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Aug 8, 2013

Fall 2013: Make A Statement with Saks Fifth Avenue

The day before my birthday event at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE in North Star Mall was almost as much fun for me as the actually party!!

I was invited to come tour the floors with two stylists, discussing fall trends, and what I desired to say to my over 50 friends about their fashion selections this fall. We pulled outfits for two mannequins and a rack of fabulous fall statement pieces.  Then they invited me to be a part of the fashion presentation to my friends attending the party. It was so much fun to sit on plush couches in the Theory section of store, sip delectable beverages, and discuss top designs this year!!

I decided to showcase these designers:


We discussed the importance of women of certain age seizing the courage to try on leggings (even leather ones), great fitting biker jackets, and wearing long, light weight coats with dresses or slim legged pants.

Of course, there are beautiful jewel toned colors on trend for this next season. Many jackets with figure flattering seaming...and fabulous pencil skirts.

The Tory Burch tweed jacket with the leather and embellished trim was one of the party favorites!  Also, we discussed the importance of investing in a great pair of dark wash, higher rise denim pants...wouldn't that tweed look fabulous with a pair!  These are truly, stunning investment pieces which make a statement and can fashion a unique signature style.

Such a fun time discussing fashion...touching buttery leathers...drooling over fabulous designs....and just girl-talk about clothes, clothes, clothes!!  

Have a fun, cool Friday everyone...we have been in 103-106 degree heat for days...we need relief!  Discussing fall helps me get my mind off the oppression!!


  1. Lot's of gorgeous goodies there!!!

  2. You showed some beautiful colors for fall, not to mention the styles, all of I wish I loved. But, I was captivated by your own outfit. I love the jacket, and thought you looked absolutely amazing.

  3. I would wear those leather leggings! Those are amazing, as is that gorgeous brocade dress. Ooh, Pam, you have me all excited for fall fashion! What a blast that must have been!

  4. Looks like fun, you picked out some great things - the Tory Burch jacket is fab

  5. Lovely colours and styles. Great selection. Particularly like the green jacket at the top have not heard of this designer.

  6. What gorgeous clothes! It's so hot here too that it's a pleasure to think ahead to tweed. Love those leather leggings too.

  7. Love the jacket - and those leather leggings are gorgeous! What a fun experience this must have been for you.

  8. Love all these choices, absolutely beautiful picks!

    blue hue wonderland

  9. I love all the designers you featured, especially Elie Tahari and Tory Burch. They can be pricey though, I usually wait for a sale. Stay cool! XO, Jill

  10. All of those clothes are truly elegant. I bought an Elie Tahari outfit the last time that I was in Saks in New York and I feel lovely whenever I wear it. What a great party!

  11. Now I have to have leather leggings. Do they stretch out?

    1. Chloe, I am certain it has to do with who makes the leather leggings. Pretty sure, RL leggings would not stretch out. With an item like this I would be careful where they are purchased.
      I WOULD LOVE TO OWN A PAIR and would wear them often!!

  12. Beautiful! Just bought yet another biker jacket, and the Joie jacket is in one of my favorite colors. I grew up a Bloomingdale's girl, so Saks is not the first place I shop---but I love these pieces a lot, so I may have to "cehat" on Bloomie's!

  13. Wow, what an amazing opportunity! I love that biker jacket too!

  14. I WANT ALL THE CLOTHES!! Hahaha. Okay that leather jacket is just IT!! and the Gold/copper dress is a must have. Super eye!

  15. Beautiful presentation of super clothes. Great taste and style. Love that Green jacket.


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