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Dec 18, 2013

Weight Training at 60: And My Favorite Things Blog Hop!!

That’s right at sixty years of age, I began weight training with a trainer (BZ).  I didn’t go on an hiatus and start again….I didn’t come back to it after stopping in my youth…I started last July for the first time one week away from my sixtieth birthday.  And, believe me,  if I can do this, anyone can! 

I am one of those “exercise-haters.”  Though I knew all along it was good for me, I just did not have the desire or discipline to make it a part of my life.  My history has been to start a walking plan or begin a class or join a gym, and after a couple of weeks, find excuses to stop.  It took a group of friends, all around my age, to get me to go in with them so the cost of the trainer would be more affordable.

In my head, I was secretly scoffing the very first day as BZ told us soon we would be performing push- ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups…feats I had never in my life been able to do.  But, I am smiling as I write this post, because six months later, I can do all three…modified, of course.  In fact, every single thing I told BZ I would not do, I have done…except the dreaded burpee…and hopefully it will be conquered soon.  (Warning do not try it at home alone!)

How?  How did a hater go to the point where I am doing the impossible (for me at least)?  Here are some points which have helped:

1.       As I said previously, do it with friends.  Our workout group has meant everything to keeping me in this game.  I know that if I drop out, the price goes up for them.  We all have about the same salaries and doing this is not easy for any of us financially.  So I keep on keeping on.
2.       I have a vision of what I will look like twenty years from now if I do not do this…and it isn’t pretty. Diagnosed this year with full blown osteoporosis, dooms me to become bent over, possibly with broken bones.  Weight training is known to improve this situation.
3.        No matter what has happened in the last six months, I keep on going.  I fully realize if I stop for longer than a week that I might not return.  We had one week when BZ was sick and we worked on our own without him.
4.       I practice at home when I can.  Sit ups were very difficult in the beginning, so it took a few extra hours to get them down.  Now, I use a medicine ball!
5.       When I notice a problem, I work through it rather than use it as an excuse to stop.  I have gone to get massages and pain strips to help with various body aches.  The massages helped immensely.
6.       Finally, I do not allow myself to whine!  Just look at the positives.  I still don’t love it, but I am beginning to see some big progress.  My strength in arms and legs is building weekly.  I go upstairs easier and walk faster.  My posture is better and my state of mind is more sound (I think!).

   It is possible...do not let age hold you back...NO EXCUSES, LADIES!  (I know many of you have heard this story, but I wanted to encourage our new Thursday audience!)

    Now, please join in with Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!...there are always great ideas here!
    Happy Thursday everyone!  (Set your DVR...It's A Wonderful Life is on tomorrow night)

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  1. Thanks for the hop and great job and 6 months of weight lifting I have been slacking off for the last year and I need to get back on track

  2. Congratulations on taking care of yourself Pam. Sounds like your gaining benefits for your hard work. Now on to check out the blog hoppers!

  3. You are a rock star!!!! wish I had someone to work out with. Thank you for being my co host xo

  4. You are an inspiration! Great to be co-hosting with you.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Thrilled to read this blog post because I just started back at weight training, myself, and will turn 60 in Feb. I admit that I've sort of always enjoyed some form of fitness activities, but still, found that my muscles were wasting and it seems likely to account for some stubborn weight gain since 50, and I am absolutely determined not to continue adding pounds. I have been running (easy) for about a year now - my oldest daughter lured me back to that activity, and I found a yoga class but it's surely the weight training that will make a big difference. Okay, so I've just done my first week of 2 full body sessions and that's hardly a model of consistency, but it's further than I've gotten for a while. I've been SAYING I wanted to lift for some time. Glad to find someone else taking this up! Congratulations on all that you can do that you told BZ you'd never do! BRAVO!

  6. Good for you Pam! This is inspiring, I need to start exercising again. I like how you state the facts plain and clear.

    blue hue wonderland

  7. I do gentle weight training to help build strength in my shoulders and arms. I do stick with it and it has made a difference heaven knows how my joints would be if I didn't. I consider it a necessity. Off to my yoga class which i am addicted to.

  8. Thank you for being a true inspiration!

  9. What an inspiration you are. As a hater myself I knew I had to give in when I couldn't keep up with my grandchildren. I started slow, 10 minutes a day and am now up to 30.
    Happy Holidays!!

  10. Hurrah to you, Pam, for taking up this health challenge and sticking with it! Have a wonderful day, xox.

  11. Today is Thankful Thursday - glad I could share it with you! http://dedivahdeals.com/2013/12/19/versatile-blogger-award-2/

  12. Good for you. I cannot think that there is a limit to health and good sense. Happy Thursday!

  13. I love the feeling of getting stronger with weight training. Love it.

  14. Thanks for the inspirational post! =)
    You are doing great!

    Thanks for co-hosting Thursday Favorite Things!
    Happy Holidays! =)

  15. I'm nearing 50 and taking care of myself better than ever.

  16. Thanks so much for your visit!! I just lost close to 50 pounds this year to postpone a Knee Replacement. if I can do it, anyone can!


  17. Thanks for the hop, lots of new ideas. Happy Holidays.

  18. Good for you Pam!!
    So glad you are sticking with it and coming to like it

  19. Pam you are a rock star! You go girl, very day in every way you are getting stronger and stronger!

    The Arts by Karena

  20. You go girl! I'm almost 50 and I run but I've been thinking I really need to get back to weight training. It's amazing what it does for your body and health. So happy you found weight training!

  21. Congrats on your achievements! You will be the envy of the 80 year old crowd in 20 years! I teach group fitness classes with amazing, fun, motivated people like you and love them! As for burpees, skip them. They have little value for function, strength, or endurance.


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