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Oct 28, 2013

Chicos Shopping...A Sweet Surprise!

Fatigue was pulling down every wrinkle around each eye as I sat
 down at my desk that morning.  One restless night and a 5 AM 
workout to follow became a deadly cocktail of emotional and 
physical stress resulting in a rather down and out attitude to begin 
my day.

Let the pity party begin!  For the next thirty or so minutes, I 
inwardly whined about everything...

Why did I wait so long to take my health seriously?
Why did I eat those chips last night?
Why was I the one asked to proctor a two-hour test that morning
(we literally are instructed to stare at the students.  Teachers 
may not read, grade papers, go online...only stare at the kids)
Why was I broke on the day Chico's was hosting a one-day 50% 
off sale?
Why didn't my husband put gas in my car for me?
Why couldn't I hire someone to clean my house?
Why did my best friend move so far away?
Why do I have so little free time? (I warned you..WHINING)

Oh woe is me....off I went to stare at the students!  When I came
out of the testing room, one of the office assistant's handed me a
gift bag and said, "A nice lady came in and asked us to give this
to you."
I opened the surprise gift only to discover a CHICOS gift card! An
amazing, surprise, thank-you-gift which came at just the right time.

True story...a sweet surprise from a friend...and at just the right 
moment.  I bought two items at the one day sale...one is this shirt
 and the other, a fun scarf I will model later.

Is there someone in your life who needs a sweet surprise of 
encouragement??  I plan to pass it on...how about all of us doing 
the same!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone and 
remember to register to 
win the gift card from yesterday HERE!!


  1. That's really a good idea. I'm not sure that Chico's is her style but a good friend lost her 23 year old son last night (who was also one of my son's best friends) in an accident, and she is such a fabulous person. Gave me an idea to do something for her in the next month or so, when the newness has slacked off and she needs a pick me up

  2. Absolutely love this. Sometimes we get the perfect gift at the right time... whether it be a compliment, a kind word... or a gift card to the store we are dying to go to! Yay you :) And I've been there proctoring, it is NOT fun. Whine away - you deserved the right!
    xo ~kim

  3. what a fabulous story, Pam (and why do your "whines" sound so much like my own? : > ) You look terrific! xo

  4. Perfect! What a great idea. I bet proctoring makes for a LONG 2 hours.

  5. Pam just what you needed! I understand you so much. I had myself a little pity party earlier about why isn't my health improving? Why won't someone close to me just be kind and loving? ( I will never be able to fix her of course!) My condo which has been shown many, many times without an offer had me leaving the house twice today though I am exhausted!

    Then.....a super friend brought by a lovely gift that I had admired in her home, I was so thrilled and touched.

    Now yes it is my turn to pay it forward! I do have a new and interesting post for this week!

    2013 Art by Karena

  6. Adore your blouse Pam, it is so stylish!


  7. Well at least you look fabulous. Oh do I wish we could've had this picture for "How I Wear My: Animal Print". We definitely needed some tiger print. Your shoes are great, I love the toe on them, they look like true ballerina shoes. XO, Jill

  8. Pam dear-I've been off the radar for a few days-trying to catch up with life. I'm stalking your blog tonight to catch up and can only share my deep condolences on the loss of your mom, support for dealing with the emotions and grief (I've been there), and share your good feelings about some generosities that have come your way. Life is always such a mix. But what a gift that we realize the bounties when the time is right.
    Lovely post!
    xx, Heather

  9. I love your jeans or slacks in the picture above! That are beautiful! What brand are they?
    Absolutely love your blog! Ginnie

    1. hi Ginnie, These are my favorite pair of pants at the moment...they are actually leggings from Coldwater Creek and I love them. Despite the fact they are leggings, I wear them to work with no concerns. CC makes wonderful leggings!

  10. I know that feeling from lack of sleep. good idea to pass on the gift idea.

  11. I haven't popped by your blog for sometime, this one made me think, I've been whining just lately about un-necessary things , how lovely you had a surprise gift, I haven't been given a surprise gift but I've given myself a talking to to stop moaning and get on with things. I really don't have anything to moan about, so it must be just one of those periods I'm going through. Thank you Pam

  12. A wonderful reminder to us all to pass it on!

  13. See, Pam. The universe just paid you in kind for all the lovely things you share!

  14. I think those are all good questions. Seems like most are on the minds of my friends. I am a relatively new follower of your wonderful blog. Thank you for saying these things out loud. Pam

  15. You are a master story teller! We all have days like this one, so thanks for sharing. A very special gift from a dear friend! You look beautiful and it's so fun to hear about life turning on a dime in a fun and wonderful way.

  16. Thanks for sharing your "human" side Pam.. We all have those whinefests at times!!
    You look gorgeous!!

  17. You look great, Pam. And two hours of staring at teenagers sounds either like my idea of hell, or a Disney Channel movie.

  18. Great look today Pam
    I love it when a gift is that timely
    Whether I am on the giving end or the receiving end
    PS..pity parties aren't always a bad thing as long as you set a time limit :)

  19. Pam, thanks for sharing this story. Great idea to pass it on! I think giver and receiver are blessed.

  20. Fun post and I hope you enjoyed the Chico's gift card. What a kind thing for someone to do- I guess there is wonderful things all round! Virginia- FirstClassWoman

  21. My day started like yours, was not in a good mood
    But i got to work and my boss told me that he felt bad because he was not more attentive towards me
    The girl who was working with us left and he has been busy finding someone else
    He said to me - I feel bad Ariane...how are doing? You are doing ok?not too busy?
    What a sweet man, i felt better


  22. Oh my, that whining sounds so familiar! And how nice that someone was so good to you, to pull you out of the whine festival!


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