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Aug 26, 2013

My Life With A Trainer - Chapter 2

Today you will find me over at Generation Fabulous with an update on my life with trainer, BZ!  Just click HERE and join in the conversation!
I confess in the post why I have not been on the scales in the last six weeks.

 Also, remember to enter to win a pair of jeans from Coldwater Creek HERE.

Then have a fabulous Tuesday!!


  1. Loved your update on life with a trainer. Your persistence will pay off Pam. I'm impressed!

  2. scales are evil, I only go by the way my clothes fit

  3. Hi Pam. I am impressed!! That's pretty remarkable!

  4. Great job! LOVE your blog, so glad I found it. I'm 50+ and just getting started LOL. Thanks for the inspiration.

    You might enjoy my new midlife romance novel:


  5. Everybody is different. I get on my scale every morning. I try to take action if I'm up, not that I'm always successful! If you feel like you're improving and have a thing about the scale then it makes sense to skip it.

  6. I will be right over to see you Pam!

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