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Sep 30, 2013

8 Fashion Statements All Mine!

There are eight puzzle pieces which make up my style!!  Within them, I am most comfortable and confident.
Please join me over at Generation Fabulous to see w.hat the list of eight includes...then share with me what is on your list.  Just go HERE!!

This is how we begin to create a signature style!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!!

Sep 29, 2013

#IStandUpForCancer with Chico's and Harper's Bazaar

Hi everyone....in the conversation about the book Style Evolution by Kendall Farr, wonderful reader, Elaine, wrote....
"After my appointment at the cancer clinic today, I sat in a comfy armchair in a mall with a mocha in hand and watched people go by. I looked specifically to see what women in our age range were wearing and it was enlightening. Some dressed much like our mothers might have a generation ago while others were definitely plugged into what's current as Farr puts it and had clearly figured out a style of their own that worked. They were the ones with a confident bounce in their step."
Elaine, you really had me thinking about the fact that you made this observation after your cancer treatment that day.  Looking our best, and feeling confident about how we look brings joy even when circumstances are difficult.  And that joy is known to assist healing through many illnesses!  I know turning my style around helped me through despondency and despair ten years ago.
CHICO'S and HARPER'S BAZAAR understand all women will find joy and confidence in looking their best.  They have created a powerful collaboration around this beautiful leopard scarf found at Chico's...a fashion forward company celebrating women for 30 years!    The LEOPARD SCARF sells for $25, with $10 from each sale going to Stand Up to Cancer research...they hope to give up to $150,000 toward saving lives.

It's a fabulous scarf, but even more fabulous is the joy it will bring the women who wear it and the research money it will provide. This accessory would make a great addition to any wardrobe...not to mention a statement of power...we will fight against cancer!  I have lost too many dear friends, too early.

Oh, and, Elaine...keep sending your on-the-street observations...I love having a field reporter!!

Have a joyful Monday, all!!

And make sure your check out the lovelies of
MONDAY MINGLE!! and VERIZON VOICES FASHIONISTA BLOG HOP!!  and SHARE-IN-STYLE AUTUMN with Sacramento and other fabulous ladies!!

My scarf was a gift from Chico's

Sep 28, 2013

Foxcroft Teacher Transformations!!

Hi, everyone!  We began the week with the story of my own reinvention, HERE.
FOXCROFT COLLECTION recently assisted a group of New York educators with their own transformations...in honor of Foxcroft's 25th Anniversary celebrations.

I can tell you from first hand experience, many teachers need a little "encouragement" with their style.  When you spend the day giving every ounce of your mental and physical energy to students, and then go home to do the same with family, it is very easy to let yourself go to the background. 

I know how well Foxcroft designs fit every possible body type, so I was really happy to see them step up to help teachers.  I wish more would do this for educators...the underpaid and often under appreciated!
           Also, Foxcroft is currently hosting a huge ANNIVERSARY SALE!!

Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!!

Sep 26, 2013

Friday Fashion News - Edition #5

T.G.I.F Everyone....Friday, finally!  And time for my new Friday segment about what I have discovered in the fashion and fashion retail world!
First, I wanted to share with you a project from an MBA student, THE BUSINESS OF FAST FASHION.  This is a short little video...let me know what you think below!
My favorite skincare line, IOMA-PARIS, has a new miracle face cream, IOMA YOUTH BOOSTER.  It is an amazing product which helps us to target areas of our face which need the most hydration.
Unlike any other cream, it includes a high technology sensor in the cap which you place on your face to check moisture levels and reveals where you need Youth Booster, a massive dose of hydration in an ultra performing anti-aging lotion, the most. This device gives you personal, targeted moisturizing. You can read about it in the new Haper's Bazaar.
I have used the product twice and my face feels amazing.  Now, San Antonio...this week when you buy Youth Booster at Saks Fifth Avenue in North Star Mall, you receive the IOMA VOLUPTIOUS BODY CREAM (a $95 value) free!!  Please tell the ladies of IOMA I sent you over!

Famous Footwear has a new app, and if you are one of the bonus point shoppers, you can earn 15 points by just downloading the app.
The free app is available in Apple's App store, the Google Play store or by texting APP TO  FAMOUS (326687).

Finally, Oprah's Fresh Picks included sending this little slide show of the 12 FASHION TIPS TO MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER...
Thought you might enjoy the quick read!!

Happy Friday to all of my super special readers! Thanks for being here!

Sep 25, 2013

Estroven: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends!


SEP 25, 2013

September is Menopause Awareness Month.
I remember all too well…menopause is a lonely, frightening time.  There is no one else in the family who truly understands the physical changes mom is experiencing.
Whether it is night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, vertigo, crankiness, unexpected weight gain, fatigue…or all of the above… absolutely no one in the same house can identify with the feelings.  (That is, of course, unless you are living with a female parent!)
Lying in my bed, there were times I longed for understanding.  Isolation combined with misunderstood physical problems will also occasionally bring on despondency.  This is when we need our girlfriends…to support, console and see us through.  Pick up the phone and call someone.  These conversations are incredibly important during this time.
Also, important is to understand all of the support a product line like http://www.estroven.com/gives women. The only line which offers a complete coverage of products that will “safely and effectively provide multi-symptom menopause relief, so you can feel like you again.” (Estroven)  All of these products contain naturally-sourced ingredients that go beyond reducing hot flashes and night sweats to relieve the most bothersome symptoms…and we all know just how bothersome those symptoms can be.
Their product line is for both functional and emotional relief.  They tell me one out of three women in the United States suffers from peri-menopause and menopause symptoms, however, nearly 60% of these women do not seek treatment because they are unaware of the solutions available to them.  I was amazed at all of the different types of Estroven and wished these had been available for me to try.
NEW Weight Management:  provides multi-symptom menopause relief, plus helps manage weight.
Maximum Strength: reduces hot flashes and night sweats, plus helps manage irritability
Nighttime:  reduces hot flashes and night sweats plus occasional sleeplessness
Energy: reduces hot flashes and night sweats, plus helps manage fatigue
Mood & Memory: reduces hot flashes and night sweats, plus improves mood and memory
Estroven has three experts available to answer any questions you may have.  You might take a few minutes to read over their credentials below.  Then know that you can find Estroven at most grocery and drug store retailers.
Also, Estroven has a panel of specialists who are ready to speak and counsel women through the process.  Experts like:
LeAnne C. Skinner, RD, LD has been in private practice for the past 35 years as a registered dietitian nutritionist for individuals, corporations, professional athletes, local celebrities, restaurant chains, the State of Texas and medical institutions. Her Texas-based company, Austin Nutrition Consultants, offers individualized counseling, corporate wellness programs, medical nutrition therapy, recipe and menu development, sports and fitness counseling, and qualified nutritional speakers. Skinner is nationally recognized as a leader in the entrepreneurial field of dietetics, having served as a national and state officer, founding member of the entrepreneurial dietetics group and a national mentor. In the private sector, she works with OB-GYNs and their many patients, and often recommends natural supplements, including Estroven, to her clients. Skinner cites menopause and its associated weight change as a common complaint on which she routinely counsels her patients.
Deb Horn is a 46-year-old trainer in Bergen County, N.J. who has 20 years of experience and continued education in core training, balance training, high intensity training, functional training, sports conditioning, sport specific training, BOSU and TRX. Whether it is for a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, a seasoned athlete or someone recovering from an injury, Horn prides herself on designing fitness programs that are time efficient, goal-oriented and fun. By using functional training, real life expectations and motivation, her experience gives clients (many of whom are menopause-aged) tangible results. She has certification from the WITS Training School and The American Council on Exercise and is AED/CPR certified by the American Heart Association.
Shari Brasner is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist and member of the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. For the past 18 years, she has been in private practice in New York City since completing her residency training at Mt. Sinai in 1995. Dr. Brasner attended NYU’s School of Medicine, earning membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. She completed her undergraduate degree at Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Biology. She has since appeared on television programs such as “The View,” “Martha Stewart Live,” and the “Today Show.” She has also been the medical guest expert on several radio programs to talk about women’s health, menopause and practical solutions for everyday issues women face.  
Dr. Brasner was born and raised on Long Island, NY and now lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband Jeffrey and their 17-year old twins. Besides women’s health, she enjoys most topics associated with motherhood, child rearing and the transition to menopause, as well as travel and knitting.
Don’t try to go it alone…reach out to your community and know what is available to help you through.  Join them on http://facebook.com/estroven Support is all around!
Have a wonderful Thursday Everyone!
September is Menopause Awareness Month. To help prepare for menopause, check out Estroven's website to browse their product suite as well as tips and tricks for managing the good, the bad, and the sweaty!
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Estroven.

Sep 24, 2013

Style Evolution by Kendall Farr

"Ageless is first an organic,natural approach to fashion.  It is based on wearing good design with the right foundations underneath - it is a given that creating a flattering silhouette on a body of any size is appealing at any age."

recommended this book, STYLE EVOLUTION BY KENDALL FARR, and I am early in the reading. but so far am really enjoying what she says.

"A woman with ageless style looks individual and plugged in to what is current, but she interprets things her own way."  I know most of the ladies on the blogs attempt to do this....their own way.

One of her points is something I need to remember: As a woman's body gets softer (nice way to put it) the more structure she needs in her clothes.

Maybe it is time for me to wear less of the drapey styles of jackets!!

What do you think of her words in this paragraph:
"We are an unprecedented group...we baby boomers. While some of us were hippies and others of us were yuppies, we all share a rejection of traditional notions of middle age.  That most of us don't dress like our mothers is well documented.  That we dress to please ourselves is also known by researchers.  I read recently that to reach us - meaning to harness our staggering spending power - the approach would be psycho-graphic rather than demographic.  Yet, retailers struggle to pin down what we want because our psychology is represented variously in a female tribe with diverse notions of self-adornment, self-improvement, and what it means to dress appropriately for ones age."

Are we really that difficult to figure out?

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book as I am looking forward to Tish Jett's new book, 


She is currently in the state's to see her new grandchild and embark on a book tour!!  I know it will be successful.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Now, tell me...as consumers...are we as diverse and complicated as Farr describes us??

Sep 23, 2013

Becoming Fabulous: No Pain No Gain

Wouldn't you know it...just in case I was thinking of quitting weight training, along comes National Falls Prevention Awareness Week!  Click HERE for six ways to prevent falling! Of course, a good exercise program is important.

Then, click HERE to see what the most pain I have endured lately is...and why it was worth it! Nope, it was not lifting over 100 pounds!  Here is a hint:

This is my Generation Fabulous post for the week!  I just want to say HELLO and thank you to all of the new readers...you are blessing my socks off!  Also, thank you to all of those who left such sweet comments on the reinvention post...it has been fun!

Have a fabulous Tuesday all!

** Top two images from Photobucket

Generation Fabulous Reinvention Stories...Here's Mine!

 Every now and then, she walks through my mind…
Capable, determined, diligent….
Dressed in designer clothes and killer heels….
Some weeks traveling on as many as ten flights per week to powerful cities…
There I was in my twenties rocking the professional world.  But, at 31 years of age, a CPA would capture my heart and take me to a new place where three children and homemaking awaited.  Again, let me say, I have no regrets about leaving my career to go to the home front; however, I do regret I placed me in a corner and forgot I was important. 

 Everyone received my attention…children, students, home….just not me.  When I looked in the mirror each day and grimaced, I believed I did not have the time to deal with the image.  Negative comments from family only reinforced my desire to hide and be invisible.  I began to believe I could not measure up…so, why try.
Then one day….something snapped.  I picked up my new driver’s license at the mailbox…you know, the renewal/money grab they require when one turns fifty.   For some reason, the picture struck me.  Who was this woman?  It was as if I saw her for the first time.  She was so sad to me…aging and not caring one bit. Plain, vanilla, old.

That was the day, ten years ago, my reinvention began.  Since then, I have been on a path to look better, feel better, and enjoy every single, blessed day of life.  New haircut and color…new makeup…healthier eating and living…wardrobe upgrade (Let’s face it, when all you wear are men’s over-sized polos and your mother-in-law’s hand-me-down jean shorts, anything is an upgrade)…pedicures…facials…pampering just for me…and I do not feel one bit of guilt over it, like I might have when my children were younger.
With each day of seeing a more vibrant and polished image in the mirror, my confidence and joy returned a hundred fold.  This was when I began to help other women around me do the same…which led to my best friend recommending three years ago I write a blog.  For a writer, blogging is water to a parched land. 
I have become a new transformer toy. Slowly changing from a frumpy, invisible high school teacher and mom, to a fabulous, confident fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer!!  At sixty, seriously??   Yes, and what is even better is that as a blogger, I have met so many amazing women who also have reinvented themselves later in life.

Fashion designers…jewelry designers…business owners…a doll maker…life coaches…authors…fashion models…actresses…so many from the Baby Boom generation who have said, I AM NOT DONE YET!! And I am now going to pursue and do what I love!!  It takes patience, diligence, desire to learn, creativity, and perseverance.   Yes, reinvention can be achieved.  
Women like fashion designer, Camilla Olsen, who was a scientist!
All of the spunk of that twenty-something professional is still deep inside…now she looks great in fashionable flats and cool styles…maybe she doesn’t travel as much…but she is still rockin’ her world. And there really are days when she feels a little like Clark Kent becoming Superman.  All you need is a phone booth, and to know…

All things are possible...just believe!

(This is my submission for a reinvention blog hop 

the amazing women of Generation Fabulous....

just click HERE to read more!)

Also, linking up with VERIZON VOICES 

Sep 22, 2013

Cabi Clothing: A Celebration of Women!

Today has literally been a breath of fresh air as autumn started our day with temps in the 50s.  Now, I am so excited to begin this favorite season of mine and also excited to introduce to you CABI, a clothing company developed by a woman to be sold by women to women with proceeds going to benefit less fortunate women!

Today, I am showing you some of the Cabi Fall 2013 collection...and, I really love those fierce knit and leather leggings from the first picture!! 
Consultants show Cabi in their homes and take orders.  

The Heart of Cabi women is a great thing - they do disaster relief and fund micro-loans for women entrepreneurs in third world countries trying to work their way out of poverty.  100% proceeds go to help others from the sales of ONE SPECIAL TANK.

Consultant, Holly Haley has been with Cabi for two years and sponsored this post.  She is a vivacious, hard working, fashion blog lover and if you would like to know more or place an order please contact Holly

Cabi celebrates all ages and sizes of women with their designs.  If you are not familiar with them, get in touch with Holly and she will be happy to serve you.  I guarantee you will see me walking around in these RICKY LEGGINGS this year!

Please share with me how you would wear your leather/knit leggings??  Then go enjoy the fabulous bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY!!!!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!

Join us! Click the Spotlight 

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Happy First Day of Autumn, everyone!!  San Antonio began this day with temps in the upper 50s!!  Amazing...I flung wide the doors and windows and soaked in fall.  Oh, it will be hot again soon...but for this first day, I love it!!

Isn't this the best dress?  I saw it at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE while shopping with friends yesterday!

Hopefully, I will see you later this afternoon as I join the fun bloggers for Visible Monday and I will introduce you to a collection I just met!!

Have a joyous first official day of autumn everyone!!

Sep 21, 2013

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

A Sponsored Post

Diamonds are known as girl’s best friend, and this has proven true, no matter the occasion. Whether it is a ring or a diamond pendant, or diamond bracelet; these lovely stones are often seen proudly displayed by women, and men, of all backgrounds and nationalities. There isn’t anything quite like showing off your favorite piece of jewelry, and it can do wonders for your confidence.
As popular as all diamonds are, diamond pendants are among the most sought after. These pendants are immensely popular for many reasons, but mostly for their amazing versatility. They can be worn with any outfit at any time of year, and they can be bought it many different shapes, sizes, and colors. This flexibility makes them one of the most favored jewelry of the modern fashion industry.
The diamond pendant has always been a fashion statement that can never go out of style. It is often observed as the definition of elegance, grace, romance, femininity, and eroticism. A pendant can help to create a polished look, whether in the office or with a group of friends.  It can also help her feel like she possesses these natural feminine traits that she thought was lost to her as she aged. However, many women do not believe that doing something as simple as donning a diamond pendant can help win their confidence back, but I guess the old saying, “You have to see to believe”, holds great merit in a situation such as this.

Sep 19, 2013

Friday Fashion News - Edition #4

On September 27, CATHERINE MALANDRINO will join the cast of top designers to present special collections at KOHL'S.

Online, the selections look beautiful...and, of course, very Paris!

Let us know
what you think of the 

On to beauty news...I recently received a tube of 
No 7 Lift & Luminate which hit the shelves of Target, Ulta, and Walgreens this month.

This is one of Britain's top beauty brands...around since 1935.  They say after extensive testing the product is proven to visibly lift and even skin tone.  It is only $24.99 a tube.  I will let you know what I think later.

San Antonio, here is one event you might want to make this Wednesday, Spa for a Cause.  All information is above and helps breast cancer research.

Remember, the talented ladies of  COVERED PERFECTLY, now offer their great fitting, comfortable blouses in plus sizes.  Tell Pauline, I sent you over!!
There are some beautiful shoes on sale right now at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Check them out HERE!

T.G.I.F.....everyone!  Have a fun one! (I am working on some fun for later in the weekend!)