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Dec 8, 2013

Pays to Shop Early!

I first saw this pin at Coldwater Creek a couple of weeks ago, but among my busyness, I did not take time to purchase it.  I kept thinking about how great it would look on my winter coats and ponchos...so I headed back to get one last week.

I am wearing one here on the poncho I reviewed in their holiday line.

When I arrived at the store, they told me all of these pins were sold out!

But, as I left, I saw one in the window. 

I love good service...and received it when the ladies happily crawled around mannequins to get the pin for me.  I do not know of any accessory I have received this many compliments on in a long time!!  So worth the crawl!
At a party last night, one lady told me she purchased this pin for her mother-in-law, but after seeing it on me, she decided to keep it for herself.  Sorry MIL!

There are a few holiday pins left online HERE, but this one is gone.  I learned a lesson about taking the time to buy something when I first see the potential in it!  And this is not your mother's Christmas brooch!

Please join me later today when I show you what else went home with me from Coldwater Creek and I join other bloggers to show off our RED.

Have a joyful Sunday everyone!!

San Antonio, the wonderful service I received was from
the wonderful ladies at the Villages of Stone Oak, Coldwater Creek location!


  1. It's so pretty, Pam! I've learned that sometimes it's worth an "impulse" purchase when we really fall in love with something.

  2. What a great pin
    I love when the sales people will undress mannequins or go to the display to get what you asked for
    SO funny about the lady keeping the pin for herself

  3. Lovely pin, and great customer service!

  4. Pam, thank you for the lovely comments you have left on my blog. Your pin is beautiful and you look like you are ready for Christmas. Hope you have a blessed one. As far as what day is Sunday. Historically it is the first day of the week. But like you my week ends on Sunday.


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