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Nov 3, 2013

If Only....

Good morning...an extra hour of sleep is always nice!  I love autumn mornings ...cool air and candles!

If only, I had enough money, this tea cart at Goodwill would have gone home with me for my patio!  Alas, I did not.  

But, you can join me later today for a special Goodwill post!!  Fortunately, I had some wonderful items covered!

Have a glorious Sunday!!


  1. This is our first cool morning in Florida! It feels heavenly. xo

  2. What a fun tea cart! It would be great for patio entertaining. Our weather can't decide between summer and autumn...today we're having an autumn day for which I'm grateful and delighted.

  3. Lovely tea cart. love the autumn chill.

  4. Such a beautiful cart! Truly unique ! Kisses Beata xx


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