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Mar 31, 2013

Styling for Changes and A HUGE Foxcroft Giveaway!

It never fails...just when I think I have a handle on everything...changes happen!!  I have been dealing with computer issues for a few months, but on Saturday my old Dell said, "I've had enough!" and crashed for good.  One part of me is excited to have a new computer and enter the world of Windows 8...another part of me is sooooo stressed by it and all that I have to learn...again...a different way!  Also, I now owe Best Buy most of my summer school pay...which I had other plans for.  I learned from the new computer that I had HUNDREDS of comments in  moderation.  There have been several of you ask me why your comments were not showing...well the old computer ate them!!  But I have been through all and placed them back on the pages...and I think I have all of the contest entries there for my previous contest.
But, here is the bright side (I always look for the bright side)!  I believe we stay young by constantly  learning new things.  When we stretch our knowledge and abilities, then we are not stagnating.  So, I have been stretching for hours this weekend and still have more to do!  Spring is a time for change and cleaning out the old...RIGHT??
It also helps to look and feel our best while we are working our minds.  The wonderful people at Foxcroft Collection sent me this beautiful coral cotton tunic to show you!  They had me at the words NO IRON!  This is the most comfortable garment!
It has beautiful detailing and I know will be one of my favorites this summer.  Now, here is the amazing part:  Foxcroft wants THREE of you to have one of these tunics.  They come in gorgeous colors: Marina Blue, Island Blue, Lime, Tropical Pink and mine, Papaya!!  So, on April 10, I will select THREE winners .  This is primarily a FaceBook giveaway, but if you will sign up for the Foxcroft newsletter on their website and tell me in your comments, you can still be registered to win!!  All you have to do is:

1. Like or be a friend of over50feeling40 on Facebook on Facebook
2. Follow Foxcroft on Facebook and post on their wall that you are a fan of over50feeling40.

Then you are entered in the drawing!!  Wednesday I will select a winner for the Soft Surroundings topper (You can still enter in the sidebar)

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Tell me how you have stretched your mind lately!!

Have a wonderful April 1 everyone...watch out for those pranksters!

Mar 28, 2013

Understanding Great Denim

There are so many things I do not understand.  For example,
        Why car salesmen star in their own commercials.
        Why people would want to eat Spam, or the new SPAM microwave meals.
        Why men are not capable of buying only what is on the grocery list.
        Why Victoria Secret would market inappropriate underwear for young girls
        Why bugs
        Why the gorgeous mountain laurel flower only blooms for a few days and then is gone for another year.  Some of the prettiest spring flowers go away so quickly!

I also do not understand why there are still some companies who will not allow employees to wear great professional dress denim.  In some cases it looks better to me than the professional wear that is out there.  I suppose it depends on the occupation.   But I love my dark dress denim from Coldwater Creek, and I paired it with this new V neck –MING by MANGO tee shirt I found at JCP for $12. The necklace is old...not sure where I originally found it!

I also understand this is a very special weekend for many of us, so to those who celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday, have a very special, blessed celebration.  May everyone have a joyous weekend!

Mar 27, 2013

This and That Thursday

First, I have to thank all of you who left such sweet, encouraging words on the last two posts!  You guys are just the best…how I wish we could all meet face to face someday!  It’s Thursday before Easter weekend and I am just blooming with things to tell you!!

The Generation Fabulous website had an incredible launch.  Make sure you visit the three posts I currently have there:
1.            So You Want To Be Fabulous?
2.            Spring 2013 Fashions Trends

Fashionable comfort is always my goal for summer.  We have brutal heat and I do teach summer school.  So, when DANSKO sent this great red sandal for me to review…I jumped for joy!!  I actually needed red and this is a shoe which will give me happy feet…remember “happy feet?”  Was it Steve Martin who gave us this pleasure?  Dansko has become known as the comfort shoe for nurses and teachers, but for those of us who need comfort for life, this is a great shoe.  The website give some important background on the company:
Husband and wife team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup founded Dansko—which literally translated means "Danish shoe"—in 1990, when Mandy found she loved the comfort of a pair of clogs she bought in Denmark but was unable to replace at home in the United States. Today, the company is an employee-owned business run out of a Pennsylvania building constructed using numerous eco-technologies, materials gathered from sustainable sources and local suppliers. The headquarters even utilizes solar energy. Additionally, Dansko has a history of community involvement, volunteerism and ethical business practices.

Finally for my Thursday Tid Bits…. A Gluten Free Cookie Recipe!!  I am really trying hard to eat Gluten Free at the moment….so, I tried this cookie (since I LOVE cookies) and it is really good.  My daughter loves one with a cup of tea.  No added sugar, no gluten, and no eggs....found HERE!

2 cups rolled oats ( choose certified gluten-free oats if baking gluten-free)
1 cup dried cranberries ( or dried fruit of choice)
1 cup walnuts, toasted and chopped
1 1/2 cups bananas, mashed, very ripe ( about 3 medium
) 1/3 cup vegetable oil
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/4 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon sea salt 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 
Preheat oven to 350.
In a large bowl, combine the oats, cranberries, and walnuts.
In a medium bowl, combine the banana, oil, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, and baking soda until well blended.
Add banana mixture to oat mixture, stirring to combine. Let stand 15 minutes.
Lightly spray cookie sheets with cooking spray or line with parchment paper.
Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls onto prepared sheets.
Bake 14 to 15 minutes or until lightly golden brown. Let cool on sheets 1 minute.
Transfer cookies to wire racks; cool completely.
Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days (or freeze in airtight bags/containers).

I have a bag in the freezer for those moments when I just need a little touch of sweet!!

Have a glorious Thursday and make sure you
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Mar 26, 2013

“Aging Gracefully” Doesn’t Work for Me…Here’s What Does!

The long summer nights seemed to go on forever.  I laid on the cot put out for me, clothed only in a small child’s tee shirt and panties, feeling uncomfortable sweat rolling down my body from my hair to my toes.  Humidity took our July summer nights on an East Texas oil lease and made the 104 evening temps feel like 120.  The house was not only thick with summer heat, but also from attitudes of the residents.   My fears didn’t grow merely from the heat and the mosquitoes which accompanied us on our trips to my grandparents (once they counted over 102 mosquito bites on me when a screen was left off a window at night), but it was mostly fear of the woman we called Maw-Maw.  She daily raged into the front room, after my younger brothers and I did something we shouldn’t, with wild gray hair pointing to the sky, a long apron choking her waist, and frantically swinging a broom.  In my eight-year-old mind, she might as well have been yelling, “I’ll get you, my pretty!!”  The scene had everything but flying monkeys.

Google Images

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you I learned how to age gracefully from the women in my life.  Both grandmothers and my mother were embittered by family alcoholics, abuse, and pain.  They all were the stereotypical “mean old ladies.”  People you want to run from because they suck the air right out of you.  However, it is their role modeling and emotional abuse which sent me in a different direction; because, I so did not want to be anything like them.  We all go through hard times; it is what we do with those lessons which chart our course.


I dreaded any trips to either of the grandparents’ houses; anger seeped out of every crevice.  The women in my life chose to become victims and allow circumstances to destroy them.  Anger can be a very selfish emotion, especially when you use it to harm those around you.  If I feel this selfish anger rising inside of me, I look in the mirror, see my mother, and then hear her words.  That usually snaps me back into reality.


I really am not a fan of the phrase “Aging Gracefully.”  We are all aging from the moment we slide out the birth canal...the word aging does not sit comfortably with me. However, I choose to “LIVE OUT LOUD,” with joy and contentment.   I decided a long time ago to not be a victim.  Despite any challenges which may come my way…and they do come…I choose to live one day at a time with joy.  There is something to laugh about every day.  There is something to rejoice in every day.  We now know from medical studies those who laugh and enjoy life will live longer, even with terminal cancers.  Dr. Terry Grossman writes, “Other studies have shown that laughter can decrease stress, increase pain tolerance, reduce depression and improve quality of life.”  It is never too late to bury anger and replace it with a rock solid determination to enjoy yourself however remaining days you have on this earth.   Now, I realize some reading this will be turned off by my “Pollyanna” attitude and think with disgust, that there is no way I understand your circumstances.

Trust me…I do understand.  You can sit there embittered and dry up, or make a choice today to LIVE…really live. Life goes so fast.   We can try every anti-aging product on the market, but, let’s face it; nothing stops the process, no matter what we do.  My pastor recently honored his mother on her 90th birthday in a sermon.  She was sitting in the audience.  I found myself at first very jealous that he grew up in a household which was fun, joyful, educational, challenging, and all about serving others.  But, at ninety years of age, I saw an independent woman who still lives in her own home, drives a car, shops, lunches with girlfriends, and loves her freedom.  She is the fun grandma with a door wide open and a welcoming place where her grandchildren love to go.  Not a mean old woman, but a vibrant youthful one.  I want my grandchildren to love coming to my house.  I want them to feel safe and secure sleeping there.  I want to be the captivating Glinda pointing their hearts toward home and not the mean old Wicked Witch of the West embittered by what life did not give me.  I choose to LIVE OUT LOUD for however long I am here…turn on the air conditioner in summer…and avoid mosquitoes whenever possible!
There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.
Sophia Loren

I am joining in with other bloggers from the amazing group called Generation Fabulous! We have launched a website where you will find a great group of writers bringing compelling work just for the thriving woman over 40!! I hope you will join us to read all as we address the topic "What Does Aging Gracefully Mean to You!" Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!
Generation Fabulous

Mar 25, 2013

Not Looking for Clones, Looking to Inspire

Yesterday was a big day!  I had quite a few new readers come check out this blog because I was mentioned in a Chat Room….welcome, to any of you who stopped by and decided to come back!!
With this joy always comes the zingers!  Someone wrote (in the chat room) that my jewelry is too big and chunky….I can live with that; sometimes I think it is too big and chunky!!   That was kind compared to another ANONYMOUS commenter who said:
1.            My look was unflattering
2.            My clothes are wrinkled
3.            My shoes were for younger girls because that pair was styled with some shiny materials
4.            My pants were too short and inappropriate for my age
That about sums it up!! Just between you and me, I think someone was having a bad day.  I did not post the comment because  it read as a personal attack and not constructive criticism...in fact, I think it was meant to discourage.   This all made me want to re-visit something…What this blog is about!
You can go to my pages to read the complete story of how I began, but in one word, this blog is about: INSPIRATION.  I want to inspire Baby Boomers to enjoy life…to look and live with joy, strength, and power.  It is not about hoping all of you will dress just like me…heavens, NO!  It is about inspiring you to get up and get out while looking and feeling your best. 
I developed the Foundational Five to help all of us decide what we each want to communicate with our own fashion choices.  I have followed it…others have followed it…and I believe it works.  What do you want to say with your clothing when you walk out the door each day?
I struggled for a long time with putting my picture on the blog…it was the coaxing and encouragement of others which convinced me that OOTD (Outfit of the Day) was an important component of style blogging.  I hope it is more about the message than the pictures.  In fact, I received a wonderful email yesterday from a woman who wrote this:

Hi Pam, I'm presently spending a semester teaching English in Dalian, China where internet service is poor and many websites are blocked. I've given up reading most of my favourite fashion blogs because I either can't access them at all or I can't see the pictures. Without the photos, most of them don't have much to say but I just had to let you know that, in spite of the fact that I can't usually see the pictures on yours either (sad about that!), I continue to receive it via email and I read every post because even without the pictures, you have something worthwhile to say to women. Keep up the good work!
Thanks so much, Elaine.  After hearing how ugly my shoes are, I needed to hear this. She has the gift of encouragement!  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO READ, COMMENT, AND PASS ALONG THE BLOG…you are truly a blessing to me!!

Tomorrow, I will be joining in with a group of amazing women bloggers of Generation Fabulous.  We will answer the question:  What does Aging Gracefully mean to me?  I hope you will come back.
Make sure you enter to win the Soft Surroundings Topper…just click on the link in the sidebar…then  Have an amazing Tuesday!!

Your “living-like-you-feel-40” tip of the day:  Go Find someone you can encourage….it will bring a smile to your own heart!

Mar 24, 2013

Soft Surroundings Spring 2013 Plus a Giveaway

Thank you, ladies, for yesterday’s discussion!  I love it when we can bring all sides to an issue.  I post almost every comment unless it is inappropriate, crude, or a personal attack.  This is how we learn from one another, and, I believe, it is important to hear from everyone.   (Of course, this is the journalism teacher speaking!)

My main point is that women of all ages, sizes, and incomes deserve to look and feel amazing no matter their circumstances.  You do not have to spend big dollars to do just that.  There are too many other ways to avoid the moo-moos.  I can take the same amount of money on yesterday’s flyer and put that woman who might be a shut in, in a nursing home, or overweight in something fabulous and functional,  and help her feel better about herself.    This blog has been about the power proper clothing, daily beauty care, and a healthy lifestyle can bring to your personal contentment.   Clothing is NOT where our inward joy comes from…but it definitely helps!

Soft Surroundings is one retailer which exists to help the woman 50+ look and feel her best.  They give us the feeling of high price point fashion for a mid-range price.  The spring line is joyful as the season itself, and celebrates getting out and looking amazing for warm weather functions.  I still like the fact that you will find stylish, chic, flirty, feminine, and bohemian all in one store or catalog.  Here are a few of my favorite prints this year, but you really must see everything.  Of course, Gigi goes crazy over their gorgeous maxi-skirts. Make sure you register below to win the fun topper!!
Solano Top
Tropical Tunic
Cote d Azur Tunic
To win the beautiful topper I am modeling, you must be a follower of my blog, and leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page and tell me your favorite look from the spring line.  Also, remember Mother's Day is not too far away, this topper would be a great gift!  A winner will be selected on April 3!!  If you want extra entries, then I will give you one per additional promotion of the contest through FB or Twitter or on your own blog!!
Now, have a wonderful Monday and make sure you visit the stylish bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY and WE ARE BEAUTIFUL and MONDAY BLOOM!! and MONDAY MINGLE!!

 Your "living-like-you-feel-40" tip of the day:  Make time and have fun with girlfriends...no matter your ages!  Even if it is through a fun blog hop!!

Mar 22, 2013

Why Does This Still Happen??

These ads just infuriate me!  I get so upset at retailers who want to do this to women  even those who are 106!  Women deserve to look fabulous no matter their age...and this just drives me crazy! My mother use to call these moo-moos...I call then no-nos. I guess these would not exist if there was no response...nevertheless, I wish they would go away.  Instead, I prefer a retailer who does THIS to women:
I would rather dress like this!  I love this Gauze Pullover from Soft Surroundings.  I bought it last weekend when I was at the store...it is completely me!!
I made the necklace from two old necklaces....and the watch is from Chicos... purchased last summer.

I feel edgy, chic, and fun...all in one outfit!!  I hope you can join me on Monday, because I will have a beautiful topper from Soft Surroundings to give away to one of you!!  Please come back and until then...HAVE A FUN SATURDAY!!

Your "living-like-you-feel-40" tip of the day:  No matter how tired you are at the end of a long week, resist all temptation to wear a moo-moo and dress as if you are 106!