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Aug 4, 2013

Paulette Martsolf: Exquisite, Graceful, Creative Designs

When Paulette Martsolf asked me to look over her designs, I fell immediately in love.  In just one visit, a woman will be captured by luxury, fun, creativity, and gorgeous, unique style.

A native of Newfoundland, Paulette left her home and began a design career at the Sheridan College in Toronto and left there to study at the Paris Fashion Institute in France. She began her career as a designer of fabulous sleepwear and decided to name her line ALLIE- COOSH.   In Newfoundland many small children hear the words alley-coosh as the sun begins to set which translates “off to bed.”  It means so much to Paulette since this is how her career began....sending women off to bed in luxurious sleepwear.
It was actually her husband which took her south,to Dallas, in the late 1980s and there she opened her Allie-Coosh boutique in the prestigious Snider Plaza.

I asked Paulette to tell me a little bit about what makes her designs so special:  “I design and manufacture fashionable, comfortable women’s clothing that will exceed your styling needs and help make your unique statement for any occasion.  Our concept of dressing is to help our customers build an elegant, comfortable, timeless wardrobe that will work well for your individual lifestyle.  Our process is fun and simple.  We work together to create a foundation and to help build your unique YOU.  Each collection is created in our Dallas workshop with styles to flatter every body type.  Working one-on-one with an experienced member of our staff, you will have the opportunity to select and purchase from our ready-to-wear line or delve into the design process yourself.  Our goal is simple…we want your shopping experience to be exciting and fun so we provide honest and helpful suggestions to accommodate your styling and fitting needs.”
She continued,” Many of our line’s core pieces are made from our custom dyed signature fabric which travels well and provides comfort and easy care.  We have more than 45 colors in this fabric as well as a wide variety of novelty textiles including silk, linen, cotton, knits and wool…the possibilities are endless and ever changing.”

I can testify to the truth of what Paulette has said.  When she asked to send me an outfit, she searched my lifestyle and likes and dislikes...especially colors. Then, she requested my measurements.  I was amazed when the pieces arrived…the fit was incredible and these are pieces which will integrate beautifully into my entire wardrobe.  The fabrics feel fabulous and most are washable, an amazing plus since so much high end clothing is dry clean only.  This is where I will look when my last son gets married...that could be awhile though!

She also sent this exquisite statement necklace.  Her jewelry designs are inspired by the rugged coast of Newfoundland she loved as a child and incorporate some of the earth’s most beautiful stones.  I hope the picture does it justice…it is stunning!

Paulette believes like so many others, that investment pieces make good sense for the stylish woman.  She says, “Invest in good quality and make sure you stay true to your own personal style. When we are comfortable, we exude confidence.  Find a place to shop where you receive honest, helpful guidance.  Look at building your wardrobe.  Get shapes which flatter YOUR figure and add the fashion trends with color.  You should be able to add pieces each season which build on your existing wardrobe.  Make sure your basics are great quality and compliment your hair, skin tone, and makeup.”   

I hope you will spend some time with her HERE, and share her designs with others.  And also make sure to visit the stylish ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MODE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE LIVE!  and MONDAY BLOOM!!  and VERIZON VOICES FASHIONISTA BLOG HOP


It is my last four days before I return to working fulltime at school…alas, summer goes so quickly!  Have a glorious Monday everyone!

I have special plans for this outfit this week!  Cannot wait!


  1. Very nice....I look forward to looking at more of her styles!

  2. wonderful outfit, so casual and chic

  3. Hi Pam, you are looking great! This is a beautiful outfit and gorgeous necklace. Your hair looks just wonderful. This jacket is of great quality and style.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Summer goes by so quickly, no? It seems like yesterday you were starting your vacation!
    Her clothes seemed very sophisticated, Pam and look wonderful. xxoxo

  5. Wow, Pam, those jackets, including yours, are fabulous. I love Paulette's styling. Thanks so much for sharing it with Visible Monday.

  6. This look is beautiful and perfect for you. Love the neutrals and that gorgeous necklace.

  7. I love the jacket you're wearing, especially the color. It looks lovely on you and compliments your skin tone beautifully. Thank you for sharing Paulette's work with us!


  8. I was not surprised when you sai that jacket fitted like a glove, they usually do.
    It's a beautiful neutral color and perfect for you
    Did you finish your book?

    Ariane xxx

  9. Sensational, I particularly like the Coral outfit. Nice post, and you look great! Your neckpiece makes quite a statement!

  10. You look gorgeous!


  11. gor3eous designs and she definitely chose the perfect items for you!! Stunning!

  12. Thanks for sharing about this wonderful designer. I visited her website and found so many items that I liked, maybe too many. There are so many fun fashions; my only regret is that I do not live closer to her store.

  13. I collect photos of fashions I find inspirational and try to review them before a shopping trip to remind me of what I truly like and aspire. You look fabulous in the jacket!!!


  14. Beautiful clothing items! The quality of the fabrics comes through even in pictures. I'll be on the lookout for more of her pieces. You look lovely in that jacket and necklace.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  15. Pam, you look SO beautiful in that outfit...it just lights up your whole face! And so chic and elegant. Wow, that is definitely your color.

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  16. Those colors are just beautiful on you! (I'm wondering what those special plans are... Something fun, I hope.)

  17. You are looking fabulous and these clothes are so elegant and chic
    Love the fabrics, textures and colors

  18. I love how these designs look great on the models, the designer and you! Just soft and fantastic and beautiful. Love all the Sheens. Thanks for presenting this designer to us!

  19. This jacket is smashing on you! It's rich and lush and makes you shine. The necklace is outstanding as well. Waiting to see what your special plans include!

  20. You look fabulous dear Pam... I do believe you are turning back the hands of time! The outfit and necklace are outstanding on you!

  21. Wow! I absolutely LOVE that first green dress. And you look fabulous!!

  22. Thanks for sharing these lovely designs on our weekly blog hop, but I especially enjoy seeing you in them.

  23. Have fun back at school, hope you have a good class this year. I am still in awe over this designer and am amazed that many of her pieces are washable. Thanks for jumping into our VERIZON VOICES Fashionista style hop last week! Hope you will join us again this week here:http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2013/08/blogher2013-verizon-voices-fashionsta-style-hop-outfits-modeled-by-women-over-45/

  24. What a gorgeous outfit and how amazing that she could choose it for you without actually meeting you in person. There are some fabulous pieces on her website.


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