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Sep 1, 2013

Nope. Not Ready to Get Out of The Way!

Hello, everyone...are you enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend??  It turned out to be busier than I originally anticipated.  
My BFF, Gigi, was back in town to pack up her house since they have a buyer and the transition to another city is almost complete.  We packed boxes for hours, drank wine, and laughed.  I miss her so much.  Teaching has not been the same without her there to share experiences. 
And my silver-haired Mr. B went back to college last week to work toward an MBA!  In the first class, each student was asked to stand, introduce themselves and tell why they were there.  The young man in the row before Mr. B (could not see him behind) stood, said his name and remarked, "I am here to get ready to move those baby boomers out of the way."
When it was his turn, Mr. B introduced himself, smiled, and said, "I am one of those baby boomers and I am not moving any where just yet."  He received applause...and the other young man shouted, "My apologizes to the Baby Boomers."

That's right....we aren't going anywhere just yet!

By now, you know how much I like to wear black, and I am going to discuss this more on Tuesday.  But, this outfit also represents the return of wearing clothes which are a closer fit to my body...YES, the weight training is beginning to pay off in small ways.  I know it takes courage sometimes to wear the closer fits for us larger ladies, but it feels great...just try it!

Travelers Jacket and Tank: CHICO'S
Black Genius Fit Jeans: LANE BRYANT
Bracelet: STEIN MART
Red belt: KOHLS

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And, finally, I am linking up with MONDAY MINGLE  and with VERIZON FASHIONISTAS!!

Now, enjoy what's left of your holiday!!


  1. Hi Pam,
    Look at you-love the outfit and that striped sweater. Good for Mr. B and the rest of us-not moving over at all. Loved that story. Lucky you with those pretty nails (my are naturally short).
    Happy long weekend! I know we will be back at it shortly.
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  2. You look wonderful! I love the pop of red. Standing ovation for Mr. B, too!

  3. I teach too...and some of my co=workers are half my age...and younger...and this past week I pushed THEM back some...making a statement that although I am old(er) I am not gone and I do have some experience...oy!

    Great look!

  4. I think you look marvelous - maybe I should actually break down and do some weight training (I hate to exercise but I have gone from an hour glass to a definite apple and really hate it!!). Thanks for inspiration Maggie Fieger, Lawrence, KS

  5. Good for Mr. B! I recently spent a week in Scotland with my 28 year-old daughter, and the one thing I appreciated the most is that I was not treated any differently. No insulting remarks. No condescending terms of endearment ("Dearie," "Sweetie," etc, which American salespeople use to me frequently). And I should add -- I look pretty good for early 60's -- good figure, dress age appropriately but modern. Not exactly your grandma (or mine).

  6. I read your post to my baby boomer husband. We had a good laugh.
    But it is a sad commentary for this generation.
    I work at a university with the "millennials" and this comment and attitude is very common. But who do they come to when there are troubles...... thats right all the baby boomers.

  7. Love the story of Mr. B's classroom exchange! And you look fab in black, always. xoxo

  8. Hi Pam--young people forget that they live with other than young people; and no wonder in this youth-obsessed world!
    You look fab; enjoy your vaca! I just got back from mine. xoxo

  9. Pam--YAY for Mr. B!!!

    Love the black and white with the spot of red!!

  10. I love that outfit on you! The stripes and the bright belt mean you're going to stand your ground, and look good doing it!

  11. Dynamite outfit! You look great, Pam. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts about wearing black. ;-)

  12. You look great! Black, closer to the body, it all works.

  13. Good on Mr B! Lovely outfit. I also love and wear a lot of black and adding a 'pop' of colour is just lovely here. 40+'s can wear black just as you have you proven here yay you!

  14. Love your story, Pam!
    You look great and I like the accentuated waist :-) Well done!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  15. You look great! Love the outfit. Perfect for fall, I'm so glad it's arrived, well almost.

    Happy Week!

  16. Great story. I'm one those baby boomers, too, and I'm not going anywhere!! Love your look. As always, you look fabulous.


  17. Pam, I noticed the changes in your weight loss/toned body in your clothes IMMEDIATELY! It's definitely noticeable now, but I know the changes probably seem small/gradual to you. Continue on with your great job! You must feel great health-wise too, feeling as great as you look!

  18. Hopefully that student intended what he said to mean he was ready to get his degree and get to work! Anna Quindlen said something about the Boomers needing to get out of the way for the younger generation in her book "Lots of Candles, "Plenty of Cake" (she's a boomer). Maybe that sentiment is getting out there - much like the whole "Lean In" thing after Sheryl Sandburg's book. Boomers aren't going to be able (or even want) to get out of the way anymore than women are going to be able to just "lean in" and have it all.

  19. Your story made me smile. At my work place the majority of management are all under 45. So sometimes the difference in work styles becomes very obvious. At least my coworkers are all boomers. I think our company benefits from our mature attitudes and work ethics. We stop and think, I feel the younger ones expect instant gratification so don't really think about after the initial rush, why in the long run it isn't a good thing....Sorry, I guess I was ranting a bit...lol.
    I think you are looking fresher and brighter each post. Keep it up Pam!

  20. You look wonderful, dear Pam! I enjoyed the little adventure that you have in this post, so funny. Happy week!

  21. I always wear close fit clothes baggy ones always add extra.
    I am glad to see you happy.

  22. That's a great story, you are looking great!

    blue hue wonderland

  23. Well!! I love that story, it sounds familiar. I went back to college at 43 and just graduated this January at 48 (hooray!). Initially, I was a bit uncomfortable being surrounded by 18 yr. old students but that quickly disappeared as I focused on what I was there for: higher education. I am so proud of myself and at times I still can't believe I got through it. It's very challenging going to school while taking care of family at the same time. Even though I don't know your husband I am proud of him. By the way, you look gorgeous in black and the red belt is perfect.

  24. Hi Pam!

    I love what Mr B said- so good, brilliant!
    I'm going back to Uni next week, anxious to see what the class will be like -

    You look great!

    Ariane xo

  25. Oh, packing up Gigi must have been so bittersweet. And congratulations to Mr. B--I'll bet he'll show those "whippersnappers" a thing or two.

  26. LOL great story about husband
    SO sad about your friend
    One of my besties moved in June
    I can totally relate!!

  27. Pam you look great and you go go Mr B!! Yes, not going anywhere soon!

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