great joy in walking through a mall, listening to the music and watching precious little ones sit on Santa’s lap.  Sometimes just placing our circumstances on hold and enjoying the moment will help clear the fog.
3.       Take your eyes off of your own chaos and put them on someone who needs help.  There are so many ways to bless others.  Bake and deliver goodies for the neighbors with a note of thanks and appreciation for just being your neighbors.  Unexpected notes of gratitude mean so much to those around us.  Volunteer.  Get up and get out.
4.       CHOOSE to just focus on your circumstances one day at a time.  I write this often, because I believe it is so important. As mothers, grandmothers, and employees, we tend to worry about what the future holds. This is a waste of time and energy.  Just think about all that is before you this day. It doesn't minimize the situation, but it does make it more manageable on our side. 
5.       I has taken me a long time to learn the values of exercise.  I do not think I would have handled the stress of the last few weeks well at all had I been in the shape I was last year.  My continued work out plan keeps me going and somewhat mentally sound.
6.       I know I said FIVE in the headline, but for those of you who are like me… women of faith, PRAYER WITHOUT CEASING is key to walking through times of challenges.  I am grounded with it.
I watched a morning segment last week about Holiday Stress, and just shook my head.  They told me to organize my shopping, plan ahead, take all the arrangements in small bites, and not have high expectations.  They said nothing about the stress which can come like a stealth bomber from work and family, and sometimes both. We cannot manage it, because the circumstances are created by others.  All we can do, is manage our responses.  This is the type of stress which can easily rob our joy and sit us down.

Yes, I am a morning person and a music person.  Though not really a Christmas song, I like the message delivered inside of the lyrics to Dolly Parton’s Hard Candy Christmas!
Maybe she’ll dye her hair
Maybe she’ll lose some weight
Maybe she’ll get a job….
But all in all, she will be just fine.

And so will I.  Deep down inside, I know I will be just fine....no matter what I face...I choose this day to enjoy...despite all which steams on around me.

What are your ways of coping during the holiday season when things are not as cheery and bright as you would like them to be?

Have a joyous Saturday everyone!

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