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Nov 14, 2013

Friday Fashion News - Edition #11 - Breaking News!


Naturalizer just announced a Friday Flash Sale...find it HERE!

Yes...the end of a long week! I need a rest...how about you?
It is always fun to discuss new things on the market with girlfriends.  For instance, this time of year many women join together, sigh deeply, and whisper...CASHMERE!  My beautiful bloggy friend from overseas is the chic Catherine Robinson who markets a line of cashmere ponchos, scarves, and wraps.  This year she introduces vibrant new colors.  Find them at Catherine Robinson Cashmere...and, by the way, you will love her blog Cashmere Lover.

Also, from across the ocean in London comes Eyato, a fashion line for the fabulous at forty and beyond.
Atiti Sosmi launched the exclusive accerssories label, Eyato, last January, after years of designing and creating shoes, handbags, and coats for herself and close friends.

Eyato means, "Distinct from any other, different, or to stand out " in Yoruba (a southwestern Nigerian language), and they do this by offering sophisticated and unique pieces made by hand. EYATO celebrates the fabulous sense of style,  grace, and elegance of seasoned women.  Each piece is made specifically for the client.

I hope you will join me Saturday for another makeup and skincare-girlfriend party!! You can see some stylish women of a certain age and get the headlines on some new products!!  Hope to see you then!

Have a fabulous Friday all!!



  1. OMG that blue wrap is the most gorgeous shade
    Have a great weekend, I know you will if you get to play with make-up

  2. Pam, thank you so much for mentioning me on your Friday Fashion News post...I very much appreciate it; very kind of you. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  3. That wine colored wrap has my name all over it! Thanks for sharing this great post. I hope you have a happy restful weekend.

  4. Those cashmere wraps look exquisite! Thanks for the fashion news, Pam. xo

  5. The Eyato mules are most distinct, indeed very beautiful!!


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