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Oct 31, 2013

Friday Fashion News Edition #9

Happy Friday everyone!  Friday Fashion News returns to celebrate the beginning of Holiday Season 2013.  November really kicks off all the madness which follows.  But, I still love it...the time change, the weather changes...and even all the madness!  

These beautiful teal Applause suede flats were sent to me from NATURALIZER. They are a part of the autumn collection and are true beauties!  I love the comfort and styling of Naturalizer!

Kudos go out to KOHLS for
providing extra savings to their
customers ages 60+!  I hope we will see more of this from Kohls and other retailers!

These beautiful watches are new on the market from PHILIP STEIN.  The press release read: "Well being technology and lifestyle brand, Philip Stein, announces the launch of a revolutionary new collection of women’s watches that feature a Natural Frequency Technology which channels beneficial frequencies to the wearer.  This new holiday collection includes a diverse selection of graceful timepieces in both single and dual time zones, with retail prices starting at $575."  Retailers may be found on the website, HERE!!

I am thrilled Harper's Bazaar has asked me to continue for another year as one of their Style Ambassadors.  I love the fact that Harper's celebrates women of all ages!!  It has been an honor to work with them!!

I am also excited because I have a couple of garments on the way from  WINTERSILKS...can't wait to show them to you!!

San Antonio, I hope you can join me next Wednesday, Nov. 6 for a special trunk show at Saks Fifth Avenue in North Star Mall. GOLDEN THREAD, the leading designer for personalized jewelry, will be showing from 10AM-6PM.  This is a beautiful line of gold, rose gold, and white gold necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings which are hand-crafted in the US.  These are favorites of celebrities like Pippa Middleton and Jenna Hager Bush.  The creator, JENNIFER WELKER will be there to greet customers and she has a reinvention story, herself, since her previous life was as an ICU nurse.  Hope to see you there!

Have a fabulous Friday all and remember to

Oct 30, 2013

A San Antonio Halloween

In order to find out what all the goblins and ghosts from our fair city will be wearing on Thursday, I decided to head out to  Fiesta Texas Theme Park!!

I certainly witnessed the stylish and the chic!

OK... so some went a little overboard!

Others brought out the best in western styling and Spanish flair!!

All in all, it was quite shocking......

Happy Halloween All...have fun, be safe!!

And check out the fun, creative blogs of

Oct 28, 2013

Chicos Shopping...A Sweet Surprise!

Fatigue was pulling down every wrinkle around each eye as I sat
 down at my desk that morning.  One restless night and a 5 AM 
workout to follow became a deadly cocktail of emotional and 
physical stress resulting in a rather down and out attitude to begin 
my day.

Let the pity party begin!  For the next thirty or so minutes, I 
inwardly whined about everything...

Why did I wait so long to take my health seriously?
Why did I eat those chips last night?
Why was I the one asked to proctor a two-hour test that morning
(we literally are instructed to stare at the students.  Teachers 
may not read, grade papers, go online...only stare at the kids)
Why was I broke on the day Chico's was hosting a one-day 50% 
off sale?
Why didn't my husband put gas in my car for me?
Why couldn't I hire someone to clean my house?
Why did my best friend move so far away?
Why do I have so little free time? (I warned you..WHINING)

Oh woe is me....off I went to stare at the students!  When I came
out of the testing room, one of the office assistant's handed me a
gift bag and said, "A nice lady came in and asked us to give this
to you."
I opened the surprise gift only to discover a CHICOS gift card! An
amazing, surprise, thank-you-gift which came at just the right time.

True story...a sweet surprise from a friend...and at just the right 
moment.  I bought two items at the one day sale...one is this shirt
 and the other, a fun scarf I will model later.

Is there someone in your life who needs a sweet surprise of 
encouragement??  I plan to pass it on...how about all of us doing 
the same!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone and 
remember to register to 
win the gift card from yesterday HERE!!

Oct 27, 2013

Soft Surroundings: I Love the Compliments!! (And the Giveaway!)

First, I would like to thank everyone for your condolences about the loss of my mother...I just love the community we have...you are all precious!

Now, on a happier note, I am so pleased to once again write about one of my favorite retailers...SOFT SURROUNDINGS!  Every time...and I mean every time...I wear one of my Soft Surrounding garments, I get a compliment!  And it is most often followed with, "Where did you get that??"

So, I was ecstatic to receive this lovely KIMONO JACKET from the current collection and the beautiful design is extremely flattering!!

I can't wait to wear this one out!!

Here's the fun part!  Soft Surroundings wants you to get compliments too!  Just go HERE to their website and enjoy the styles.  Then come back to this post and comment about which look is your favorite...that will enter you in the contest to win a $50 gift card!!  I will announce the winner next Monday, November 4!
Also, remember Soft Surroundings for holiday shopping...their stores and catalogs are beautiful places to be!

Have a wonderful autumn week, everyone!

Check out more fab fashion at MONDAY MINGLE!!  and VERIZON VOICES FASHIONISTA BLOG HOP!!

Breaking news!!  Congratulations to San Antonio blogger, ALVINA CASTRO!! She is the winner of the Goodwill gift card...enjoy!!

Kimono Jacket provided by Soft Surroundings

From Goodbye to Hello...The Circle of Life

Last week was when I said goodbye to my mother...it is actually quite a story ...I am sure I will tell when all processing has ceased.  

But, the morning after she passed, my daughter asked me to photograph my grandson in his costume.  It was one of those moments.  

Moments you are struck by how quickly things change.

Moments you are touched by the heritage your own family established.

Moments when you realize the circle of life goes on.

Have a glorious Sunday!

See you Sunday evening for a fun giveaway!

Oct 26, 2013

Chronic Loneliness of the Elderly

A Sponsored Post

How to solve problems of chronic loneliness in the elderly

Recently, the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt highlighted the fact that 800,000 older members of society suffer from problems of loneliness.

Look to other cultures for solutions

One way of combating the problem, the Minister has suggested, is to look at other cultures and see how they respect and honour the older members of their society. The UK is experiencing a boom in the numbers of its aging population and too many of them are left on their own in their homes with just a TV for company.

Asian communities have a wonderful reputation for integrating all members of their society and Mr Hunt suggested that this example could be rolled out across the whole of the UK.

Care home hospitality

Many older people suffer from ill health and it’s important that they are cared for in an environment that is kind and also stimulating. Caring Homes are just one example of how to provide an innovative way of looking after older members of society.

Celebrations are frequent and the young and spirited staff provide vital inter-generational contact. Experts urge the involvement of local communities with care homes in order to invigorate both the very young and the very old.

Most care home residents have led exciting and interesting lives and their life stories often enthral younger visitors.

Staying safely at home

Ageing is an unfortunate yet inevitable part of life and it’s important for the whole community to appreciate this fact. There are a number of associations that provide day trips and other activities for those in their later years and this can be a great source of contact and comfort.

If you have an elderly neighbour, why not visit them and see if there is anything you can do to help? Isolation is a serious problem and can lead to depression. If you feel that your neighbour would like to meet others, then a quick phone call to the local Age UK charity will give you a list of activities, lifts and other necessities.

Join a choir and meet others

The Nostalgics, a choir made up of the pensioners, recently hit the headlines when they attended the X Factor auditions and were praised by the whole judges’ panel. In fact, community pensioner choirs are a growing phenomenon across the UK and this might be just one way to combat loneliness in the elderly.

Oct 25, 2013

The Good and The Bad

Happy Friday everyone...I realize I dropped off the map for just a moment, and I will share all in good time.  The last few days have been a roller coaster of emotions!

However, in the middle of it, I received this little perk...I won runner-up in the Chico's/Harper's Bazaar "Unleash your leopard" contest with THIS POST....and received a pair of earrings from Chico's.  Thanks to my favorite fashion magazine and one of my favorite retailers!!

Friday Fashion News will return next Friday, on November 1.  Please join me on Sunday evening for a fun giveaway!!

And have a fabulous weekend ahead!!

Oct 23, 2013


I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  I have a few difficult family situations in progress and considered taking a couple of days off from blogging.  But, in processing the family issues, my eyes fell upon this book.

"Well Springs of Truth" by W.W. Breese, M.D. was published in 1883. It has been one of my special treasures since I was eleven years old.  At that time, I found it in a dirty trash can in the back alley behind our home.  Whoever owned it, tossed a whole box of books in the trash.  I loved books and could not imagine any thrown in the trash.  But, this book was amazing...it was full of treasures like the wonderful lady above....pressed flowers, pages from other books, a Confederate five dollar bill, leaves...every other page held a treasure.  For a young girl, it was amazing.

It was several years later when I actually read the book and loved so much of what it shared.  For example, "Help one another.  This little sentence should be written on every heart and stamped on every memory.  It should be the golden rule not only practiced in every household, but throughout the world.   By helping one another, we not only remove thorns from the pathway and anxiety from the mind, but we feel a sense of pleasure in our own hearts, knowing that we are doing a duty for a fellow creature. A helping hand or an encouraging word is not loss to us, yet it is a benefit to others."

See, it is a joyful, inspiring treasure!  Do any of you have a treasure from your childhood you would like to tell us about??

Happy Thursday!!

Oct 22, 2013

Oh Yes...These Work Just Fine!

There have been several pricey versions of these shoes I have eyed since August, so when I saw the R2 style at Ross, I thought...OH YES, THESE WILL WORK JUST FINE!  At $15, they are a perfect fit for my budget!

  I have plans for these guys!  Hopefully,  you will see them again soon!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Enjoy!

Oct 21, 2013

A Tale of Two Bodies

For the last three years, I have been up and down the scales so often...it has been like living between two bodies...not of land or water...but, literally, two bodies!!

I have spent equal time as

The Size 16, Womens, version of me
The Size 16, Misses, version of me
Sometimes I am a little slow, and it took awhile for me to understand how different the two sizes are...but, they are very different.

Currently, I am inches close to becoming the Misses' body yet again. The other is currently too large and baggy, but the Misses is still a little tight. 

SIGH....At least this time, I am committed to my physical training program and that is what I have lacked in the past, and that is what gives me hope that I won't go back again.  So, I will continue to be patient and wait until my current wardrobe no longer works.

But, if I were shopping, here are some items I would love to try on...

This great line of slimming dresses from DRESS BARN.

This gorgeous ponte knit and 
leather jacket from TALBOTS.

I need a beautiful navy blazer...

and this wool jacket from

TALBOTS certainly has my 


Just a little reminder, my weight loss program has to do with health,
but I confess, I would like for once in my life to feel like I have 
conquered the problem.  This is at the top of my bucket list...to
look and feel my absolute best!

What item would you like to add to your wardrobe
today if you could? 

I would love to have coffee with each of you today
and talk clothes...but sense we can't, we can all talk

Happy Tuesday!! 

Not Your Average Chocolate Chip Cookie...A Life Lesson!

I love to cook more during cooler months than any other time of year.  It just seems right that our home should be filled with spicy fragrances.  But, actually any season is right for magic cookies. Yes, I am convinced these are magic cookies.  They have healed so many wounds…scraped knees, broken hearts, mean girl comments, lost football games, math tests, fender benders, and just overall bad days.  They also celebrated victories…went on road trips…appeared at camp grounds…and joined my children on school retreats.  They bring smiles…they are magic.

In fact, I think they mesmerized my husband into marrying me in the first place once I began to bake and deliver cookies to his doorstep.  To this day, there are adult friends of my children who stop by looking for these cookies.
I know there is nothing really magical about a Chocolate Chip Cookie…but I tweaked and worked with this recipe to get it just right....to bring on the power.  Maybe the magic comes from the specific shortening details…or the dash of real vanilla…or the abundance of chips…but wherever it hails from…there is definitely a warm fuzzy feeling with each bite.

Let's begin...You will need one stick of real butter, and one stick of PARKAY, softened.  Do not change this!  There is something in the Parkay which makes a difference in taste and texture.  I have tried many combinations of shortenings and butter and this is by far the best one!

I am just happy they still sell Parkay!  

Next , mix together in a bowl, 2 1/4 cups of all purpose flour; one teaspoon of soda; and one teaspoon of salt! And set aside.

Cream the butter combination and add 3/4 cup of sugar and one cup of packed brown sugar...pack it to the top of the measuring cup!
Add, 2 eggs (1 egg if you want a thicker cookie) and one teaspoon of vanilla.

Add the flour mixture a little at a time until mixed well together.  Then add a small, 2 oz. package of chopped pecans (no nuts is fine)...Texas pecans are the best!  Mix well.

Another important difference...Add 18 ounces of NESTLE Chocolate Chips.  It just is not the same with another chocolate..Nestle is the best and make sure it is 18 ounces of chips!!  

Stir well, and then....

Watch the refrigerator carefully...dough seems to disappear easily.  Do not let girlfriends know it is there!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and spoon cookies on to a cookie sheet.
Cook for about 10 minutes...we like our Magic Cookies slightly undercooked and chewy!

Viola!  They are ready...I quickly prepared them to go to my daughter's house...not good to have them around on a diet!
If you think about it, a chocolate chip cookie represents our life....that's what I've taught my children...

Look at the individual ingredients which taste awful on their own…
Raw Egg
Vanilla (smells so good, tastes kind of raunchy)
Then mix with individual ingredients which taste wonderful alone…
Chocolate Chips
Brown Sugar

Think of it as mixing the bad days with the good days, baking in some fire, and coming out with one wonderful life.  We are all one big chocolate chip cookie!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone...this is part of a blog hop with my midlife friends...hop on over to see more family tested recipes!  Just click HERE!!  Also, linking up with KATIE'S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!...you will find a lot of recipes in both places....YUM!