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Dec 17, 2013

Lessons Learned From Lifetime Christmas Movies

Yep...the more you watch...the more you begin to see a pattern!  Join me for these provocative insights (well, maybe not that deep) into the Lifetime Christmas movie...just click HERE for Midlife Boulevard!

No matter how corny, my daughter and I still love to spend an evening with back-to-backs and a bowl of ice cream!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Please add to my list of lessons learned.....

Pictures are from Lifetime Movie Network


  1. My husband is a big fan of Christmas-themed movies during the holidays...the sillier, the better!

  2. Happy Tuesday...the kid in me enjoys the animated Christmas shows better! Happy Holidays!

  3. I love the cheesy holiday movies!! I like the classics too but I can't resist a silly movie with lots of bad acting. Those are the most fun to watch while wrapping presents.

  4. Ha Ha, just watched the 12 Men of Christmas last night
    One of my favorite cheese ball Christmas movies is A Very Diva Christmas with Vanessa Williams


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