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Feb 28, 2013

Winning Is So Much Fun!

As for me, prizes are nothing. My prize is my work.
Katharine Hepburn

I agree my work is my prize each day…but with all due respect to Katherine…winning a tangible prize is more than just…nothing!  One of the many, many reasons blogs are more fun than magazines is the opportunity to occasionally win a small prize or two!!  Recently, I won a couple of fun giveaways and at the end of this post I will announce the winner of the Coldwater Creek giveaway.
Patti at Not Dead Yet Style recently gave away Miracle Blur by Loreal.  I have only used it twice, but so far I do like it.  Gives skin under makeup a smooth rich texture.  Thanks so much, Patti!
Susan at Flattering 50 gave away a $25 gift card to Amazon. I buy all my books on AMAZON and was tempted to shop books, but I decided since Susan and I both write fashion blogs, I should spend it on something really fun...like scarves.  Both the leopard and the silky green knit, are now mine!  Thanks Susan!!
Contests are just a little fun in our day and sometimes it is nice to arrive home after a tiring day of work and find a surprise in the mail box or on the front porch!

So, I am happy to pass along the joy and announce the winner of the Coldwater Creek jewelry is Sharon Hodor Greenthal!!  Congratulations, Sharon!  Once I get a mailing address, then it will be on its way to you!

Everyone have a fabulous Friday!!

Your "living-like-you-feel-40" tip of the day:  Take time to have a little fun every day.  Make sure you find something...no matter how small...to make you smile!

Feb 27, 2013

When Menswear Makes Sense

"Effortless Style often takes, as it says, relatively little effort.  All you really need is loads of self-confidence...and a smile. (You can carry off anything with a smile!) Of course, a few tips can help you achieve your own effortless (or almost effortless) style."  - Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange with Sophie Gachet.
This is where I first got the idea...reading this section from the book, Parisian Chic.  The idea?  To shop in menswear stores and departments for certain styles.  Ines likes to take masculine pieces and add feminine touches.
One of my favorite casual styles this past year has been to wear collared, larger shirts with leggings or slim leg jeans. However, a vast majority of women's collared, tunic shirts are styled with two pockets on either side of the shirt.  For a woman like me, those pockets might as well be headlights shining bright on the ends of my girls.  It is just not the most flattering look on a larger chest.  I recently looked through Parisian Chic and the idea hit me...go look for these shirts in the men's departments...they only have one pocket! 
My daughter also wanted me to shop for her.  She is looking for the Ralph Lauren Polo Men's shirts in white to wear with boyfriend jeans and flats.  This will be my next hunting trip to Goodwill!  I found two men's shirts for $7.00 each at Stein Mart recently.  This plaid works great for now, and I found a beautiful light blue stripe to wear with white jeans in a few weeks.  Currently, I love this style for the weekends.  Here I am wearing the shirt with my Coldwater Creek leggings, and my new silver flats from Ross.  I topped it with one of my Chico's necklaces.
When I love what I wear, it doesn't matter where the garment came from and I can easily follow Ines's suggestion and wear it with confidence and a smile!!

Make sure you check out the other bloggers at Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!!  and come back tomorrow to see who wins the Coldwater Creek jewelry set.
Add chttp://katherinescorner.com/2013/02/27/thursday-favorite-things-blog-hop-77/aption

The "living-like-you-feel-40" tip of the day:  Never leave the house without confidence and a smile!

Have a wonderful Thursday, all!!

Feb 26, 2013

Saggy Bras, Hair Nets,....And A Winner Announced!

“What are you writing about today?” a co-worker asked.
“Cardigans!”  I replied.  “They are excellent transition pieces as weather gets warmer.”
“I hate them,” she said.  “They make me feel old.”
This print cardigan is an older Simply Vera design from Kohls
I walked off pondering the conversation.  Cardigans make me feel anything but old…I always connote them with bobby socks, swing dancing, boyfriend jeans, and good old rock n roll!  This conversation got me to wondering if there were any garments which make me feel old.
Besides the obvious…clunky shoes, saggy bras, hair nets, and hose…I had to confess there are a couple of garments which do bring images of my teeth in a jar.  One would be lace.  Now, I know lace has been in-style for several seasons…but no matter how I style my lace garments, I always feel older in them. So, I finally took all to the consignment shop!
Also, I feel older in maxi-skirts.  This just might have more to do with body image and size than anything.  But, I always try on beautiful long, flowy skirts…stand in front of the mirror…SIGH…and think… NO!  
So how about you…are there any garments which make you feel old?  Have you restyled them or just avoided them altogether?

CONGRATULATIONS to  Toni Pelletier…winner of the Hydro Chic active wear!  Toni, please email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com.  I need to get your email address and pass it along to HydroChic!

Everyone else…you have until 5PM (CST) on Thursday to enter to win the Coldwater Creek necklace, bracelet, and earrings…just go HERE and follow directions!  Winner will be announced on Friday, March 1!

Your “feeling-40-tip-of-the-day”     Be willing to learn something new every day…stay open minded.  Maybe add modern touches to the garments which make you feel older.  But, if the fountain of youth feeling does not follow, be willing to send the garment on its way!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Feb 25, 2013

This n That Tuesday!!

Tuesday seems like the perfect day.....to piece together several pieces of information.  Like, where did I find the accessories from one of yesterday's outfits??  So glad you asked!

I recently found the shoes at Ross for eleven dollars.  I really love them, though they are the Bobs shoes, Sketchers failed attempt to take on Toms.  I go through black flats fairly quickly and was happy to find another pair I liked at a reasonable price.
This fun scarf was one dollar at Goodwill!!  The necklace is a clearance Simply Vera necklace from Kohls bought a year ago.

One of the reasons I love ULTA is the rewards program.  Once a quarter, they allow customers to select free items according to how many purchases you make during the time period.  I recently selected this Olivia Garden circular brush and the Macadamia Hot Oil Healing Treatment for ZERO!!   
Did you see THIS RESEARCH today about the Mediterranean diet?   Pretty impressive....and I like everything on this diet!  I just might give it a try!
Finally, Gigi has been doing some smart shopping as well.  She ordered this jacket from clearance at the COLDWATER CREEK OUTLET for just $13!
The one below she purchased at her favorite store,  TUESDAY MORNING for only $11!!
Now, that is one Terrific Tuesday...go out an enjoy it!!

Everyone has until 5PM (CST) on Tuesday to register HERE for the free active wear outfit from Hydrochic.  Winner will be announced on Wednesday!!

Your "living-like-you-feel-40" tip of the day:  Variety is the spice of life!!  Shop in new places and experience new things.  Bargain hunting can be tons of fun...do it!

Feb 24, 2013

Coldwater Creek for One Joyful Grandma!!

 "Just about the time a woman thinks her work is done, she becomes a grandmother."       Edward H. Dreschnack 
Love this fun Coldwater Creek bangle!
 As a teacher, blogger, writer, wife, and mother….I obviously don’t mind work….but this new grandmother title, has me just a little overwhelmed at the moment.   It is always so wonderful to have a couple of days at the hospital where all you do is push a button and here comes the Calvary…nurses to take care of every question and need.
Chic Short Sleeved Coat : My first purchase in the spring
line fills a need in my wardrobe for a classic warmer weather,
professional look!
Going home is the tough part…because Grandma’s cell phone becomes the new button.  I am still in the early stages of how all of this will be handled…but, with a smile on my face, I will handle it!!  We have so many reasons to be blessed…besides the obvious, our precious grandson.  We are thrilled they live literally five minutes away and we can get to them very quickly if needed.   We all work nearby and anything we need is close to us.  So, honestly, I have nothing to complain about except a little fatigue.
Knit Denim Bootcut Jeans:  I was really in need of a new
pair of  work appropriate jeans...these are the most comfortable
jeans I have ever worn...I do not want to take the off!  I am considering
a pair in white!!
Psst...I know I look a bit frazzled here...it was that kind of week!!
Pictures today, show you exactly what I purchased at my last trip to Coldwater Creek.  I decided to go with a couple of classic pieces to enhance my wardrobe.  Pieces I knew I would use over and over again.  Please know that if I had the extra money at the time…those navy polka dot ankle jeans, the orange color block jacket, and the dotted cherry shell…would be mine today!!  (And may eventually!!)
I hope all of you have entered the two giveaways I have going right now…winners will be chosen this week, so just click on these links:

After you enter, then go visit the wonderful bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY  and MONDAY MINGLE!!
Ahttp://notdeadyetstyle.blogspot.com/2013/02/visible-monday-86-docs-with-everything.htmldd caption

I want to thank all of you who sent such sweet emails, comments, and tweets of congrats....you are just the best friends a girl could have.... 
 Now, YOU have a glorious Monday….I must go ATTEMPT to plan out my week!

The “living-like-you-feel-40” Tip of the Day:  Be flexible.  When your schedule becomes overwhelming, take “peace time”….a moment to sit quietly every day…to close your eyes, be quiet, and reflect on what can change in your schedule to remove some anxiety….maybe even treat yourself to a massage or facial!

SA Shoppers...Attend Elaine Turner Party!

Hello everyone from San Antonio...plan to attend the Elaine Turner Spring Launch Party this Thursday...they always put on a great party at Elaine Turner and spring designs are gorgeous!

Elaine Turner Boutique
5922 Broadway St.
Thursday, February 28

I hope to see you there!!  I will see you later today for Visible Monday!!

Feb 22, 2013

Best Laid Plans...

Babies don't care....if Grandma has a blog....or if Grandma is in the middle of two big giveaways on her blog...or if Grandma told her audience she would post certain things on certain days...babies are going to come when they are good and ready no matter what...and thank the Lord they do!!

Today, I am over50feelingblessed to be a Grandma for the first time.  Yesterday afternoon, my precious grandson came into this world after 19 hours of long, hard labor.  I don't stay up all night as easily as I used to!!  But, he came in at 8 1/2 lbs and 21 inches and, of course, is practically perfect in every way.

So, if you came here today for the follow up on Coldwater Creek, please join me Sunday night and Monday to see those garments purchased from my trip to their fabulous store.

Also, if you entered the contest and do not see your comment, then please comment again...I may have accidentally deleted some while dealing with spam.  Make sure you enter for the jewelry and the activewear on two different posts.

I am going back to bed!!

Feb 20, 2013

Coldwater Creek Spring 2013....Plus A Giveaway!!

COLDWATER CREEK is showing their savvy...making smart decisions as a retailer of women’s fashion in a competitive world.  Those signs are evident within their Spring 2013 collection.  As Gigi and I went to the beautiful Coldwater Creek store at The Villages of Stone Oak, we could feel the fresh breezes of spring blowing throughout and here is what we noticed about C.C.:

1.        The line is perfect for many different women.  You will discover classic, chic designs tailored meticulously for professional wear in warmer weather.  Yet, the creative trendsetter will also love what she finds in store and online.  Resort wear, anyone?

Gigi's favorite pants were these green polka dots stretch!
2.       Coldwater Creek has many sizes meeting the needs of all body types.
This is the first place Gigi was encouraged to try petite in
pants and it worked exactly...she has always hemmed!

3.       Spring 2013 offers classic designs to enhance fit through figure flattering techniques.  This is especially true of their dresses for this season.

4.       COLOR has exploded in big ways and you will find (straight off of the Pantone charts) for spring and summer the popular colors of Nectarine, Monaco Blue, and Tender Shoots (green) throughout.

5.       Coldwater Creek is the place to grow your wardrobe with smart separate shopping…giving you more options and smart spending decisions.
Now, here is the best part.  Coldwater Creek is going to give the readers of over50feeling40 a special discount so you can also enjoy these fashions and on top of that, they have sent me a jewelry set from the spring line to send to one lucky winner. 

  In order to purchase anything from Coldwater Creek  with the discount, just click on THIS LINK and make sure to use the offer code, SUNSHINE, and the discount will apply.  You will receive $30 off a $100+ purchase through March 31, 2013.

To win the fun set of jewelry....a necklace, earrings, and bracelet for one lucky winner, just do the following:

1.  You must be a follower of this blog!
2.  Go to Coldwater Creek to shop, then return here and leave in the comments here or on MY FACEBOOK which item is your favorite from the spring line, and tell me you want to be entered to win.   Winner will be selected on March 1!

I will draw a name at random, so if you want extra entries in the pot, you can do any of the following, one entry for each:

1.  Tweet about the contest
2.   Like me on Facebook
3.  Put the contest on your Facebook page
4.  Do my laundry....Just kidding!

Tomorrow and Saturday, I will model for you the two pieces I purchased from the new collection.  If you are in SA, go by the VILLAGE AT STONE OAK off of Hwy. 281 N....tell Donna, the vivacious store manager, I sent you!  Then, on Thursday, go visit the other bloggers of KATIE'S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!



PROMOTION is valid on merchandise purchases of $100 or more through 3/31/13. One offer per transaction, exclusive of tax and shipping. Not valid on previous purchases, for Coldwater Creek gift cards, in Outlet stores or on Spa services. May not be combined with any other Offer Code or discount. In the event of a return or exchange, the amount refunded will equal the actual merchandise purchase price paid. No cash value.

Your "living like you feel 40" tip for the day:  Do not be afraid to wear color!  It brightens your day!

Feb 19, 2013

Activewear...Win A Great Look!

If you have read my blog for very long, you know that I constantly attempt  to win battles with healthy eating and exercise.   The past three years have all been the same….I am super faithful to daily exercise from May to December.   And super faithful to do nothing from January to May.  I always allow some type of slump to shut me down and, therefore, gain back any pounds lost during the early summer rush of adrenaline.
I can make many excuses…most which center on seasonal allergies.  But, this year I am determined to get my mojo back before we see March. 
So, when Hydrochic offered to send me a new workout outfit and test their product, I thought, “PERFECT KICK IN THE BEHIND. A NEW OUTFIT IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED FOR MOTIVATION!”

Now, the best part is, Hydrochic wants to offer one of you a free workout outfit as well…a top and bottom gifted to one of my readers!!  The amazing thing about their products is they serve a dual purpose!  Here is why you might want to consider entering this contest immediately:

- The entire Hydrochic line is made for both swim and sport (activewear + swimwear in one!) using light weight and quick drying material.
-All items are UPF 50+ for sun protection
-All items are made from comfortable stretch Italian fabric for a great feel and fit.  (I can confirm this…the feel of the fabric is wonderful and unlike any activewear I have ever felt)
-All tops come with a complimentary sport/swim bra (except for clearance items)…( I will say the bra fits great!)
-The Chlorine Proof line is made from a thicker and more durable fabric that holds up to frequent use in a chlorinated pool and won’t stretch or fade.
-Hydrochic is a woman-owned company, and their product is designed by women for women and offer sizes up to 4X.

This summer I can walk in the neighborhood and walk right into a backyard pool to cool off…all in the same outfit!!
Now…you can win one of these outfits!!  First you must be a follower of this blog, then you need to go to THIS LINK and leave your email….then leave a comment for me here on the blog or on MY FACEBOOK that says you want to be entered.  On February 27, I will announce the winner…so spread the word to your friends!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Your “living-like-you-feel-40” tip for the day:  Get off your tush and MOVE!  The more we move the better we feel!  (and I am talking to myself as well as you!)