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Jun 30, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Make Me Smile!

Saturday was brutal (108 degrees!)...but Sunday brought cooler summer showers.  I know so often in my life, just as things seem unbearable, there is always refreshment and cooler breezes blowing around the corner.
For what seems like a billion different times, I am beginning yet again to attempt weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  I always throw it to the bottom of the priority list when life gets busy.  But this time, I have entered the alien world!  Firm bodies, tiny waists, rippled chests...they all seem to be watching me from their long line of treadmills as I attempt to do squats.  Humbling...there has to be a stronger word, it just doesn't seem to fit the feeling sticking your big behind out in front of all the gorgeous ones. The trainer, let's call him BZ, is very patient and assures me that the beautiful bodies don't care about what I am doing.  I am convinced I am a great source of entertainment and will end up on Vine, FB, or Instagram any day now.  The chances of a former or current student lurking in the shadows is always a possibility.

Nevertheless, I  have completed one week.  One week of barely being able to lift my arms or sit in a chair without extreme pain.  I have accomplished:

1. Daily calorie intake of 1200 per day charted on www.myfitnesspal.com.  This has brought home the obvious fact that my portion sizes have been WAY too big.
2. Daily cardio, 30-45 minutes per day
3. Twice a week weight training.

One week!  It's a start.  We will see if I can go farther this time!

Today's outfit, is something I might wear at home, shopping, running errands.  I will be working at home for the next five weeks and I like to get myself pulled together, because you just never know what the day will bring!!
 White Cardigan: EILEEN FISHER
Genius Fit Pants: LANE BRYANT
Black Travelers Tank: CHICOS
Silver Necklace: CHICOS JEWELRY
Rampage Silver Flats:  ROSS

There are some fun posts scheduled for this week...you will find a historic tour of Texas buried within; an amazing pair of shoes; Independence Day celebrations and so much more.  Hope you can come along!  Til then...please join in all of the bloggers from VISIBLE MONDAY!!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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Jun 29, 2013

Dresses....and How Will You Get This Blog??

Happy weekend, everyone!!

Hope your weekend has not been too hot...it was 108 here today!  One of my favorite months starts Monday...July!!  My daughter was born in July...I was born in July... I don't have to teach in July and of course, the best sales are in July!!!
Some of you might remember my wonderful white dress I purchased in the spring from DRESS BARN!  Well, I wanted to share this VIDEO from their stylist about some of the other great dresses they carry...so enjoy!

The flattering style of this SHEATH DRESS is beautiful...the way they placed the zippers. Several styles are this flattering...and for only around $40-$80!!
I will be back Sunday afternoon with more information about my first week with my personal trainer!!  What I learned and did.  

But, this is the week that Google Reader is suppose to disappear and I honestly am not sure what to expect...but please make sure that YOU are following me either through Bloglovin' or email or Google +...both can be found in the sidebar!! (I also post on Facebook and tweet the posts) Don't wait...make sure you can continue to join us!  You guys are the best!

Update:  Obviously with the comments below, there are still many other ways to get your favorite blogs. Thanks for keeping us informed everyone!!

Paintings are by Georgia O'Keeffe hanging in the Chicago Art Institute

Jun 28, 2013

Texas Country Wedding...The Fun Details!

I promised you some of the creative details from last weekend's Texas Wedding in the country!
Well, here we go...it was a gorgeous event....

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer weekend...stay cool!!

Today, I am guest posting over at RETIRE IN STYLE...hope you can all drop by to say hello to me and Barbara!!

Jun 26, 2013

Goodwill +$25 = A Fun Morning

Tuesday, I wrote about inexpensive ways to give yourself a treat (HERE), one of my favorites on the list is to go on a treasure hunt!
I love to head out to my favorite GOODWILL-SA at Highway 281 and Bitters Road to see what surprises await.(I hope to check out the new location at Bulverde and 1604 very soon).  It always takes me away from stress for awhile and puts a smile on my face as I leave the store with bargains!  Recently, I set a limit and decided not to exceed twenty five dollars....

For my $25, I scored:

1. A pair of nude flats (love)
2. A Coldwater Creek print blouse (perfect for teaching summer school)
3. A new Chico's cotton deep purple blouse.
4. Two books for my little grandson!

Do you need a little treat?  Head out to Goodwill to see what you can find!!

Personal Trainer Report:  I CAN BARELY WALK!!  My thighs are so sore from squats!  I know, I know...it's a good thing!  Stick around to see where he takes me next.  We have not finalized my calorie count yet.  He is still assessing my metabolism.

Now, please join the bloggers of KATIE'S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP! and have a wonderful Thursday!!

Thursday Favorite Things

Jun 25, 2013

Famous Footwear: Relief for Vacation Feet!

When I packed for Chicago recently, I made one grave mistake…I packed shoes with fashion in mind more than comfort.  When I returned to Texas, my dogs were barking!  I am the first to admit that you can find shoes which fulfill both needs…fashion and comfort.  I just did not take that into consideration when packing.    FAMOUS FOOTWEAR, a leading footwear retailer with over 1,000 stores nation-wide plus a large stock at Famous.com, carries all of my favorite beautiful-comfort brands such as boc (Born Concept), Aerosoles, Dr. Scholls, Lifestride, and Naturalizer.
Famous Footwear recently sent me the beautiful CHAMPAGNE LEATHER SANDALS BY b.o.c BY BORN I am wearing in the picture above (so wish I had had them in Chicago) and also sent along these thoughts for vacation footwear:

"For starters, when packing for yourself and the rest of the family, think about practicality and efficiency. This helps you look great without a ton of luggage!
If you’re planning a vacation, you’ll want to consider bringing one pair of vacation shoes in each of these categories:

- Sneakers for hiking, biking or heavy walking days
- Flip-flops for the beach or pool
- Versatile flats for shopping and sightseeing
- Dressy shoes which are still comfortable

When thinking about all family members:
-boys can get away with fewer pairs of shoes — perhaps just sneakers and flip-flops, depending on if your evenings will be dressy or not
-Men and girls can sometimes consolidate the last two categories into one"

 This helped me…I will prepare better next time…especially if visiting a city like Chicago where heavy walking is required.    Check out their summer line HERE.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

5 Inexpensive Ways to Be Fabulously Self Indulgent

In the words of the fabulous Lucille Ball...are you tired, run down and listless, do you poop out at parties?? Well, maybe Vitametavegamin won't help...but a little pampering just might!  Hop on over to Generation Fabulous and join in the conversation right HERE!

After that, if you need a laugh, watch Lucy HERE...then have a fabulous Tuesday!

Followers and readers...have I told you lately how much I appreciate and love you?  Well, I do!

Jun 24, 2013

Dear You Know Who You Are....

(On my POST about the wedding I attended, I received this comment which I did not publish at the time:  “I can’t believe you preach fashion and wore that dress. – Anonymous”  I decided to respond to Anonymous, because it helps me to explain my POST from last Friday!)

Dear Anonymous,
I decided to respond to your rudeness because I represent many women, my age and my body type who struggle with the same issues I do.
Though I don’t know who you are, because you lacked the courage to put your name to your comment.  I would like for you to understand how comments like this affect people.
First of all, I do not preach fashion.  If I preach anything, it is empowerment, strength, and confidence for women middle age and older.  I report about fashion and style.  I have never pretended to be anything but what I am…a work in progress….who happens to love the fashion industry.
My closet is currently filled with some fabulous dresses and skirts which no longer fit properly.  I have gained extra pounds and have been very upset about it.   Yet, the devil on my shoulder whispers, I am about to be sixty so why bother any longer…just live as I am.
But, friends have encouraged me to keep going forward.  Some work with a personal trainer and want me to join in... that was when fear began to set in...…

I fear walking into a work out facility and being laughed at behind my back.
I fear failure once again …after many diets and attempts to gain my body back.
I fear judgment from people like you!

However, I decided to suck it up and meet with the trainer.  He explained how some diets have slowed my metabolism and though I have been working to lose weight, it has been to no avail because of the harm quick loss diets have done to my system.  He explained how harmful it is for me to sit so many hours of the day as I write.  He explained how I will have to work hard every day to reach my goals.
But, I think you just gave me that extra push to work harder, even though I should not give a mean spirited comment like yours a second thought.  I wore that dress because it was the only dress that fit at the time….and I did not want to purchase something new.  I was up front with my readers about how I felt about my dress.  Nevertheless, I felt good that night.  It was an awesome night with family and friends celebrating love. We had so much fun.
I believe in looking good no matter what size I am...not in the name of fashion, but in the name of joy…strength and dignity.
So, thank you, Anonymous, for giving me even more determination to fit back into my clothes…hey, why don’t you send me a picture of you in your most fashionable outfit…I would love to share it on the blog so we can see the right way to dress!!

Pam@over50feeling40 AND STILL FEELING FABULOUS! 

Jun 23, 2013

Casual Country Wedding Style!

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful first-of-summer weekend!  We headed five hours, driving time, north to attend one of the most precious weddings involving good friends and family.  

Recently, a reader asked me for suggestions of what to wear to a wedding (Cathy, this is for you!) Of course, the venue and time of day are big factors.  But, since I attended a country wedding, where the style might be a little more casual, I thought I would share with you what the gorgeous women of a certain age were wearing.  The mother of the bride looked stunning in a cream colored lace (Nordstrom online), and the mother of the groom turned heads in her deep, saturated blue from Melba's Boutique in Austin, TX.
Guests wore everything from summer colored dresses to pants and tunics to cowboy boots and sandals.  My daughter in law joined me with our Texas wildflower dresses.  I know the picture of my dress isn't the best...but, honestly, there are prettier outfits to see!!  

I hope this gives those of you with weddings on the calendar some ideas, and for the others who like the Pinterest-type details of the wedding, I will do that for you sometime this week.  It was beautiful.  
Til then, make sure you visit the bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY  and MONDAY MINGLE, then have a fabulous beginning of your week!

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