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Dec 14, 2013

Yes, There Are Angels Unaware!

She stood in front of the gas pump perhaps looking a little worn.  For a couple weeks, there had been endless nights of little sleep with a sick baby. Fatigue hung on her eyes as she stood counting change from her purse to put gas in the car.  Seven dollars…all she had on her at the time.  But, when she went to pre-pay the amount, someone had added another ten to her tank. 
This angel unaware appeared in my daughter’s life a couple of days ago.  Stories like this seem to surface consistently around holiday time.  Maybe it is the season…the end-of-year-giving- feeling…or truly angels…but whatever the reasons, we know the stories give us hope in mankind.  They remind us of the potential for good in all of us. 

This year the biggest story has been about a man who leaves tips in the thousands at local restaurants and bars…now that is good service.  We have a Starbuck’s near us with a great service window problem….every now and then someone will start a morning trend of paying for the order behind them.  I often have students who benefit from the elf at the window.

As a journalism teacher who is consumed by bad news most of the day, I need these stories of hope to refresh my soul.   The truth is we are not all haters…bullies…shooters…and angry.  There are a lot of individuals in this world who look to do good every day and bless others.

A brigade of angels unaware...
Who can we help today?

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  1. Oh Pam this just warms my heart! Thank you for being a part of my every day reading.

    Christmas will be oh so special with your Grandson.

  2. Good Morning Pam,
    Thank you for sharing this little story. It "warms my heart too". I am heading out this morning to do a little shopping and was complaining to my husband that I just did not want to be out in the masses, with all the pushing, and lines and overall lack of Christmas spirit in the area. Your story has inspired me to a have better attitude and we have now decided to look for a way to be an "Angel" for somebody. So we are excited to find someone today that we can do a little kindness for. Even if it is just a cup of coffee.
    Thank you so much for your blog. God Bless you sweet Pam! Judith Presgrove

  3. Lovely....angels should be active every day of the year, and are!

  4. May the spirit of "Who can we help today" live on throughout the year.

  5. Pam-this post puts it all in perspective for the season. There is really so much 'good' in the world that I appreciate the refocus. I spent yesterday helping with makeovers for women who have remade their lives following addiction. It was such a gift for me-maybe even more than for them. We are blessed.
    Your home looks beautiful and festive by the way.
    xx, Heather

  6. An absolutely beautiful post. You are an angel too, Pam! xoxo, nancy

  7. Such a lovely post, Pam...we sometimes forget how many wonderful people there are in the world... a little kindness goes a long way, doesn't it?
    Happy Weekend xx

  8. This is a lovely reminder of the ways in which we can all be angels in the lives of others. Thank you for sharing this. We need these stories.


  9. I believe there ARE angels among us both human and celestial!

  10. Wonderful post, Pam. There are angels around us - we just have to look for them sometimes. Today we are remembering our little Newtown angels and their guardian teachers and praying for peace.

  11. There is tremendous kindness in our species. And you're so right, that the news draws us mostly to the negative. Lovely post, Pam, thank you. xo

  12. I do believe in the power of Goodness. Acts of random generosity do make a difference in the world. Thank you for reminding me, I must do more.

    blue hue wonderland

  13. This is a great post! I once ended up on the side of the freeway with a flat tire and a dead cell-phone. I sat in the car with my flashers on for hours waiting for my then-fiance (now-husband) to come looking for me when an angel stopped on his way home from the overnight shift. I was wary about letting a stranger change my tire, but he let me use his cell phone and waited in his truck behind me until my fiance arrived, then he stayed and helped to change the tire, too. The next day he called to make sure we got home safely. That feeling sticks with me everyday and gives me the chills...you're right to remind us to look for others we can bless the same way.


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