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Sep 3, 2013

Whispers of Autumn

San Antonio has passed 40 days of 100 degree weather!
Presently, no let up on the horizon.

Yet, I heard the owl early this morning.
Usually, when I hear the owl, he is reminding me to have hope.

Seasons will change soon.
And my favorite red oak, must be confused.
I found a hint of fall deep in the branches over the weekend.
Starbuck's began serving it's delectable PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE...and...
The aroma of apple/cinnamon votives swirled throughout our school office...

These are the whispers... a touch of hope cooler breezes will blow.  Heat will eventually melt away.

Until, then, I found a few ways to participate in the animal trends without sweaters or jackets….still, I hope autumn will begin sooner rather than later...



Have a wonderful Wednesday!!  Thursday, we will know who wins the Coldwater Creek jeans!


  1. The pumpkin latte really gets me happy! Love these animal prints, Pam.

  2. Dear Pam, I am loving the interspersed cooler days. Nature is not ready for Autumn yet; soon though we will have the change in colors the scents of autumn and "sweater weather"!

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  3. Two of my children live in Houston now. They have lived in San Diego all of their lives. They seem to be handling it pretty well...It sure would be hard for me given I have hot flashes all the time! Thank goodness for air conditioning.

  4. 40 days over 100! NYC had just ONE 90 degree day in August. A miracle! I am noticing a few leaves starting to turn orange and red here so fall is definitely on its way. Congratulations to becoming a weekly columnist for Generation Fabulous. That's wonderful news! XO, Jill

  5. I love this time of year. There is a soft mellowness in-between seasons.

  6. The Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is so decadent, but I love it. It always reminds me of fall.

  7. Is that a hint of fall or evidence of drought in your red oak tree? ;)

  8. Your photos have satisfied my love for animal print for the day. I hope that your weather cools off soon and that you will be able to experience the thrill of layers. Summer used to be my favorite season, but that has changed, and now I love the transitions into fall and spring.

  9. I welcome fall, especially after a summer of difficult, un-upstate new York-like weather. We've had high humidity and violent storms that have made our preciously short New York summer unbearable.

    And now I have to decide- do I put away the white pants and summer purse or do I hang on until the bitter end. What do you think?

    1. I might hang on to the white pants and wear with browns and deep greens, but I would put the summer purse into hibernation!! It helps me to go ahead and begin the transition even if the heat continues. Thanks for reading Kristien!!

  10. Wow, that is hot weather for September. I can't wait for fall to REALLY arrive, it's been hot and dry here in BC for weeks now, so sick of all the dust. :<(

    The animal prints are so cool. And that yummy beverage sounds delish.

    Happy Wed. G

  11. Hi Pam!
    I told my boss what your Mr said in class! So good what he said!

    Yes, fall is coming here too, it's grey and cool day here in Montreal!
    I have been shopping too for Fall but not animal print -
    I like animal print on others not me, or rarely

    Happy Wednesday!

    Ariane xo


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