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Sep 17, 2013

Goodwill and Jacket Love

It's raining and not as hot... so I am in a jacket state of mind.  There is no better place than GOODWILL to find great jackets...Each time I stop I will find all my favorites brands...Chicos, Talbots, Coldwater Creek, Harolds, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren...just to name a few.

This is the way to build an affordable wardrobe.  And it is the best way to do thrift shopping since your spending goes back to serve the local community in a variety of ways!

 Now, in San Antonio, on October 5, the grand opening of a NEW GOODWILL location at Bulverde Road and Loop 1604 will happen with festivities.  In fact, I will be there at 2:00 to give a small presentation with fall trend tips.  I hope if you are in town, you can stop by!  Or guarantee yourself a seat and sign up HERE!

I am linking up with the VERIZON VOICES FASHIONISTA STYLE HOP!!...so hop on over to see some great style!

I also hope that everyone has 
a wonderful Wednesday!

Jackets purchased at Goodwill in San Antonio at Highway 281 and Bitters Road


  1. LOVELY jackets. Our Goodwill doesn't have anything nice like that.

  2. So glad to hear you're having some cooler weather! I'm looking forward to wearing jackets again.

  3. Your jackets are wonderful, Pam. So true. I have hit the jackpot on jackets at Goodwill this month. I have "generally...overall" preferred thrifting at Value Village, but I'll tell you...you just can't beat Goodwill for always having the best jackets and blazers. And when I find them on sale day for $1.29!!! it's even better!

  4. That first jacket is fantastic! Pam, you should see if you can find the Channel 4 documentary Fabulous Fashionistas (average age 80) online - it was aired in the UK last night - one of the women only buys her clothes in charity (thrift) shops and she looks amazing.

  5. Fabulous colours and prints, Pam. I love these jackets, they are fantastic on top of a monochrome basic look and your gorgeous necklaces add the sophisticated touch.
    Love your looks!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  6. Wow, you look stunning in these jackets, Pam. Goodwill is a wonderful place to shop, total agreement : >

  7. Stunning Jackets!!
    I would so love to be close enough to come to your talk at goodwill!!

  8. What nice jackets; they look amazing on you! I recently moved to a city with a Goodwill nearby; unfortunately, their selection was not too inspiring. Hoping to find some others in the area soon. You always make thrift shopping look absolutely fabulous.

  9. I won't be anywhere near San Antonio, but good luck with your presentation. Is this one of the four jobs you mentioned the other day, or did you add one more? :))

    1. Hi Cornelia,
      I put things like this under blogging. My jobs are
      Freelance Writer
      Editor and writer for a local publication

      I like being busy...find a lot of joy in it. Thanks for asking!!

  10. I'm with you! There is nothing better than Goodwill. Actually I couldn't wait to turn 50 because at our Goodwill if you are 50 or over you get 1/2 on Sundays!

  11. You look beautiful in all of them. Treasures to be found, that's for sure! :<)

  12. I've just got to tell you how great you are looking. Keep up the good work you are doing; it is paying off in spades. The basis of my wardrobe is black on black or brown on brown with a variety of jackets. So versatile and fun!

  13. Loving that top jacket
    Can be styled so many ways

  14. LOVE that jacket you have on in the first picture. Perfect colours for you. Gotta love Goodwill.


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