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Jul 9, 2013

If You Can't Do Hermes....

I would love to have the income which allowed several HERMES scarves to live in my closet....but, alas, I don't.   The good news is, there are many great retailers offering affordable accessories ....please share with us your favorite places.
(My son came up with the "angelic" lighting!)

I love places like MARSHALLS, Ross, STEIN MART, and of course, great clearance racks for fun scarves!!
Now, it's your turn...where do you find the best bargains on scarves....

The outfit:
Necklace is Homemade!!

Have a joyful Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. Hi Pam!

    I love the color of the scarf and lovely to have it paired with the sea shell necklace
    Did you get the questionnaire with my answers?



  2. what a beautiful and delicate outfit!! i love the scarf!

  3. Lovely scarf, and glorious you, dear Pam.

  4. You can find great deals on jewelry on Bluefly if you catch them during a big sale!

  5. I like Stella and Dot! And so are the J.Crew and Banana Republic Factory stores when they're having great sales.

  6. Pam your scarf and necklace look terrific with the white jacket - the weight and proportion are perfect. I find that I pick up most of my scarves at Steinmart. I am also on the lookout for vintage scarves online and local open air markets.

  7. Oh, me too Pam..I LOVE Hermes ;-)
    I have some very lovely cashmere woven scarves available on my website...take a look, Pam :-)

  8. Pam I love this pose and the depth of the image, who shoots your fashion shots. I love Chicos as much as you do and of course I do not buy unless on sale and they always have a sale. I have found scarves in all kinds of little shops, and many not expensive at all!

    You made you necklace! Wow, Bravo creative lady!

    2013 Artists Series-Kerry Steele

  9. gorgeous beachy combo!!
    I love thrifts and yard sales for accessories (and DIY) There is a church mission in town that always has the best vintage scarves-for 50 cents!!

  10. The best place for scarves that are soft and great in color is...Tar-J
    (Target)...I wear scarves alot and my favs are from the great T...
    Who would have thought?...

  11. Love the colors in that scarf, Pam...so summery! I agree that wonderful scarves can be found at all prices, and one needn't get spendy for something beautiful.

  12. I often buy my scarves at thrift stores (surprise)! But I wouldn't mind owning an authentic Hermes one day - they do have a certain something . . .

  13. Gorgeous ensemble!
    I like to purchase thrifted scarves and go the diy method also.

  14. I love scarves, can be so inexpensive and add so much to your outfit
    Seriously, Old Navy has adorable scarves for a great price
    Love the colors in this scarf you are wearing today

  15. I love the scarf and necklace. I shop also shop at Marshalls and Target for accessories. One place I found is called Charming Charlie in the Galleria in Pittsburgh which is also conveniently located near Chico's.

  16. This is a lovely outfit! I wish I could wear jackets this time of year! Isn't it too warm in Texas for a jacket and a scarf over a t shirt? Maybe layers are possible in Texas because of air conditioning! In New England, air conditioning in our hot and humid summers is not universal. Then again, I am in the "Is it just me,or is it hot in here?" stage of life! Perhaps, in a few years, when my overheated days are thru, I can use layers again!


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