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Aug 10, 2013

Fall 2013 Accessories...Our Last Stop at Saks Fifth Avenue

Our final show during my party at Saks Fifth Avenue in North Star Mall was fabulous!
There are beautiful SHOE and handbag selections for this next season...and you know, all of us, no matter our age, loves both!
The pointed-toe flat and "smocking-style" flat are the stars with many designs to for our selection.  Also, there are new spins on stunning classics.
MANOLO BLAHNIK and JIMMY CHOO'S 24:7 COLLECTION have introduced their classics with lower heels for longer wear!  This might please even Carrie Bradshaw!
Designers are also introducing a mini-bag version of their classic handbags!  But I still love these:
That completes our day at Saks...living in luxury and experiencing fashion's finest!

Have a joyous Sunday everyone!!


  1. The "smocking" flat is my favourite.

  2. What a fabulous selection, Pam, I'll take them all :-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. Pam you knew we would love seeing this selection, I want one of each!!

    Feature: Designer Barry Dixon

  4. Okay, I would like one of everything that you have pictured above please, and in every colour.

  5. What are the shorter Manolos named? I am thinking of taking the plunge and will be ordering online. . . .suggestions?


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