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Apr 30, 2013

Metallics! How I Wear Them!

Before I get to metallics, is this illustration not amazing?!?!?!  It was done by the incredible talent, ANNE BRAY OF SPYGIRL for her digital catwalk!  I cannot tell you how much it pleases me!  What an honor to be on her runway with other fabulous bloggers!!  I first met Anne about two years ago at the Texas Style Council Blogging Conference in Austin. She is a California girl...with a Texas sized smile...and a gifted hand.  Thanks so much Anne!  Now, back to...
I am joining JILL and ADRIENNE on Wednesday with their How We Wear Our Metallics challenge.  
I like a softer touch... like I find with this gold silk pencil skirt from TALBOT'S.  I bought it last year during their season-end clearance sale.  I particularly like to wear it with this Michael Kors, dolman sleeve sweater I found at Ross a couple of years ago.  This was my outfit for our Journalism Banquet this past weekend where I celebrate the accomplishments of my print and broadcast teams.

I also like the subtle touch of gold in the Calvin Klein topper below, I purchased almost three years ago at Marshalls....however, the gold bling underneath is a way to add a bolder look!  Find the other gorgeous metallic models HERE!! and HERE!!
  Wednesday is my baby's 21st Birthday!  I hope my son and the rest of you have an incredible May 1!

Here he is with his Papa.....two handsome men!!

Fabulous Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

I didn’t always believe that…you know, that fabulous women can come in all shapes and sizes. My whole life has been lived as one of those “bigger girls.”  I have been on the low and high end of that phrase, but never below it.
It’s okay…you’re big boned.
I remember the day I really looked at the size of my wrist…smaller than most women…and thought, “My Mother has been lying to me!”  Uh oh, if I am not big boned, then I must be… (Gasp), fat.  I have been on every diet…avoided every exercise…and tried every low-fat dessert.  The best thing about stress is that I can reward myself with ice cream….or even better (or worse?) apple pie.
I am being brutally open, because you need to understand that it wasn’t until I accepted my size that I began to desire to do something about it.  After my personal makeover nine years ago, I started to learn how to dress my body in flattering ways.  There are little fashion tricks which will take off a quick 5-10 pounds…and I know it is an optical illusion, but it does make me feel better about me.
So here is what had to happen first:

         *I began to look in the mirror and find the positives.  I would mentally say STOP when negatives began.  I spent time on my favorite features…eyes, cheeks, hair…
         *I started to learn and apply the fashion secrets for a more body flattering look.  For example, did you know just getting a proper, up to date, professional bra fitting can do miracles to your figure?  I remember thinking, “Ok, I might be a larger girl, but I am going to be one of the best looking larger girls around!”
        *I did not leave the house or the dressing room without smiling and saying YES! That meant I spent time on styling an outfit until I could look in the mirror and know I was communicating strength.  When I began to do this, then I walked out and entered rooms with confidence. 
        *After practicing steps 1-3, I started to get compliments and I now thank the compliment-giver and no longer argue with them as I did in the past.  By thanking them, I acknowledge and accept the fact that I look good.
        *It took a lot of courage, but I remember the first day, I sucked it up and entered Lane Bryant.  It was the best decision I ever made.  These were stylish, youthful, figure flattering clothes and they made a world of difference because the clothes actually fit!    Prior to this, I was seen lurking around the door…sunglasses on ….scoping out the parking lot to see if I knew anyone…and then quickly jumping in the door!!  Now I just boldly enter…this place has been my best friend and held my hand through gaining self- acceptance.

These are good steps to practice no matter what body issues you may have.  Perhaps you hate being petite or tall…learn how to dress your body and budget in tailoring.  It makes a world of difference.  Unless you make positive moves to look the way you desire to look, your struggle to accept yourself just the way you are will continue.  The goal here is to look and feel our fabulous best self…and we can be any size to do just that! 
Once I began to love the way I looked and to be more confident, I was finally motivated to deal with change.  I am now 3-4 sizes smaller than when I began my makeover at age 50.  A huge motivator was also the desire to be healthy and avoid serious illness, such as heart disease.  When I feel good and look good, I smile a lot and confidently reach out to more people. 
Many women I know have a bucket list which begins something like this:
I want to go to New York Fashion Week.
I want to bungee jump off of a bridge.
I want to parachute out of a plane.
I want to drink wine in Napa Valley.
All good…especially the first one…but what I want to do is lose 30-40 pounds.  Yes, for health reasons.  But, more because I really would like to know…just once in my life…what it is like to be on the other side of the phrase BIG GIRL.  It is no longer a self-defeating desire.  If it doesn’t happen, I will still experience a joyful, fun life.
Until then….I think I look pretty hot…and, of course, fabulous!  

This is part of a weekly series I write for GENERATION FABULOUS!
Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties we could not do the link back
this week...but please go over there to read some great articles!

Then have a tremendous Tuesday, everyone!!

Apr 28, 2013

Tunics, Tunics, Tunics!!

Just a couple of years ago, my co-workers scoffed at wearing tunics to work.  The thought of wearing leggings, skinny jeans, or ankle pants with a tunic was even more out of the question (to work or anywhere else).  These are women from 45-70, and I have watched many of them change their ways.
Tunics are currently popular with this age group.  They love the looks from a chic, white tunic to the fun prints.  A tunic top is a great way to look your best... casual and fashionable.  Some of you may remember I went to a baby shower in February and wrote the majority of moms and grandmas were wearing tunic tops…my favorite was on a seventy-something great grandma in a ecru lace tunic with brown leggings and a headband!

Now, I am planning to spend a week in Chicago with my husband the first of June and I find myself looking to take more and more tunic styles.  This no-iron from Foxcroft Collection is perfect.  This just might be my first day, shopping outfit.  Find this tunic HERE.
But, if you are planning to purchase a couple of tunic tops, buy quickly…they are going fast on many of my favorite sites.  I also highly recommend you buy NO-IRON….the longer length can wrinkle very easily if you do a lot of getting up and down.

Windy City, get ready, I am getting prepared to blow into town!!

Leather purse was purchased last week at a Fiesta vendor
Coldwater Creek Leggings
I hope all of you will have a wonderful MONDAY, and will visit the bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY at NOT DEAD YET STYLE and MONDAY MINGLE!!

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Apr 26, 2013

Dark Spot Corrector by Le Metier de Beaute...Gigi says YES!

They sent it to me, and I called in Gigi!  Le Metier de Beaute asked me to try their new Dark Spot Corrector for 28 days to see the difference.  Since, I do not have any dark spots or skin discoloration issues, I called in Gigi!!  Unfortunately, her beginning picture was taken and saved into my old computer...which died an untimely death.  But, this....
is Gigi in all of her glory and you will have to trust us...there is a dramatic difference to her gorgeous Italian complexion.   Her skin is healthier, glowing, and the spots are much, much lighter.  She is a rejoicing happy camper.  Her regular regimen has been, since the product was sent, to use it right before bedtime.  She is very pleased.
You can find this product at SAKS,  NEIMAN MARCUS, or NORDTROM.

Also, Le Metier asked me announce their recent work with  Oscar de la Renta for their Spring 2014 Bridal Show. Their very own Director of Makeup, Mikey Castillo + LMdB's team of expert artists created the look behind this year's show. Between Oscar's gorgeous gowns and Mikey's breathtaking beauty look, it was hard not to have wedding fever.  

Additionally,  they have launched a new pairing on their site from this shoot. It has all the products to pull off the look in one Beauty Vault pairing. Bonus: with the code Oscar shoppers will get an added gift (this won't last long, so be sure to spread the word… quick).

May all of you have a joyous, springtime Saturday!

Apr 25, 2013

Neutral And Oh So Chic!

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” – Gore Vidal

Well, the neutral ladies of Fiesta go out just to look fabulous…they do not seem to care there is a color explosion happening around them. They just want to communicate…strong, fabulous, chic and confident. I actually like these the best…although I also love those who have fun with the event and party with their color.  The woman with the white flower and incredible black outfit, above, just stole my heart….she commanded attention when she entered the room and had a smile to match her looks.
Finally, HERE is a report from our local newspaper on the Cutting Edge Fashion Show produced by the student fashion designers at our local Incarnate Word University.  From the pictures, it looks like it was a fabulous show!!

I hope you enjoyed my Fiesta reports this week...it is such a fun event...many smiles...great looks from both the color and neutral sides...and a true celebration of many cultures.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!!!

Apr 24, 2013

It's All About Accessories!!

Designer/Stylist Rachel Zoe said on her television program last week, “Life is accessorized!”   Since accessories enhance and add spice to our wardrobe, then I would agree with Rachel.  FIESTA IN SAN ANTONIO is an accessory-heavy event from colorful shoes to amazing jewelry to fascinators to medals!

Don’t know what a fascinator is?  Here is a quick Fiesta vocab lesson:

Fascinator: a lightweight, decorative head covering worn by women on formal occasions

Cascarones  or confetti eggs:   festive, hollow chicken egg shells, filled with confetti, meant to be thrown or broken over someone's head(usually as a surprise from behind), scattering confetti all over the person. Breaking the eggs over someone's head can be painful if done hard enough, but since the eggshells are so brittle no one normally gets hurt. This tradition is most often carried out among friends and family. Cascarones derived from Mexico and have recently regained popularity in the southwestern

United States. They are used for many different occasions but, especially Easter. Having one broken over your head is said to bring good luck.

 Show Us Your Shoes:   A cry of Fiesta parade crowds to the court queens and princesses on the floats…almost always they wear fancy Western Boots under the most spectacular hand- made dresses you have ever seen.  Some of these gowns cost over $50,000 and are displayed at our local museums.  See Those dresses HERE!   But, this phrase is now heard around the city whenever someone wants to show off footwear!!  I actually heard the grocery store ladies in the Deli last week shouting this phrase and showing off their sneakers…after much laughter!!

NIOSA - Some say Nigh-oh-sa….and some say Nee-oh-sa….however you say it…the event is Night in Old San Antoine, a crowded festival at La Villita downtown with food, dancing, and drink!!  Attendees love funnel cakes, sausage on a stick, and the famous Chicken Dance!!

I hope you can tell that Fiesta is great fun…tomorrow will be the BATTLE OF FLOWERS PARADE which is completely done by an all-woman team and one of the largest parades in the country.  The entire city takes a day off…just for a parade!!  Now, please visit the fabulous bloggers of KATIE'S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!! on Thursday!!

Thursday Favorite Things

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Apr 23, 2013

Fiesta Ole Celebrates Real Women....Who Salsa!!

Few of us actually get the chance to walk a runway, but one of the reasons I love the Fiesta Ole' Fashion Show hosted by the Pan American League is real women are the models…moms, grandmas, businesswomen, media women,  college students…all sizes, all ages, all FUN!  It is a glorious celebration of San Antonio women representing diverse, colorful cultures.

Local designer, Graciela Carillo, creates a show painted with a little bit south of the border flair: Southwestern aesthetic; bohemian chic; warm weather must-haves; and wearable art.  It is colorful fun-appropriate-garments across many ages.   Graciela hand sews the majority of her creations and wants each one to be unique, so no two women look alike.  She also makes the many accessories seen on her models and in her shop…Graciela’s Creations at the Yard, 5323 McCullough, 210-829-8776.  Today I am treating you to the more colorful side of this show…but, remember, I am saving the neutral styles of Fiesta for Friday’s post.

My absolute favorite part of this show is toward the finale when the women begin to salsa on the runway…then Graciela leads a rumba line around the ballroom.  This year all participants wearing her fashions were invited up to the runway to join in and you would be surprised to see how many of the 300 in attendance jumped aboard.  It is a party!!  Everything Fiesta represents for our city!

Please join me Thursday for a lesson in Fiesta vocabulary and pictures of the glorious accessories seen throughout the week.  Have a wonderful Wednesday, all!