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Jul 30, 2013

Lookie Lous....A Brilliant Idea from Innovative Women + A Giveaway!!

It is kind of amazing to think that women were not recognized for their inventions until just prior to the 19th Century.

   But since then, women inventors have literally changed the world….from windshield wipers to wireless communications!

Blogging has introduced me to so many creative women entrepreneurs, and today I am bringing you two more…the creators of LOOKIE LOUS!!!

Here is the story from the website: “Veterans of fashion and design, company founders Kelly and Kristie met 25 years ago while working in the Los Angeles garment district.  Shortly after turning 40, they discovered that small print and misplaced reading glasses were becoming increasingly nuisances for them both.  Kelly remembered she has been wearing her daughter’s plastic hairband and kept mistaking it on her head for readers….and the idea was born!

LOOKIE LOUS were developed in Kelly’s house.  They are transparent, lightweight and can easily perform both roles as eyewear and a headband.  My husband finds them to be excellent readers and gives his endorsement!  And he is always looking for his glasses!  I need more than a reader…but I can always use a great headband.  Just think of the genius of this…now you can sit by the pool, protect your eyes, read a great book, and look fabulous all at the same time…then even hold back your wet hair later.  The ladies are also happy to donate old readers to underprivileged families.

As we pass over 40, men and women begin to struggle with Prebyopia.  Prebyopia is the increasing inability to focus on close objects and simply means that we will need a pair of reading glasses often for the rest of our lives. Lookie Lous becomes a great solution for comfort, style and functionality. They have even designed a pair for those of us with eye strain from excessive computer use.

Find a need and fill it…that is what these ladies certainly did and in a very fashionable way! These would make a great gift for yourself and others!  But, the exciting news is that one of you will win a pair of Lookie Lous, color of your choice.  

All, you have to do is leave your name and email in the comments!  Then go to their Facebook page, HERE, and give them a LIKE.  Tell me below that you did these things and your name is in the basket!!

A winner will be drawn on August 8!!  



  1. What a great idea, think I'll be needing one in each color! Liked them on FB too...

  2. Love this idea. Reading glasess are in my very near future. Now the question is where to I put my sunglasses - my current head band of choice?

    And are they available to Canadians?

  3. Pam how cool are these!! I love to hear of these entrepreneurs and their stories! I Liked them on Facebook!

    2013 Designers Series

  4. Enjoy your blog
    Judy Ruan

  5. Very clever idea...I'm going to pop across to their FB page now :-)
    Happy Wednesday to you too!

  6. very, very cool! Thanks for letting us know. xoxoxo

  7. Pam - these are great - my mom will absolutely love them! I liked them on Facebook.

  8. What an absolutely fabulous innovation! Huge Kudos to Kelly & Kristie - what this world needs is more useful products designed by (and for!) women!!

  9. Oh, how I needed these yesterday at work, even with my glasses I could not read the lock number on a desk to get a key for the tenant. Hopefully, I can find some younger eyes to read it!
    Did my "LIKE" - Antionette ablake48@verizon.net

  10. Oh how I needed these yesterday at work, even with my glasses, I could not read the numbers on a desk lock in order to provide a key for the new occupant. I need to find some younger eyes!
    Did my LIKE on FB - Antionette ablake48@verizon.net

  11. So Innovative! Love them - especially the gray - wait - the turquoise? Oh darn, great items.

  12. Lookie Lous - Such fun! (But shoes to match would be a must...)


  13. Liked them on FB.. Great idea..
    Julie. Babybird1025@aol.com

  14. Great idea I've seen in years. I hate my ugly readers. These are stylish and functional.


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